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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Yes, Donald Trump is a racist


President Donald Trump’s latest blatant example of racism poured out of his obscenity driven mouth this week with he called Haiti, El Salvador and African countries “shitholes,” doubling down on previous claims that all Haitians “have aids” and immigrants from Africa should not visit the United States because the won’t ever return “to their huts.”

“Donald Trump treats black people and Latinos differently than he treats white people,” writes David Leonhardt in The New York Times, “and that makes him a racist.

Leonhardt says Trump fits the classic description “many times over.”

In the 1970s, Trump’s real-estate company openly discouraged renting apartments to African-Americans and said he preferred “white tenants, such as Jews and executives;”

  • He claimed Barack Obama was not born in Africa, not the United States, which is an outright lied that he has never acknowledged or apologized for;
  • In 1989, Trump spent nearly $100,000 for full-page ads demanding the death penalty for five black and Latino teenagers accused of raping a white woman in Central Park and continued to make those claims in October 2016, even though DNA evidence cleared he teens more than a decade earlier.  Trump never admitted his lie and never apologized;
  • He retweets white nationalist lies without apology or admitting they were wrong;
  • He claims prominent African-Americans as “unpatriotic, ungrateful and disrespectful;
  • He called the white supremacists who marched in the violent parade in Charlottesville last year “very find people;”
  • Trump routinely lies or exaggerates crimes committed by dark-skinned people and seldom does the same for hate crimes against those of different skin tones;
  • And he used vulgar words about Haitians and Africans while praising those from Norway, a country that is more than 80 percent white.

Wrote Nick Kristoff during the Trump’s disgusting campaign for president in 2016:

Here we have a man who for more than four decades has been repeatedly associated with racial discrimination or bigoted comments about minorities. While any one episode may be ambiguous, what emerges over more than four decades is a narrative arc, a consistent pattern — and I don’t see what else to call it but racism.

Jamie Bouie, writing in Slate:

What would you call someone who blasted Haiti as a “shithole,” complained about immigrants from Africa, and wondered why the United States couldn’t accept more immigrants from a European country like Norway?

What about someone who mocked Nigerians as living in “huts?” Or defended white supremacists after they terrorized a city in a “protest” that ended with the killing of a counter-demonstrator? What if he or she described black neighborhoods as essentially fit for animals, portrayed Muslim Americans as fundamentally untrustworthy, and criticized Mexico for sending “rapists”? What if, for nearly five years, that person devoted time and attention to “proving” the first black president of the United States was an illegitimate usurper hiding his true African background from the public?

What would you call this person? At the very least, you would call him or her a “racist,” one with a documented history of bias and contempt toward nonwhites.

This person, obviously, is President Donald Trump. And President Trump is a racist.

Editorializes The New York Times:

The president of the United States is a racist. And another: The United States has a long and ugly history of excluding immigrants based on race or national origin. Mr. Trump seems determined to undo efforts taken by presidents of both parties in recent decades to overcome that history.

About the only ones claiming Trump is not a racist are the Republican members of Congress who put their addiction to political power above patriotism and ignore the oaths of office they recited to protect and serve the nation and the Constitution.

Why should they?  Most of them are racists too and should be wearing their white Klan robes in the Senate and House chambers.

Many in this country also swore oaths in their lifetimes to protect America from its enemies — foreign and domestic.

Right now, our nation’s biggest enemies live in the White House and stalk the halls of Congress.


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