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Thursday, July 25, 2024

America is closed. Donald Trump and the GOP Congress shut it down.

America’s Capitol after the government shutdown (Yuri Gripas/Reuters)

Americans want to know how a government controlled by one party cannot keep the business of Uncle Sam open.

They wonder how a president who claimed he was the “world’s greatest businessman” cannot keep the doors of the government open.

President Donald Trump blames the Democrats for the actions shut the doors of the government offices and buildings, locked the gates of national parks and threatens the actions of agencies that serve all Americans.

The Democrats blame Trump and his party.  The president and the GOP want strong actions against immigrants — actions rejected by the courts that deemed them unconstitutional.

Doors to the Statue of Liberty closed Saturday because of the shut-down. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

Polls show that Americans by and large blame the chaos in Washington on the flashy real estate man turned reality show host who now lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  They blame the Republican Congress that sits on its hands (or more accurately its ass) and rubber stamps the actions that most of us see bringing America down and threatens the future and security of the nation.

Most of those who voted in the 2016 Presidential election did not want Donald Trump as president.  He lost the popular vote by more than 4 million votes.  Polls show less than 35 percent approve of his actions.

They want action against the tyranny that now controls American government.

But when?  And how?  And will it be too little too late?

America is closed. (Andrew Kelly/Reuters)

3 thoughts on “America is closed. Donald Trump and the GOP Congress shut it down.”

  1. If you think of it like this. His intentions were never to actually keep government running. Even with GOP controlling both the house and Senate. It’s better for Trump and his corperate buddies to see departments shuttered with this shutdown to allow for more private controls to be brought in. My first example would be state parks. It’s the hostile take over and liquidation of America.

  2. Trump knows the majority loathe him so he will make everyone he sees as an enemy suffer, and if it means burning down the country to get to us he does not care..He is nowhere based in reality as it’s always been the Little Donnie playtime show all about Donnie.. If they don’t grovel at his feet, No soup for U SA..

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