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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

History’s largest-ever domestic threat to America: Donald Trump


Laurence H. Tribe, acclaimed Harvard professor of constitutional law, may have summed up the biggest crime yet of Donald Trump against the soul of America when he tweeted.  After FBI Director Christopher Wray told the Senate, under oath, that the president has not given them authority to deal with Russia’s ongoing intrusions into America’s electoral system, Tribe tweeted:

F.B.I. director Wray just testified in the Senate that — despite Russia’s ongoing intrusions into our electoral systems — Potus has never charged the F.B.I. with protecting U.S. elections from Russia! Let that sink in. That’d be like F.D.R. doing nothing in response to Pearl Harbor.

Trump, scurrying around like a cornered rat, is so busy trying to protect his own butt from special counsel Robert Mueller, who is closing in, does not want the nation’s top law enforcement agency to take action against an enemy who successfully infiltrated the 2016 presidential election and helped make him president.

“Let me be clear,” writes columnist Charles Blow of The New York Times.  “Any president who refuses to protect Americans from a foreign threat is himself a domestic threat.  How can any of this be sustained?  How can it be rationalized?  How can it be tolerated?”

Blow is one of America’s best newspaper columnists.  I offer that conclusion as a newspaperman who began writing columns more 50 years ago.

Observes Blow:

Trump has lied about pretty much everything. As The Washington Post reported in November: “In the past 35 days, Trump has averaged an astonishing nine [false or misleading] claims a day. The total now stands at 1,628 claims in 298 days, or an average of 5.5 claims a day.”

Any of this would have crippled another president, but not Trump. In a perverse way, Trump appears to benefit from the sheer volume of his offenses. They overwhelm many Americans’ ability to process and track, maintain outrage or even fact-check.

This may rightfully be called Trump’s Deluge Doctrine of American Politics, a thing that many of us never properly feared because we never thought it possible. We never thought a man of such moral depravity and such little respect for propriety, protocol and honesty would ever be president.

But the storm is upon us; we are in it.

Trump’s rate of lies now extends to an average of more than at least seven a day, report several fact-checking services and his band of cult-like followers spread those falsehoods with glee.

Most of us who write analysis and opinion columns for media never thought a cult leader like Trump could seize control of America.  We thought we had too many checks and balances, too many safeguards of a Democratic Republic, too much understanding of the dangers of propaganda and use of misinformation.

Adds Blow:

When more than a third of the country — among them many who once considered themselves part of the “moral majority” — stand with a man who is the literal antithesis of all the values they once professed, that is a problem for America. They are no longer interested in the health of the democracy. Their mission and objectives have veered into a dark place where vision is short and risks and dangers are multiple.

Many of us have written that Trump is a serious threat to the soul of America.  It is worse.

He threatens the very existence of America, the freedoms we used to cherish.

Sadly, so do the no-longer moral majority, who rally to his causes, spout his lies, obey his tantrums and espouse his racism, bigotry and hate.

America is under attack and he is helping or enemy, not our country.  He has become the biggest domestic threat ever to America and must be stopped.


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  1. And the current crop of Republican Congresspeople obviously don’t see the situation as dire as Blow. Or they just don’t care. Former Rep. GOP Jolly of Florida is right: Get rid of the Republicans in Congress.

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