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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Mueller documents Trump’s criminal acts


Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s attorneys interviews with White House staff and former members of Donald Trump’s campaign team, along with thousands and thousands of documents, prove the president not only attempted to block investigations into his lawlessness but also is guilty of money laundering on a grand scale, sources close to the investigation report.

As many have expected, Trump’s failure to release his tax returns is driven by his fears that those documents provide a road map to his money laundering and financial ties to Russia and other enemies of America.

Ousted strategic adviser Steve Bannon confirmed Trump’s money laundering activities in to author Michael Wolff in his book,”Fire and Fury,” which sent the White House into “circle the wagons” defense mode at the beginning of 2018.

Bannon also confirmed collusion with Russia during the campaign — something he denied earlier.

“It’s as plain as the hair on your face,” he said.

“Attempted obstruction of justice is obstruction when the perpetrator backs down after failing to get his consigliere to do the deed for him,” constitutional lawyer Larry Tribe told conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin when she asked him about Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller in June of last year.  “in addition it is part of a persistent pattern of obstruction.  And it’s also strong evidence of consciousness of guilt.”

Sources with knowledge of the investigation report documents, including Trump’s hidden tax returns, confirm strong connections with Russia that began before the real estate tycoon turned reality show host decided to run for president.

“Those tax returns are a concrete road map to all sorts of questionable and illegal shit,” says one attorney.  “Many feel the returns are the ‘smoking gun’ against Trump and his family.”

In addition to Trump, Mueller is zeroing in on Donald Trump Jr. for his heavy involvement in setting up meetings with Russians in the Trump Tower because they promised “dirt” on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.  Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is “up to his eyebrows” in money laundering schemes and his wife and Trump daughter Ivanka Trump could face indictments.

“Past presidents from both parties have faced embarrassments from close relatives with illegal actions,” says a GOP strategist, “but this is a corrupt family empire run by the president himself.”

White House insiders say Trump’s willingness to be “interviewed” under oath by Mueller is driven by his ego-driven belief that he can outwit any attorney at any time.

“The president may say he is ‘listening’ to his attorneys but the record shows that he often ignores them and sticks both of his feet into his mouth,” one former adviser says.  “Donald Trump’s mouth is his own worst enemy.”

Special counsel lawyers feel a 50-50 chance, at best, of Trump actually appearing for an interview with Trump.

“He changes his mind all the time,” says another former White House adviser. “He may come back from Davos and try to fire the special counsel again.  Who knows?”

While most close to the issue wll only comment anonymously, others are willing to talk publicly.

“Trump is the head of government and people know they can get away with things,” says historian Robert Dallek, who calls the Trump administration “one of the most corrupt in U.S. history.”

“Like Nixon, Trump has created a culture in his administration in which people feel comfortable with corruption,” he adds.

“We know that Trump and his family are making out like bandits,” writes Paul Waldman in The Washington Post.  “And we know that he has set a toe that those below him will take to heart, one that says conflicts of interest are no bid deal, ethics are for losers, and you should grab what you can.”

New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman, who is investigating Trump for what he calls “massive fraud” involving millions and robbery of those who enrolled in the now defunct “Trump University,” public asked him “Why did you rob all those Trump University students out of their money?”

Added Schneiderman: “He’s a real disgusting human being.”

“I think he’s a pathological liar,” says Rachel Crooks, one of Trump’s victims.

With a Republican-controlled Congress sitting on its hands, Robert Mueller and his Special Counsel’s office may be the only ones who can stop Trump, his looting of the U.S. Treasury and stripping America of what little is left of its dignity and future.

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  1. I wonder if Mueller has sent copies of all money laundering evidence to the New York State Attorney General’s office, along with a promise not to move on it until Mueller’s investigation is concluded. The NYS AG would have both standing and jurisdiction for any such charges.

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