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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Trump: You failed. Put America first. Walk away.


Donald Trump is many things: Vain, ego-consumed, temperamental and a man with many other questionable attributes.

Turns out he is lazy — perhaps the laziest president of the United States in modern times.

Trump spends most of his weekends playing golf at one of his resorts or dining with those who worship his every word.

At the White House, he seldom starts his days in the Oval Office before 11 a.m. or later after lounging the morning away in his White House residence, watching TV, tweeting his latest tirade or calling those still waiting to hear from him or remain in his shrinking circle of “confidants.”

He takes breaks during his shortened days and retires to his bedroom or another room at the White House residence.

Trump calls this his “executive time,” a label that will undoubtedly become the joke to dominate talk shows.

When he sees something he doesn’t like (which happens often) his thumbs get busy knocking out his latest Twitter rant or calling someone to vent his spleen to bitch and moan about how badly people are treating him.

Trump, reportedly, doesn’t like being president lately.  It’s not even close to what he expected.

Writes Evod Von Drehle of The Washington Post:

Evidence is piling up that Donald Trump does not really want to be president of the United States.

He certainly doesn’t look happy in the job. In his previous life, Trump met whomever he wanted to meet and said whatever he wanted to say. But like all presidents, he finds himself ever more isolated, and his displeasure shows on his face. The loneliness of the job — which so many of his predecessors have ruefully reported — is wearing on him.

Donald Trump. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

In photos, Trump appears agitated or unhappy or both.

Adds Von Drehle:

He was drawn to the fame of it, as he once told me aboard his private jet. “It’s the ratings . . . that gives you power,” then-candidate Trump explained. “It’s not the polls. It’s the ratings.” He loves being the most talked-about man on Earth.

It is a paradoxically self-effacing fame. The job demands that hugely competitive, driven, ambitious individuals — for that’s what it takes to win the job — inhabit a role that requires them to be something other than nakedly themselves.

As some Trump associates tell it, he never intended to be elected. But having won the part, he doesn’t want to play it, a fact irrefutable after Charlottesville. Rather than speak for the nation — the president’s job — he spoke for Trump. Rather than apply shared values, he apportioned blame.

Trump thought he could conquer the presidency in his “bull in a china closet” style of beating everyone down around him so he could get his way.  As a novice in the top political job in the world, he deals with people in the job much longer who have more knowledge and skills needed to run a country.

Trump never had the patience needed for the job or the willingness to learn the nuances of the presidency.  His waning popularity drains his energy, the revelations of his many failures dog every move and his inability to do his job shows in his drawn features.

“Trump is losing friends faster than a bully at a birthday party,” notes Von Dehle.

Trump’s contract with America is four years, with an option to extend it for another four if his employers — the voters (with a lot of help from the Electoral College) — decide to give him a second chance.

At this point in time, voters in America see little reason to give Trump a contract extension.  His favorable rating is under 35 percent, a record low for a president at the end of his first year in office.  His campaign rallies no longer attract sizable crowds and voters who saw him as someone who would give them a voice now disrespect his embrace of the GOP establish.

A growing number wonder why he is hanging on as his power, approval and ratings fade. At this point, his only saving grace might be to resign and walk away.

Doing so would be the only time in his failed presidency when he put the nation before himself.


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  1. Trump is dug in like an Alabama tick on Americas ass-etts, and he will not go quietly as long as Faux News is there to push the lies to fill the belly of the Reichstag’s faithful..

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