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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Call Trump’s speech the misstatement of a troubled union


The best thing one can say about the long, rambling State of the Union speech is that Donald Trump stayed on script and read the prepared text in a reasonably calm, almost boring, recitation.

Sadly, the prepared text delivered exaggerations, lies and claims by Trump that he, and he alone, is responsible for trends that were underway before he became president a year ago.

He inflated the impact of his tax cuts, touted an end to an energy war that did not exist and proved, once again, that he neither understands this nation’s immigration policies or the impact of his attempts to close America’s doors.

“We enacted the biggest tax cuts and reform in American history,” he claimed.

Not even close.  Ronald Reagan’s tax changes in the early 1980s exceeded and the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says Trump’s tax “reform” ranks — at best — eighth in actions since 1918.

Reagan’s tax cut in 1981 ranks at the top and the 1845 rollback of taxes at the end of World War II is second.  Trump’s tax package?  Nowhere near the top.  The greatest?  Give us a break.

His claims about immigration are just the latest of gyrating shifts of what can only be called “policy” and is subject to change even more by his next Twitter tweet.  The best thing by his claims of work towards a compromise is the anger now displayed by the racists, bigots and white nationalists who now feel is betraying him.

That of course, will change as soon as he realizes that his dwindling base if shrinking even more because the man who claims to be the “greatest dealmaker” can’t even cut deals that stick with his own sycophants.

Trump trotted out some guests as part of the show but his words lacked clarity, vision or specifics on just how he is going to begin working on the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, the nuclear threat of North Korea — which is inflamed — and his short attention span that is occupied by a special counsel who is closing in on his many illegal, unethical and highly questionable actions.

Trump doubles down on his lies, he piles on the misstatements and exaggerations in ways he can’t even keep track of them and fact-checking services found dozens of lies in his 80 minutes of reading a text written by others.

“We need more than talk,” said Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein.  “We need a president who will bring the country together rather than foster further division.”

Uh huh.  Fostering division is Trump’s way of dealing with issues he doesn’t understand while playing to the racists and white supremacists who make up the bulk of his “base.”

He plays to the bigots, the uneducated and those fearful of progress or real change that America needs.  He plays best to the ignorant who accept his lies without even looking beyond what he claims.

Beyond Trump’s threat to the American way of life and what little is left of its credibility is the inane stupidity of his base.

“Nothing in this speech will inspire his critics with new hope that Trump is serious about negotiating anything,” Writes Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. “But there were no specifics, no sense of how budgets, strained by the very tax cuts he extolled, would actually support these objectives. Words without concrete programs are words without deeds.”

Dionne calls this State of the Union pronouncement “a flabby speech.”

What else can we expect from a flabby president with no ethics, no morality and no code.  Donald John Trump is a failure and he displayed his many failures to a nation that — by and large — despises what he is and what he fails to do.


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2 thoughts on “Call Trump’s speech the misstatement of a troubled union”

  1. Not that it’s anything new. The USA survived W.R. Hearst, J. Pulitzer, H.L. Mencken, A. Bierce,and D. Thompson (I keed! I like that guy) J.

  2. Before it gets better Fox news has to be debunked in it’s entirety and then run out of business, then repeal citizens united..Tax payer funded elections conducted on the basis of established standard truth in election discourse are needed while real political ethics watchdog agencies should have their dental work sharpened. Then we break out the tar and feathers and run the orange embarrassment out of town..

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