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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Republicans on Trump: ‘We can’t trust the SOB’


Republican sources within the beleaguered House of Representatives and Senate say partisan divides and personal dislikes reached “breaking point” this past week and blame the dishonest president from their own party for most of the mess.

“I’m supposed to work with the son-of-a-bitch because he’s the leader of the party but I can’t stand him,” says a GOP member.  “I despise him.”

The opinion of that one Republican is becoming the norm in Congress.  In a private conversation within the GOP cloakroom this week, another Republican said he missed working with Barack Obama.

“We disagreed on most things but he is a better man,” he said.  More than one Republican nodded quietly in agreement.

Several refer to Trump as the “Tasmanian Devil,” the cartoon whirling dervish of Warner Brothers cartoons.

Republicans say they can no longer trust Trump on any deals because he changes his mind and goes back on his word too often.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls Trump a moron.  White House chief of staff John Kelly told members of Congress the president is “uninformed.”  Others call him a “clown.”

“He is destroying the Republican Party and our nation,” says another to his colleagues.

“There can be no compromise or middle ground between those who defend the Constitution and a president who understands so little of what has made our nation great,” says former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough and current host of “Morning Joe” on MSNBC. “The fight for America’s future has begun, and the time for rationalizing Trump’s aberrant behavior is long past.”

Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake compares Trump’s actions to those of despotic Russian leader Joseph Stalin when he calls his critics “enemies of the people.”

“‘The enemy of the people’ is a loaded phrase, and an American president shouldn’t use it,” Flake said. “Stalin was a killer, therefore an American president shouldn’t use those phrases.”

Flake adds: “We politicians have to recognize that there are some things that are more important than reelection.”  Flake took reelection out of the equation and announced his retirement.

Other Republicans plan to leave too.  They’ve had it but few are willing to say so publicly.

“His word is completely unreliable,” writes Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson. “How are congressional leaders supposed to do their jobs?”

Robinson adds:

The nation has never faced a situation like this: It is unwise to take literally or seriously anything the president and his official spokesmen say. An administration with no credibility cannot possibly lead.

Trump is incapable of growing into the job; if anything, he is becoming more erratic. I fear the day when a crisis arises and we must face it with a bratty preteen at the helm.

None of this, apparently, bothers Trump.  Writes Elizabeth Bruenig in the Post:

President Trump apparently had an affair with a porn star while his model wife was home with their newborn son. No surprise there. Keeping the affair out of the newspapers before the 2016 election reportedly cost him $130,000, around a measly 0.004 percent of his claimed net worth of $3.1 billion — nothing to him. The fact that you might be unsettled by this news also means nothing to him. Trump is impervious to scandal and immune to social censure. He is insulated from consequence by power, money and fame in a way not imaginable to the ordinary person. He is the freest man alive.

Republicans in Congress must accept much of the blame.  The sat on their asses and “let Trump be Trump” for too long.  Now it may be too late.


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68 thoughts on “Republicans on Trump: ‘We can’t trust the SOB’”

  1. I voted, not for Clinton and not for the idiot who occupies the White House.
    I agree that we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in right now if the Dems would have backed Sanders instead of Clinton, Clinton had a past that couldn’t be trusted for one or more reasons for most Americans.
    We need politicians in Washington that will work for the people not special interest groups and big money lobbyists.
    Trump is in it for himself AFTER his term is done.
    $$$$$$$$$ !!!
    I say IMPEACH him. Get him outta office!!

    • Steve-I believe that the Constitution stipulates that a president can be impeached only if he/she is a threat to National Security. I’m not too sure about corruption. But if there’s an indication that Trump’s companies have been part of Russian collusion or as a Russian money laundering tool, we’ll see what our Republican-led Congress decides to do.

  2. It is obvious that Trump is being blackmailed to stay in office. The sooner we find out who, what and why, the sooner we can get him out of office. And I think he would thank us all.

  3. The Republicans should remember that Congress was intended to be the preeminent branch of government. Frankly, they don’t need to deal with Trump or follow his lead, at all. They should negotiate only with the Democrats, reach deals where they can, and pass some bills, and then dare Trump to veto them.

  4. Republicans ought to try shutting out Trump of all negotiations with Democrats. The parties can then strike whatever deals they can without that knucklehead’s interference, and dare Trump to veto the bills they send for his indecipherable signature. It stands to reason that if they can strike deals with the Democrats in passing a bill, they can then override any vetoes from the Clown downtown.

  5. You’re blaming the wrong party for the wrong reasons. The Dems cemented Trump in the White House when they screwed Sanders (who would have beaten Trump).Remember HOW we got where we are today?

  6. “Republicans say they can no longer trust Trump on any deals because he changes his mind and goes back on his word too often.” – Oh really? You think!!!

  7. Words. Not a single one of these former Trump-enabling GOP Congresspeople has publicly called for Trump’s removal from office, much less advocated any kind of working group to explore the appropriate courses of action, Article 4 of the 25th Amendment or impeachment. Only tens of millions of the voters who elected them to govern the nation responsibly are actually calling for action. Our hired help pisses and moans about Trump and then votes the Trump-approved GOP party line. Time to get the whole damn lot of them, Rs and Ds, out and bring in people who are not beholden to a party dogma but who will legislate in a way informed by expertise and evidence. I’m gonna lie down for a looooong nap. Someone wake me up if this ever happens.

  8. Remember the old saying that goes like this: USA will not be destroyed by an external force but will fail from within. It is happening folks and no one can stop it. It is sad but we deserve to fail. We the people created and have sustained the hatred for each other until there is no hope for returning to a decent society. And a majority of us either don’t want a return to a decent society or don’t care anymore. I’m in the don’t care batch but either way it does not matter. The grand experiment is just about over. And no this is not a plea for anything, just a statement of fact. Worth about as much as the electrons it is using…..

    • bull shit…It ain’t over till the fat lady sings…and the fat lady is busy eating a burrito…in the mean time the fat orange dumb f..k in the White House will give the Nation the means to remove him from power…Mr. Muller what is taking so long???

  9. The reason the member of congress can not trust Trump is because “business as usual” is a thing of the past. You can trust someone who will do the predictable, will do things as they have always been done, you know, flat line economy; suppress the wages of American citizens by bringing up low-wage illegals; a willingness to tolerate a measure of murders, robberies, beheadings, drugs, rapes, identity thefts, etc. suffered by American citizens and so long as the elite establishment is not effected it’s okay; trade deal whose success is measured my the number of American jobs are lost; keeping people miserable; etc. I don’t trust the GOP, the Dems, the elites, the establishment, the Deep State. They are evil and their policies have both evil intent and results.

    • There is no such thing as a deep state. It is a Steve Bannon invention to explain how an incompetent President can fail to lead. You are just another of the Trump suckers who bought his loony line.

  10. Please Trump. Stop tweeting, and please make America happy again and resign and take Pence, Ryan,McConnell with you. We are all so tired of the foolishness and hate that you promote.

  11. The very sad and tragic reality is that the majority of Americans lack a good understanding of science and medicine. If there simply was a requirement in place that all presidential candidates must succumb to an MMPI( Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory), it would have eliminated Donald Trump as a candidate, as his Sociopathic Personality Disorder would have been revealed. This is the most malignant of all personality disorders. Individuals with this disorder have no conscience, nor do they experience guilt. Most or all of their actions are self serving. Their egos are out of control. They value no one’s opinion, but their own. They are incapable of meaningful love. An individual with this psychopathy is unfit to fulfill the duties of the President of the United States. The most important legislation to be passed at this time, should be a bill requiring all presidential candidates to take an MMPI, so that this catastrophic mess cannot happen again.

    • Although I agree with the essence of what Bruce Davis says, theoretically it should never come to a MMPI test requirement. The key point of Bruce’s comment is near the end – that Trump is “unfit to fulfill the duties of the President of the United States.” But it doesn’t take an MMPI test to recognize that Trump is and always was unfit to serve. Before and during the election campaign he had demonstrated (1) a long-standing and ongoing pattern of habitual and uncontrollable lying, (2) a long-standing and ongoing pattern of documented sexual abuse and assault (ex-wife testifying rape, admitted pussy groper, witnessed abuse of entering women’s dressing rooms, multiple witnessed accusations of abuse and assault, etc.), (3) long-standing and ongoing patterns of both Sociopathic Personality Disorder and Exhibitionist/Overt Narcissism (encouraging opponent be shot and inciting violence at rallies, childishly and incessantly taking credit for things not of his doing to prove superiority, infallibility, and gain his needed admiration, (4) extremely low analytic faculties and attention of or interest in details (dyslexia?), (5) appalling disregard and lack of sensitivity with regard to issues of national security, and (6) overt refusal to honor his pledge to uphold the U.S. Constitution and indeed was actually violating the Constitution at the very moment he was being sworn in to protect and uphold it with regard to the Emoluments Clause and his refusal to separate his foreign holdings – lying under oath as he entered the Presidency.
      One of the duties of the Electoral College, indeed its most important duty in my opinion – in fact its ONLY duty that gives it legitimacy, is to prevent the ascendancy of a Presidential candidate who is “unfit to serve.” Note that none of the points expressed above have anything to do with policy or conservative vs. liberal ideology. The Electoral College failed in its charge and Constitutional duty to act on what was OBVIOUS that Trump was unfit to serve – recognizable long before he took office. If we had an Electoral College that did it’s job there would be no need for an MMPI test. It is because of the Electoral College’s gross failure that I now believe we should dissolve and disband the Electoral College process. There has never been a more obvious case. If it could not recognize and prevent this instance of an unfit Presidential candidate, then there is no legitimacy to the institution.

  12. People that say Trump is hard to work with hasn’t had to work for soo many years they just do not know what to do. I say get your butts out and let the working people come and do your jobs! Then you can go back to your marble bars and toast your demise!

  13. There cannot be one Republican in Congress who did not know in 2016 the gist, if not the awful details, of what it would be like if Donald Trump was elected president. Party before country, Party before God, but, dang, the Democrats fielded the only candidate Trump could beat.

    • I have to disagree Sloan. Bernie Sanders had (and has) better ideas to make this country get ahead more. But if he had won the primaries, and had become the Dems nominee, he would have been butchered by the rw propaganda machine as a Communist rather than what he is. And the ignorant Republican voter would believe it. I’m wondering if the election of Donald Trump and Republican acquiescence of his insane behavior could ultimately be the best thing for the Democratic party. But to be honest, I haven’t seen too much Dem activity capitalizing on the fact that Trump is unhinged to impress me.

      • The propaganda machine could have called Bernie anything its operators wanted, but Bernie was an honest, outspoken man who connected strongly with the voters, who would have had no trouble voting for a Democrat who didn’t have to carry around Hillary’s baggage.

      • John Herling is absolutely correct. James Madison, you obviously did not observe the Democratic primaries well. Not one Republican switchover vote to Bernie Sanders would’ve been needed for Sanders to handily beat Trump (though there would’ve been a significant amount). While the polls showed Clinton neck-and-neck with Trump, Sanders was a solid two digits ahead in a race with Trump, with most polls showing a 12 and up to 15% advantage for Sanders. Despite the media collusion with the corrupt Dem Party to minimize coverage, belittle, disregard and ridicule him (and the Dem Party’s sabotage of his state primary campaigns), Sanders popularity EXPLODED. He was filling stadiums with 20,000, 40,000 and in several cases over 60,000 supporters – many were young NEW and independent voters, and often 2 or 3 of these huge rallies in one day. Meanwhile Trump’s and Clinton’s rallies COMBINED were much smaller. Clinton knew better than to even attempt a stadium rally. The calling out of epithets like “he’s a communist” doesn’t hold water any more – not for the new generation of voters, who view it for what it is: ludicrous hysteria. Sanders supporters welcomed that feeble, desperate strategy, enabling Sanders to show that his solutions are not communism and the clear distinctions between communism and democratic socialism. Smear as they might, the truth is that Sanders is just an old-school FDR New Deal Democrat. His tax plan to fund all his “crazy ideas” (which virtually ALL other developed countries have had for decades), at it’s highest proposed tax bracket was far, far lower than Republican President Eisenhower’s tax rates. The truth is that the corrupt Dem Party, ran a crooked campaign with an extremely weak candidate that couldn’t inspire people to come out to vote. (Trump won with fewer votes than both McCain and Romney – who both lost in the previous two Presidential races.) Sanders, on the other hand, would’ve won by a landslide, bringing in millions of inspired new and independent voters, and sweeping in Dem’s to take over the House and Senate on his coat-tails, and set the Supreme Court back in the direction of protecting the people instead of corporations. It probably would’ve been the biggest voter turnout in the history of our country, if the Dem’s weren’t corrupt and actually didn’t violate their party charter and remained neutral during the Primaries and then backed Sanders in the election. It would’ve reinvigorated the Dem Party and solidified its future with a huge influx of a new generation. But corrupt party establishment, who had betrayed their progressive base philosophy and had become pro-corporate and conservative made the decision, betraying their rank and file, that they’d rather lose with a pro-corporate establishment candidate and sacrifice the future of the party than win with a progressive.

        • Robert-I can only hope that you’re right in all of your points. From what I continually read, I’m losing faith in the Democratic Party. You have more faith in the intelligence of the American voter than I do.

  14. Ha! That’s a good one…it is the other way around…President Trump cannot trust those SOB’S. His own party are nothing but traders…funny, I do not see any Democraps turning on each other, they are committed to bring this country down with their lunacy. The President is no surprise, he is doing EXACTLY what he promised, I know you are not used to seeing this from other such as lying Obummer who did anything he wanted and listed to no one nor kept a promise!

    • Joe, your post is exactly as one of the loyal to Trump, very stupid, please tell us one of his accomplishments, just one… the economy and the jobs market is still working due to the policies of the Obama administration, please tell me what he has done to make America great again?

    • Clearly your post reveals your depth of knowledge and education, and your rational, informed, independent thinking.

    • What…are you an idiot??? trump has done nothing he promised. That POS should be removed, as well as the rest of his cabinet. I can not believe you people still support him. Makes me want to vomit

  15. Meanwhile the hypocrites Donald and McConnell and Ryan do not know what they want? Republicans are proving that they cannot govern!

    • Angel hit the nail on the head. It’s the bottom line: Republicans prove again that they are incapable of governing. They control the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Supreme Court and have the majority of state Governors… and they can’t govern. Their sole accomplishment is a tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, hypocritically driving us $1.8 TRILLION deeper into debt and then are surprised that they can’t get any Dem’s to vote in support of their budget bill that tries to begin recovering their debt by cuts to programs that help the poor and middle class. They’re so shocked that the Dem’s won’t vote for it! The fact that they actually expected to pass their budget shows how stupid they are. They’re so incompetent at governing that the Dem’s haven’t even filibustered anything – ANYTHING – and STILL they haven’t accomplished anything beyond their class warfare tax cut.
      The formula for governing is actually very simple: compromise. Even if you’re in power in all phases of government, like the GOP are, you still may need to compromise. The ART of governing is to compromise as little as possible – to count how many votes you need, and then target specific opposition members and negotiate/compromise specifically with them so that you end up with the minimal compromising that gets the votes needed. But the GOP REFUSES to compromise and negotiate with ANY Democrats. (They allowed no Democrats to be involved with crafting their proposed budget.) Thus the easily predicted result of a failed budget bill. The Government shutdown falls 100% on the GOP shoulders. They’re the ones in power; they’re the ones who need to compromise – they control their own destiny, i.e. how much to compromise. It should be easy. There are many pro-corporate, conservative establishment sell-out Democrats.

  16. Trump has not accomplished anything, i can’t for the life of me understand why they would think he turned anything around. the economy was already improving and unemployment was already going down when he took office. look at his history …bankruptcy is a normal word to him. if you think this country can stand alone without other countries then you are really not smart. he is only going to look out for rich white people money rules him and money is what his slogan is for “make America great”. dam are people that dum

  17. Not many in Congress have succeeded in life as well as Trump has. Most of those lazy sob of a bitches have done nothing but suck off the govt. teat all their lives. They are now scared to death that he will destroy the fiefdoms that they have spent their lives creating and they may get booted out on their asses and have to start really working for a living. Trump may not be likeable, but he has accomplished more that 99% of past presidents and has really started turning America around.

    • Seriously? Trump is a money-launderer criminal, who has made his money by 1) inheriting most of it from his father 2) filing for bankruptcy 9 times to avoid paying his creditors) 3) by falsely claiming that many small businesses did not do “quality work” and thus stiffing them for bills he duly owed and 4) by taking our government to the cleaners on taxes he avoided paying. While many in congress are truly not worth what we are paying them, especially in light of their inability to censure Trump and bring him to justice, no one has been the con artist this orange anus has been. NO ONE.

    • Character does count!!! A murderer can only get away with some many murders before he’s caught!!! His day of reckoning will come !!!.. His bankruptcies, many casino failures,money laundering,are never mentioned.. His cult followers look at the Jet, houses , and think hes got it like that..The ” Emperor has no cloths” when you really look at him correctly. “What was done in the dark will be come to light” …(Guaranteed) If Trump worked for anyone in America he would have been fired by now.. He has not had any accountability to no one but himself…No shareholders, board members, etc. Time will write the ending of this con-artist.tail and it’s going to be extremely bad…lol

    • So, Ms. Falactic, how long have you worked for the White House Communications Department? Do you have any duties apart from attacking any news item that tells the truth about your boss or the opinions others have regarding his destructive incompetence?

    • Sounds like one of his lies he stated. Trump has definitely not accomplished 99% of past presidents, not even half, However, if polled, I would bet that 99% of his supporters are white racist prejudice bigots who feel this is their country, even tho it was stolen from the native Americans. A land built on hate and division will not stand.

    • Paul Ryan should be soiling his pants right now. His only job has been working for the government. He even went to college on Social Security Death Benefits. Even when his family could afford to pay his tuition. He got his. Now the rest of us can go get fucked. He must be one of those “who has sucked off of the gov’t teats all their lives.”

      • The Social Security Death Benefit is $255, and has been since 1954. In what universe does that pay for tuition?

        • Look up SS Death Benefits from Motley Fool. Particularly a widow(er) taking care of your child. They get over 70% of what the deceased would be receiving.

    • “Trump may not be likeable, but he has accomplished more that 99% of past presidents and has really started turning America around.” I actually agree with Anna Falactic on this point, in one regard. I think that at the next election there will be a HUGE backlash against Trump and his policies so that a LOT of Republicans will lose their seats in the House and Senate. No other President in modern history will have so effectively really started to turn America around… by purging Republicans from office.

    • Don the con…he may have money…but it was family money. He has screwed people over and over. Claimed bankruptsy …most of his buisnesses have failed…so whatever

  18. When you dance, eat and sleep with the Devil then you must die with the devil. I am not one bit surprised that its all falling apart. The only surprise I have is why they couldn’t figure out that he is not a man of his word. It was very obvious in the campaign. Those Trump supporters need to understand that its one thing to like, and vote for a 70 year old man trapped in a 4 year old’s body but it is another thing to work and take orders from such a demented individual. None of Trump’s supporters would ever want to have him as their Boss but they would all vote him and are critical of people who don’t get along with him. That’s the hypocrisy of the mess we are in.

    • 99% agreement, except it’s the other way around: he’s a 4 year old boy trapped in a 70 year old body. Though I’ve met more mature 4 year old boys.

  19. You rino’s don’t like any change to the swamp and Trump is all about change to your little world. I for one want our government to work for us and and that scares you as well. Well in the new age of Trump that is all over as he is a fighter for the middle class. And we as a nation love him for it. And we will make you suffer for any back stabbing and bad mouthing of President Trump. You are now on notice that you will help Trump and what he is doing or prepare to be voted out of office by the sleeping giant. And that means anybody. You all can be had come election time. The American people are sick of your lies. So ride the Trump train or get out of the way as it’s just that simple. God Bless Trump!

    • Patrick Murphy, you are a danger to yourself and to any person of intelligence and understanding. To interpret this criminal in the White House as anything but a con artist and morally bankrupt man is without reason. Trump could give a fat rat’s ass about you. He is all about himself. He is taking this country down a very dangerous and low-life road – something only a fellow moron would appreciate. You and your kind should live in a country that suits you – like iran perhaps. Get on that Trump train and get the hell out of our country –

    • Patrick Murphy: Draining the swamp? Is that why he has 7 former members of Goldman-Sachs in his administration? Is that why he has the billionaires in his administration? You really don’t know what’s going on, do you? I would recommend that you stop watching rw propaganda and get to know the facts. It might be hard for you, but it seems like something you need to do.

  20. ” “The opinion of that one Republican {that Trumpf is a “son-of-a-bitch”} is becoming the norm in Congress. In a private conversation within the GOP cloakroom this week, another Republican said he missed working with Barack Obama.

    “We disagreed on most things but he is a better man,” he said. More than one Republican nodded quietly in agreement.” ”

    Obama isn’t just the “BETTER” man of these two presidents…

    He is the “ONLY” man amongst the two of them

    Mr. TrumpelThinSkin is SIMPLY a 70 year old, “lifetime” 8th grader..

  21. They have not done anything to reign Trump in ..and by not doing anything they have become complicit and have allowed Trump to destroy this country . Now they will have to pay for this inaction being voted out of office come next November 6th (mid terms) Trumps approval rating is around 30-35% , which is terrible for any sitting President . But Trump simply doesn’t care ..It’s been “it’s my way or nothing” for so long that it doesn’t bother him in the least . At least more than a few Republican members of Congress have said that they do miss President Obama .. “We may have a difference of opinion..but at least you could talk to him …” I have been voting since i was 18 ..i’am now 66 years . that’s around 16 Presidential election cycles …(some of you have seen more …and some less) but for me i have seen this trick dog and pony show play out more than once . Every time a Republican gets elected he tries to do what Trump is doing now , with the exception that one chamber of Congress is controlled by the other party… Now this time around they(Republicans) control all 3 branches of government and still can’t get their act together ! Here’s my reasoning ..The Republicans have been in the minority for a verrrry long time. This is in their collective mind set ..which tends to make then less effective when they are given the chance to govern ..and they do stupid things and get sent right back to the minority each and every time …there are simply things(programs) that you don’t touch (go after) …old people’s money (social security) or health care ! You simply “Don’t do it ! ” When President Obama put out the ACA (Obama care) he knew that it wasn’t perfect ..he even invited the Republican’s to help him , but because of the hatred for Obama , they simply refused and tried to repeal the bill numerous times and failed . They had 8 years to bring their version of the bill and failed they have brought a bill of their own ..and it’s stinks ! It’s rigged in favor of the big insurance companies and the big drug manufacturers ! They even had the nerve to ram down our throats a tax bill that gives the rich a huge tax cut (Trump family included) and the rest of us “crumbs” It will add a (T)rillion dollars to our debt …over the next 10 years , and when the money doesn’t come in to pay for this …who will end up paying for it ? We the tax payers will have to foot the bill ! Now Paul Ryan (Speaker) has come out and said publicly that to bring down the deficit and pay for this tax cut …they will have to cut “Entitlements” that’s the fancy word for Social Security and Medicare (YOUR MONEY) . It’s no secret that the Republicans have hated these 2 programs since they became law ..and they have wanted to either get rid of them entirely or cut them down so they aren’t effective …hell they owe 2.5 Trillion dollars to the Social Security trust fund ( they used this money to fund the 2 wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) ! Yet when election time rolls around ..we (the electorate) still do stupid things re-electing these crooks (probably hoping that they will change) but they can’t and won’t ! This time Next November WE DO have a chance to bring back this government ..and we do this by voting out as many of these crooked , irresponsible , backward thinking , moronic Republicans as we can get !

    • Hey Dummy, You cannot impeach someone because of politcal differences. At no time did Republicans attempt to impeach Obumbo because of his differences with them and there were many. It seems you do not like Trump because he is white?

    • tyree57-According to the Constitution, a president can only be impeached if he becomes a threat to national security. If it comes out that his companies have been complicit with Russian money-laundering, it may very well happen. We’ll see.

        • When Mr. Mueller is finished, I’m sure that there is going to be a plethora of charges against Trump and his family. Thank you for the clarification Bonnie.

  22. Well what do you expect? The majority of Americans knew Trump was a complete moron, but the deplorable voted for him anyway. Yes the dim witted Republicans sat on their butt and hoped he would learn something and do the job he was so called elected to do. But he is a complete idiot who is by the way stealing millions of dollars from the government they refuse to up hold the laws and do their job and have this moron taken out of office. Now come 2019 when the Democrats take the reins you will see this idot removed from office before he tries to push the button, God help us for now for there is no in Washington with a back bone to tell Trump enough is enough. Now see deplorable voters what you have done to America!

  23. Fake Leftist News, Trump has done more for Conservatism than these Rhino pussies in one year then they in their entire shitty careers. Congress is only interested in enriching themselves at the expense of the American people!

  24. if this moron also known as president is as aberrant as has been suggested by several in congress and others why do they continue to do nothing to remove him from office before he totally brings our way of government to shambles

  25. Would that they turn on one another like wild dogs, a brighter day may dawn in the aftermath. I beg say Quixote was no myth…

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