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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Another Example of How Trump Is Losing His Base


In a comment posted to The New York Times Sunday afternoon by Dorothy Lurie of Oakland, Calif proved an often-cited demographic of support of Donald Trump completely wrong.

Wrote Laurie:

This 7th generation Texan grandmother expects her president first and foremost to be someone of integrity, someone who is not an embarrassment to our country. It appears, however, that all that matters now is power and money.

This seventh generation newspaper reporter now living in the Blue Ridge Mountains after 23 years in Washington felt like standing up to scream “hallelujah” after reading the comment to Maureen Dowd’s Sunday column, titled “Trump Shows Us the Way.”

Those who make a living studying demographics say a 70-year-old Texan woman should be wearing a “make America great button” and defending him to the end.  Same for a 70-year-old newspaperman living in a Southwestern Virginia rural county and a history of working for GOP candidates in the 1980s.

No way.  We see Trump for what he is: a megalomania-driven con artist who drains the treasury to enrich himself and his family and doesn’t believe a damn thing he says to a gullible American public.

Writes Dowd:

We don’t want to countenance abusive behavior. And we certainly don’t want men like Rob Porter who have punched, kicked, choked and terrorized their wives to be in the president’s inner circle, helping decide which policies, including those that affect women, get emphasized.

We don’t want the White House chief of staff to be the sort of person who shields and defends abusers — and then dissembles about it — simply because the abuser is a rare competent staffer. Or a man who labels Dreamers “too lazy to get off their asses” simply because they didn’t apply for legal protections in time.

John Kelly served as a character witness not only for Porter, after he didn’t receive security clearance because F.B.I. agents had heard the harrowing tales from his battered ex-wives. Kelly also testified as a character witness for Gen. Robert E. Lee and a former Marine who pleaded guilty to sending inappropriate sexual messages to female subordinates; who drove drunk to an arraignment; and who got charged in Virginia with sex crimes against children.

I encountered Dowd several times during 23 years of working in Washington and admired her sharp mind, cutting wit and on-point observations about the messes that consume Washington with each generation.

She added Sunday:

We don’t want a president who goes to military school but never leaves; who loves generals but trashes Gold Star parents; who wants the sort of chesty military parade that we mock Kim Jong-un for, a phallic demonstration of overcompensation that would only put more potholes in the D.C. boulevards.

We don’t want a president who makes his version of make-believe real, and who looks with favor on deceit, hypocrisy, conflict of interest and nepotism.

We don’t want a president who merits a special prosecutor, let alone one who could be so easily trapped in lies that he can’t even be allowed to talk to an investigator.

Amen Ms. Dowd.  You are fun to observe, read and enjoy.


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