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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Trump appointees defend their boss


Is Donald Trump unstable and unfit for the office of President?

Depends on who you talk to.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo, a Trump appointee, calls his boss “completely fit.”

Trump’s U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley claims “no one questions the stability of the president.”

“I’m always amazed at the lengths people will go to, to lie for money and for power. This is like taking it to a whole new low,” Haley said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Trump’s chief policy advisor, Stephen Miller, calls the new book, Fire and Fury, “nothing but a pile of trash through and through.”

The book, authored by Michael Miller, paints Trump as a leader who doesn’t grasp the job as president and quotes White House aides who question his sanity and competence.

That picture, said Miller, “is so contrary to reality, to the experience of those who work with him.”

Miller’s appearance on CNN’s State of the Union over the weekend led host Jake Tapper to cut him off with a rebuke: “I think I’ve wasted enough of my viewer’s time.”

Tapper accused Miller of “speaking to an audience of one: your boss.”

Miller didn’t get the hint.  Tapper cut to commercial while security officers escorted Miller from the building.

One White House aide told Capitol Hill Blue Sunday that Trump ordered his appointees to “get their butt out there” and defend him or “find another job.”

Trump responded with a tweet: “Jake Tapper of Fake News CNN just got destroyed in his interview with Stephen Miller of the Trump Administration. Watch the hatred and unfairness of this CNN flunky!”

He also tweeted: “I’ve had to put up with the Fake News from the first day I announced that I would be running for President. Now I have to put up with a Fake Book, written by a totally discredited author.”

Wolff’s book landed in bookstores last Friday and is a best seller.


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