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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Stop lawless monster Trump



With the New Year arriving next Monday night, this might be a good time to come up with some resolutions I wish I could make and keep in 2018.

I wish I could resolve to ignore Donald John Trump, the most corrupt and vain president in the history of this republic.

Of course, none of us can ignore him or shield ourselves from his growing madness.  At least we can be content, I suppose, in knowing that he somehow managed to make it through his first year in office without getting America into a war it doesn’t need and can’t afford.

That doesn’t mean the wars he launches each day with his thumbs tapping out his latest rant on Twitter.  He declares on the media, his many (and growing) list of opponents, his own aides and anyone who displeases him (another growing collection).

The sad fact that this racist, repugnant creature managed to ooze himself into office on his trench of primordial ooze with more than a four million deficit in total votes is the latest proof that the American political system is out of control and needs rethinking and retooling.

After spending a dozen years as a political operative who built a reputation for a willingness to do “whatever it takes’ to put a candidate into office, which violated my promise to spend no more than two years learning how our government really operates, I returned to newspapers to dig for the truth behind all the lies handed down by the likes of Donald Trump.

It’s not hard to catch Trump in a lie.  Fact-checking services report he tells at least a half-dozen outright lies every day, often contradicting himself by piling one contradictory lie on top of the other.

After criticizing previous president Barack Obama for taking a golfing vacation, Trump claimed that if he made it to the White House, he would be spending most of his time there because “there’s a lot to be done and I will be busy.”

But Trump has spent more time away from the White House, usually at Mar-a-Lago — his lavish Florida resort — or his other fancy homes and properties where he nearly always get into at least one golf match.

Of course, Trump cheats at golf, writing down fewer strokes than he actually takes to make it from tee to hole, relocating is ball without concern for the rules of the game and forgetting to tally his many penalty strokes.

“I don’t think Trump has played an honest game of golf in his life,” says one former pro of one of “the Donald’s” courses.  “It is his nature to shave strokes and lie about how many swings he has taken.”

In his campaign, Trump claimed the U.S. Labor Department “lied” about any rosy report on the job market.  As President, where the trend that started long before he got the urge to become commander-in-chief continues, he praises the same statisticians he used to call liars.

Of course, he claims the trends that began before he became President came because he’s in the job now.  Bullshit.

So it would be nice if i could come up with a resolution to ignore the antics of Donald Trump but the damage he has done to America is massive and getting worse.  I will work to continue to expose his theft of government money, misuse of presidential power and willful disregard for the laws of the land and our Constitution.

I won’t be alone.  More and more Americans agree that we have to stand up to that traitorous bastard in the White House and take him down.  Special counsel Robert Mueller needs all the help we and others can — and must — provide to stop the deadliest traitor to ever occupy the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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