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Saturday, June 15, 2024

It’s over Hillary; go home

Hilary Rodham Clinton's struggling, long shot campaign for the Presidency turned into no shot Tuesday night. She's out of cash, out of time and out of excuses. It's time to fold and head for the wings.

Hilary Rodham Clinton’s struggling, long shot campaign for the Presidency turned into no shot Tuesday night. She’s out of cash, out of time and out of excuses. It’s time to fold and head for the wings.

Financial reports scheduled for release today will show a debt-ridden campaign that will need another loan from the candidate to keep the doors open and the thumping from Barack Obama in North Carolina and her narrow win in Indiana will not convince donors to waste any more money on her futile effort.

It’s over. The fat lady sang, collected her fee, and went home. Clinton needs to follow her out the door.

Sen.Hillary Rodham ClintonThe only question that remains in the long, bitter campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination is whether or not Clinton recognizes the obvious and finally puts what’s left of her political party ahead of her avarice and personal ambition. If she doesn’t, any chance of ever regaining a prominent position in the party that once revered her and her former President husband is long gone.

Clinton put on a brave face late last night, claiming her hallow victory in Indiana but the distracted, morose face of Bill Clinton told the story. Her campaign sent him into the bowels of North Carolina to try and wake up the uneducated, uninformed white vote that forms the core of her electability and Bubba failed to deliver.

Her brief flirtation with momentum, sparked by the win in Pennsylvania, is gone. The Clinton campaign bus is stalled, mired in a swamp of political mud – mud she threw by the bucketful at Obama and mud that just did not stick.

For a while, it looked like the distractions of Rev. Jeremiah Wright and missteps by Obama might sink his candidacy. He lost focus, stumbled badly, but recovered. The Obama that strode on stage in North Carolina Tuesday night had the old bounce, the old gospel orator style and a renewed message of hope for an America that needs any shred of hope that it can find.

Obama delivered one of his best speeches of the this overlong campaign season, invoking memories of his parents and those of his wife, outlining his vision for the future and cementing his love of country and strength of motivation.

The rhetoric rang true, the style invoked passion and the delivery demanded attention. Obama is back and his twin foes of Clinton and old-style politics are vanquished.

The only thing left is for Clinton to finally do the right thing and start working to bring the fractured Democratic Party back together.

Mrs. Clinton, the stage is yours. Please take your bows and exit, stage left.

39 thoughts on “It’s over Hillary; go home”

  1. Hi Maggie Van Ostrand…

    Damn…I love your elegant nom de plume! No apologies for “I’m just sayin'” …?! You are spot-on …concerning “Billary”. Her persona is so, so, everso synthetic courtesy of “Big Pharm”… :))

    Get back to bloggin’ your thoughts. I thoroughly enjoy your commentary…! : )

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Just go home for a long, well deserved rest, Senator. Then get back out there and enthusiastically stump for the election Senator Obama for President.

    That and being a great Senator and national leader from that post will be your legacy.

  3. Before too long, Hillary will have shown her most loyal supporters a side of her that will turn them off. In this regard, I think the longer she runs the more she will disaffect her base. This might be a good thing. Let people see the real Hillary.

  4. Chick, your comments remind me of everything I detest about the Obama campaign. It is a FACT 92 pct of blacks voted for one of their own. I also included the latte liberals, which tend to be white. I also stated Obama doesn’t think PA, FL. MI or Ohio count. He is still behind McCain in Ohio. FL doesn’t really matter. They wrote the DNC off. There you have it.
    Now if there is ever a chance to yank the race card, you do just that.
    You don’t mind that although he promised to serve his full term as US Senator, he actually served 143 days before he signed on for POTUS.
    You are perfectly ok that he shirked his responsibilities as a sub chair for foreign relations cmte, which oversees NATO. He was too busy campaigning for his next job.
    Now if evaluating his lackluster job performance makes me a racist, so be it. As I told a previous post, you have to wear that on your own soul. I don’t.

  5. Sherry: It’s unfortunate that you, just like Hillary can’t see the forest for the trees.

    I find it so interesting that the Sherry’s of this world can only see Mr. Obama’s color instead of who he is and what he stands for. It shows how limited you are in your thinking when you say that Mr. Obama got 92% of the black vote in North Carolina. Just in case you were not aware of this fact…. it was the WHITE vote that put him over the top and the WHITE vote that kept Hillary from getting more votes in Indiana. I’m sure know by now that only 9% of the population In indiana is BLACK and that leaves 91% and the majority of that number is WHITE, so there you have it!

    Oh well Sherry, hopefully your eyes will be opened so you can see that Mr. Obama is running for President of All of America who HAPPENS to be BLACK instead of a black man running for president of BLACK AMERICA.

    Hopefully, you can understand the difference. If not, contact Dr. Cornell West. I sure he can offer you assistance in understanding this issue!

    Obama for President ’08

  6. It’s not up to others to tell her to ‘go home’. It’s her own decision. Right now I suspect she’s surrounded by people who won’t tell her that it’s time to ‘go home’. The inner circle reinforces its own want to believe that this thing can still be won. Given her own want to believe likewise, this could go on for a while longer.

    Delusional, yes. Understandable, yes.


  7. Chick, As I said, that is Hillary’s decision to make. Not yours, mine, nor Doug’s.
    Besides, WV and KY will go for Hillary. Why should Hill quit now?
    Obama is running behind McCain in Ohio, PA. O gee, Obama doesn’t need FL and MI either. Despite the suggestion of a revote to which Clinton agreed, your man Obama doesn’t want a revote. Doesn’t need em. He has 92% of the black vote and all those latte liberals.
    To quote the esteemed T J Flapsaddle, get out the popcorn.
    I am not a sore loser, I just want to the the party’s jack ass kicked where it counts.

  8. Sherry,

    It’s time for you to stop being a SORE LOOSER!

    If you really LOVE Hillary and Bill as much as you claim, send them an e-mail and tell them to show a little dignity by BOWING OUT GRACEFULLY.

    They are really beginning to look like the horses ass.

    Obama for President ’08

  9. I sincerely hope that Clinton bows out with dignity. Our elections are the laughing stock of all Europe. They love the fact that Americans will kill in other nations to bring peace to that nation but we do everything in our power to destroy other Americans when we run campaigns. Some here think it is funny to poke fun at our Republic. When someone has nothing to offer in intelligent substance they make fun of the situation. That works only in Danny Kaye films. Americans are basically vulgar and getting worse every 4 years.

    Is there any chance of working together for the November election without blowing smoke and making jokes? WE need some serious shit to be discussed here.

    I am worried sick that Obama’s campaign will stir up the old racism and the information that people with black skin are the offspring of Cain. I’ve heard that in many churches including my family church of LDS.

    It is time we grew up and stop this horrendous hypocrisy that follows all the campaigns. I remember working for Goldwater and hearing Christians say he was half Jewish. Maybe Christians should not vote if they can’t get over this crap.

  10. I can’t wait to see the hand wringing when McCain mops up the floor with Obama. If it wasn’t such a tragedy, it would be funny.

  11. I wouldn’t be surpised if, one day in the far future, the news is released that Hillary had a Dr. Feelgood traveling with her on this campaign, just as the same news surfaced about JFK long after his death.

    Everything I’ve seen and heard in the last few months has me believing that– like the wide open, non-blinking eyes, the inappropriate, never-ending laughing when asked an embarrassing political question, the mannequin-like staring and frozen smile — ordinary exhaustion wouldn’t cause these physical manifestations.

    I’m just sayin’

  12. Hillary Clinton, the Iron Lady who lapped up the Phony evidence cooked up by the Office of Special Planning derived from Ahmed Chalabi is on the Skids. Hillary The Traitor who happily led our country into the intractable occupation of Iraq just to further her political expediency is now fully willing to let the Democrapic party fall on a pike to assuage her own ego.

    Hillary, it’s time to pack it up and møve over for the other Neo-Con aiding Democrapper, Sir Obama of Camelot, who has clearly signaled he won’t even consider extracting our troops from Iraq before the end of his first term.

    Whoever wins between Obama and Clinton and it clearly is Obama, We Lose!

  13. Kent, when was the last time a Jew, Hindu, Atheist, Muslim ever tried to force their religious tenets on the government? You think I’m making this stuff up but I have been working on individual freedoms since 1964. If you read any of the journals of the new migrants you will see they fled their home countries for freedom to believe in their own Gods, not to change the Constitution.

    Would you rather we go back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials? Book burning? Censorship of the books and movies? Do we open up the whole Constition for the prohibitions that remove the rights of women and the gay community? Should we go back to segregation of our neighborhoods and schools? Should we allow the Congress to act when one of our family members is dying of some painful disease and pleads to be allowed to die? Is this what you would prefer? Hand the government our marriage laws, our property laws and how we pray and to whom?

    Am I so off base with my working for individual freedoms?

    Christians are going to have to learn to keep their laws and restrictions to themselves. Would you like a Jehovah’s Witness to change our laws so that nobody would be allowed to have a blood transfusion? Or Mormons who take multiple wives because their God Prophet told them to? Will you ban birth control as the Catholics want? We could change our sabbath to Saturday for the 7th Day Advestists? How about those snake dancers?

    I will never give up trying to get our Congress, White House and Supreme Court to stick to the Constitution and leave the Citizens alone.

  14. Personally, I think bombing Iran is probably the worst idea EVER in the history of mankind. And so, Hillary and McCain are both pure evil, as far as I’m concerned. I could forgive them all their other wacky notions, but on the subject of Armageddon, Hillary scares the living daylights outa me.

    Go away, Hillary, and give us our WORLD back.

  15. Yes, the Hillary campaign sent Bill “into the bowels of North Carolina to try and wake up the uneducated, uninformed white vote that forms the core of her electability and Bubba failed to deliver.”

    But, no, we are neither uneducated nor uninformed here, Doug. We know when to stop painting the lily. The uneducated and uninformed are those who sent Bill Clinton to this end of the state, where Hillary was comfortably ahead of Obama, rather then sending him to the areas east of here where he might have done some good for her cause.

    This blunder was inexplicable. Hillary got almost 3/4ths of the vote here in rural McDowell County, a bit more than the 2/3ds predicted by the polls. That extra few percent amounted to only about 400 votes. Why the hell wasn’t Bill off stumping in Charlotte, Raleigh, or Wilmington, where a 5 percent swing might have been useful.


  16. The Clintons became tiresome years ago. Why can’t they just go away? Nobody wants them around anymore. Why can’t they just take their damn hundred million dollars and just disappear. How much is enough? Their arrogant sense of entitlement is most annoying.

    — Kent Shaw

  17. Doug, if Hillary bails out, she gets to do it if and when she chooses, not when the OBama supporters say so.

  18. What people don’t realize is that Hillary Clinton is a power seeking fanatic. The definition of a fanatic is one who will redouble their efforts in the face of certain failure. : | I have a feeling that in the end she will not go gracefully and will become an absolute public embarrassment to herself, her family and the Democratic party.

    This mindless, ongoing ego driven push could also be possibly followed by a nervous breakdown on her part. I can assure folks that she’s not handling this situation well internally.

    The Clintons have spent their entire political careers on the make and the take. They don’t give up easily plus they’ve been promised that great things would happen for them both per H.W. Bush, the Western hemispheric powerbroker for the shadowy NWO elitists; ie., corporatists.

    The Clintons, either one, were to be the relief pitchers when a Bush clan member is not holding office. We’ve had 28 years of either a Bush or Clinton with their hands on the control stick of this once great nation.

    They surely haven’t piloted us well and we are now as a nation in a death spiral from which we might not recover. This ongoing Bush~Clinton dynastic control has been the undoing of the Republic.

    Carl Nemo **==

  19. I believe it is time for Hillary to bow out and I think she missed a golden opportunity last night after ‘win’ in Indiana. She could have gone out on a ‘high’ note. I think if she would graciously concede to Obama it would pay dividends for her and her career. BUT, I don’t think she has it in her … she couldn’t even congratulate Obama on his big win last night; but then again, she hasn’t congratulated him once, so why start now! No, I think she will keep on slugging and slinging mud and further try to divide the party. Maybe her new mantra is to try to divide and conquer. I just wish she would fold the song books and go away.

  20. Remember Flapsaddle, McCain is now involved with the Christians who will never stop working for the prohibitions.

    Only a Christian needs the government to tell them what not to do. If they would just learn the difference between right and wrong, we would not need this control over the women by the ignorant Christians.

    Remember, McCain is now involved with the Jews who will never stop working for the prohibitions.

    Only a Jew needs the government to tell them what not to do. If they would just learn the difference between right and wrong, we would not need this control over the women by ignorant Jews.

    Remember, McCain is now involved with the Muslims who will never stop working for the prohibitions.

    Only a Muslim needs the government to tell them what not to do. If they would just learn the difference between right and wrong, we would not need this control over the women by ignorant Muslims.

    Remember, McCain is now involved with the Atheists who will never stop working for the prohibitions.

    Only an Atheist needs the government to tell them what not to do. If they would just learn the difference between right and wrong, we would not need this control over the women by ignorant Atheists.

    If I’ve failed to offend as many as possible I apologize.

    — Kent Shaw

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