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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Melania Trump’s ‘extraordinary abilities?’ Posing Nude?

First Lady Melania Trump showing a lot of leg in a skin-tight dress and stiletto heels.

Washington’s tarnished first lady Melania Trump claimed she has “extraordinary abilities” that qualified her for citizenship when she applied as her own sponsor in 1996.

At the time, her employment existed primarily as a lingerie and nude model.

When questions were raised about her immigration status, her husband and presidential candidate Donald Trump promised a full news conference to explain “everything in detail.”

Trump made the promise in 2016.  The news conference never occurred.

Now, details are emerging about her parents getting a fast-track towards citizenship through a process that president Trump claims is a loophole immigration shortcut that he want to eliminate.

This focuses back on the first lady’s questionable immigration history and raises questions on this what was her “extraordinary abilities” that helped secure her citizenship.

Immigration attorney Bruce Morrison wrote the “extraordinary ability” provision of federal immigration law as a congressman from Connecticut.  He called it the “Einstein category” and doesn’t think the law’s intention was included a woman who disrobed for photographs in men’s cheesecake magazines someone who fit the criteria.

“If someone came to me with her ability, I would be dubious that she would get it,” Morrison told The Washington Post.

More questions emerged over whether or not she had a valid visa to work as a model or even if she had been in the country when her original nude photos were reportedly taken in New York City in 1995 and immigration records show she first entered the country on a tourist visa a year later.

Those first photos appeared in a now defunct skin magazine called “Max” and editor Marc Delosi, under pressure from Donald Trump’s attorney, claimed the dates were wrong.  No copies of the magazine could be located after the stories changed.

Was Melania Trump lying?  Like her husband, she has only a passing relationship with the Truth.  In the 1996 Republican Presidential Convention, she spoke from the podium and claimed she had graduated from a university in her native Slovenia.

The school, however, says Melania Knaves attended classes there less than a year before leaving for New York to pursue a modeling career. Her website made the same claim, as did one for the Republican National Convention.  The references on the web sites disappeared after media exposed her lies.

In addition, the future first lady, who claimed she had written her speech at the convention, plagiarized parts of it from a speech by former first lady Michelle Obama.

As for the promised “news conference” to clear up questions about her questionable status as a legal immigrant to America, the White House will not even answer questions about why it never occurred.

She claims she was “at all times in full compliance” with immigration laws.  Donald Trump claims his wife is “so documented” but has yet to release a single piece of any documentation.

Trump’s immigration attorney Michael J. Wildes, claims any and all news reports that raise questions about when the original nude photos were taken “are not supported by the record, and are therefore, without merit.”

Wildes, however, does not provide any records to validate his claim.

Her parents use the ritzy Trump-owned Mar-a-Lago report as their address and Viktor Knavs, her father, drives a Mercedes Benz registered to him in Florida.

Melania Trump’s older sister, Ines, lives in a Trump-owned apartment on Park Avenue in New York City.

Trump’s latest immigration proposals calls for a new program that he claims “protects the nuclear family by ending chain migration.”

Not, however, before letting his wife’s parents slide into citizenship before any such plan becomes law.


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3 thoughts on “Melania Trump’s ‘extraordinary abilities?’ Posing Nude?”

  1. I’m imagining that she came to the U.S. for a better life than the one she had in Slovenia. And she did what she could (or at least what she was best equipped) to do. Crude jokes aside, many people come to the U.S to improve their standard of living and I wouldn’t count her out. Would she be the type of immigrant Cadet Bone Spurs wouldn’t want? Although she may not come from a “shithole” country and she’s white, would she be eligible for entry to the U.S. under Trump’s rules?

    • No. Having worked in the USA under a tourist visa would bar one from entry. J.

      PS – Where are you going to find the next Jedi to rule the galaxy? In a Sithhole! Arf arf arf…

      • If she got into the US with a tourist visa, she managed to stay and find work. Regardless as to what the work was. And she’s been here ever since. And now her family is here too. Much hypocrisy on the part of Cadet Bone Spurs? He want other families not to enjoy the same benefits hers has received.

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