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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Can America survive ‘King’ Trump?


As the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency comes to a close, America is as close as it has ever been to becoming a dictatorship.

Trump runs his private real estate empire as an autocrat, the all-powerful, unimpeachable leader who can do no wrong because no one who works for him can tell him he’s doing wrong without losing their job and face public humiliation.

That’s the way he tries to run the nation as its 35th fifth president.

Frighteningly, he’s almost to that point, thanks to a cowardly and complicit Congress and a Cabinet that thinks kissing his ring is better than serving his or her country.

The so-calls “tax reform” bill that would be laughable if it were not destined to become law of the land is a complex monster that serves, by and large, very wealthy people like Donald Trump.  The millions of dollars it saves the Trump family is almost as much as the many millions that America’s treasury has lost from the blatant looting by the Trumps.

Yes, I said “looting.”  Trump is a con-artist, a cheat and a thief.  In his crawl to the top of his real empire he has cheated governments with illegal tax returns, small business vendors who never got paid, partners left in bankruptcy and most others who stupidly do business with him.

No businessman or president has faced as many lawsuits from unpaid creditors as Donald John Trump.  No president has ever been under investigation by as many government entities as Donald John Trump.  No president has come into office with so many charges and claims of rape, sesual assualt and sexual harassment as Donald John Trump.

Trump loots the U.S. Treasury every time a person doing business with the federal government or a foreign dignitary checks into the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.  He spends most of his weekends at his lavish Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, where annual dues doubled after his election and where taxpayers pay millions to him, his family and aides every time they set foot on his property.

Trump’s travel expenses in his first year are at least double the cost of any president in all of their full terms as president.

His daughter, Ivanka, promotes her jewelry and accessory business while working as a special assistant to her father.  When the Trump sons travel to Saudi Arabia to sign contracts to build new towers, Uncle Sam pays the bill for travel and support.

Trump and his wife even wear their “campaign” caps while on official business — caps that cost $30 a piece on his campaign websites.

The secret service detachment based in New York costs over a million dollars a year to be ready to protect Trump when he visits his home in the Trump tower.  He hasn’t stayed there since his inauguration.

Leaders of our allied nations look askance at Trump’s antics and try to avoid any contact with him.  Longtime ally Great Britain has put off several “state visits” by Trump because, frankly, they can’t stand the man.

If current national polls are correct, most Americans can’t stand him either.  His often touted “base” is down to less than 33 percent support and continues to drop.

But it will take three years to dump him as President in the 2020 elections.  Some help could come in the 2018 midterms which could take away the slimming lead that his party has in Congress.

However, a more serious question hovers:  Can America survive that long under’s self-declared dictator?


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2 thoughts on “Can America survive ‘King’ Trump?”

  1. He’s our 45th Pres. Doug not our 35th. He should have never been allowed to come anywhere near the WH. I blame the GOP for that. In recent years the GOP has become a neo-fascist / White Nationalist lynch mob. I won’t dignify it by calling it a party any longer. It’s wholly owned by the 1% and supported by a base that is stridently racist and dumb as a bag of rocks. The past year has been far worse than I imagined it would be.and I didn’t expect much to start with. I’m not sure we’re going to survive this man considering his monumental incompetence and belligerence.

  2. America is a great country, and has survived far worse than the current “mouth that roared” in the White House.

    It may even learn from the real life civics lesson it has been able to observe, and become all the better for it.

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