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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

More proof of Donald Trump’s rampant racism


Most Americans, polls say, think President Donald Trump is a racist.

He certainly acts like one, finding ways to compliment the white supremacists who brought death and destruction to Charlottesville, unwilling to distance himself from the racist groups that endorsed him enthusiastically during the 2016 presidential campaign and referring to immigrants as “rapists and criminals” and African nations as “shitholes.”

Let’s add another leg to Trump’s racist stool:  His immigration plan will keep whites as the majority group in America for at least another five years.

Census Bureau estimates say minorities will outnumber non-Hispanic groups in the United States by 2044, which spurs cries of “the end is coming” among the white nationalists who make up the bulk of Trump’s so-called “base.’

An analysis by The Washington Post, however, says Trump’s immigration plan, if implemented, would delay that date until at least 2050.

Other demographic experts concur.  Immigration limits demanded by Trump would keep whites as the largest “race” in America for longer, which is probably what Trump wants because that’s what racists want and he panders to them.

While Trump claims his efforts are aimed at illegal immigrants, his proposals would cut off entry for more than 20 million legal immigrants over the next four decades.

Writes David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick of The New York Times:

Donald Trump has been obsessed with race for the entire time he has been a public figure. He had a history of making racist comments as a New York real-estate developer in the 1970s and ‘80s. More recently, his political rise was built on promulgating the lie that the nation’s first black president was born in Kenya. He then launched his campaign with a speech describing Mexicans as rapists.

The media often falls back on euphemisms when describing Trump’s comments about race: racially loaded, racially charged, racially tinged, racially sensitive. And Trump himself has claimed that he is “the least racist person.” But here’s the truth: Donald Trump is a racist. He talks about and treats people differently based on their race. He has done so for years, and he is still doing so.

The federal government fined Trump repeatedly in the 1970s for trying to avoid renting to African-Americans and documented preferential treatment to whites.

An executive in one of Trump’s hotels said he got mad when he found out one of the accountants there was black.

“Black guys counting my money,” Trump told him.  “I hate it.  I think that the guy is lazy and it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

As a candidate for president, Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” and promised that he, as president, would stop any Muslim-Americans who might be out of the country on visits would not re readmitted.

Last June, as president, Trump said immigrants from Haiti “all have AIDs” and wanted 40,000 Nigerians currently in America to “go back to their huts.”

Trump routinely exaggerates or lies outright about crime statistics involving African-Americans and immigrants.  He claimed he saw news video of “thousands” of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center on Sept. 1, 2001.  No such tape exists and no such celebration ever occurred.

His racism thrives with Republicans in control of Congress.  As a political operative for the GOP in the 1980s, I witnessed outright racism among the party’s members of Congress and its operatives.  I refused to work on a campaign based on racism and left political work in part because of the racism, bigotry and intolerance.

Racists dominate our government today and America suffers in shame and disgrace.


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