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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Donald Trump: Public enemy number 1


New Year, old problems.

Americans wake up this morning, many nursing hangovers they probably deserve, and find that not a damn thing changes overnight.

America still suffers under the tyrannical rule of a ruthless dictator in the White House, Congress remains a “me-too” swamp where Republicans sit back and let Donald Trump get away with open thievery and outright misappropriation of power while Democrats moan and groan still fight among themselves.

America begins a new year with a ridiculous tax code that ignores the needs of the many while rewarding the few who are right enough to get what they want from a megalomaniacal president who gets the most benefits from a government he is looting.

As someone once said many years ago, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

America is a dying nation, sinking under the weight of greed and a lust for power from those who put profit above patriotism and politics above the Constitution.  The president who claimed he would “make America great again” defines greatness as anything that fattens his wallet and personally benefits him or his family and doesn’t consider that the after effects of his greed does to the nation at large.

The so-called “man of the people” spent New Years Eve at his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort, leading his surgically enhanced wife into just one of the places lavish halls to proclaim accomplishments that don’t exist in an America that gets worse each day for most of its people.

A year ago, Trump claimed he would save jobs in America and create more opportunities.  He praised Ford Motor Company for cancelling plans to build a new plant in Mexico.  Before the year was out, Ford decided to build it in China.  He claimed he personally intervened and saved jobs in Indiana, home of his vice president.  It was an illusion.  The jobs are gone overseas.

Those who know Trump best say his newly claimed religion is another sham.  Trump uses God as a prop.  He is, they say, an atheist who only believes in money and his own self-proclaimed “greatness.”

A number of Americans have left their homeland, seeking to live elsewhere to escape the autocratic rule of a tyrant.

That’s one way, we suppose, to deal with a serious threat from the terrorist who calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue his temporary home.

Critics of this column and the political news site that I founded more than 23 years ago and still own ask:  “Why don’t you leave?  America doesn’t need the likes of you?”

Not a chance.  I love this nation and have served it more than once over the years.  I cannot and will not walk away when it is threatened by an insane tyrant ike Donald John Trump.

I’m a lifelong member of “the media” and Trump calls someone like me an “enemy of the people.”

Trump got it wrong, as he usually does.  I’m an enemy of him and he has nothing to do with “the people.”

Yes, Mr. Trump, I am your enemy.  Polls show I’m not alone.  The 2016 election showed that you were not the choice of the majority of voters.  You lost the popular vote by more than 4 million votes.  Current polls show your so-called “base” is shrinking and our approval rating is at an all-time low for presidents in their first year in office.

I am a proud enemy of Donald John Trump and will do anything legal that I, and the many others out there, can do to treat you as what you are:  A terrorist who is public enemy number one in the America what we love.

We will work to expose your illegal activities — both as president and your life before the Nov. 2016 election.  We will work to see you impeached and convicted, forced to resign or driven from office because of you many illegal and immoral actions or lose in the next election.

Our tools are facts, truth and the record of what you have done — and failed to do — as president.

You won’t see it coming because truth and facts are things who can’t see or recognize. Your day is coming and you are going down for the count.


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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Public enemy number 1”

  1. I’m going nowhere and even if I wanted to no country is taking old men like me anyway. Sadly, I don’t see America rising to the challenge of fighting this crook. Too many think that some miracle will unseat him and so they are waiting on Mr. Mueller and his team to do what they don’t have the guts to do themselves. If that fantasy doesn’t pan out then they’ll wait till next Nov. to try and stop him and his corrupt enablers in Congress. Goodluck, on that one because the odds are he’ll figure a way to forestall that from ever happening.

    • I agree Seadog. The Republicans in Congress will only take any action when they see that they don’t have any other choice. And that won’t be for awhile yet. The only option that we have is to vote them ALL out of office, although that’d be near impossible. There are too many thoroughly indoctrinated morons who’ll consistently vote against their interests. That’s why Trump and the GOP “loves the uneducated.”

  2. I gave up too much blood and sanity in a rat hole by the South China sea to be run out of my country by a side show barker with a propensity for taking short tepid yellow showers..Count me as one who wouldn’t offer him one of those showers if he was flat out on fire..Resist is more than a word..Llamraf

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