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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Republicans: Real terrorists who threaten America


In a desperate move to put party before country, the Republican leadership of Congress is poised this week to rubber stamp a tax “reform bill” that is actually a welfare for the rich” program that will drive the nation deeper into debt and put a final nail in the coffin of the middle class.

The bill slices the top income tax rate for couples earning $600,000 or more but actually hikes taxes for the poor and middle class and limits the cuts while the reductions of rates for the rich become permanent.

In the end, Congress caved to president Donald Trump’s demands that rich people like him should get the largest tax cuts, claiming that he and others will have more money to invest in America.

Which, of course, is a crock.  The bulk of investments by the Trump Organizations if overseas and will continue to build new projects in oil rich Arab compounds while refusing to pay the small business vendors who contracted on projects in America.

Like most bills crafted by the GOP leadership in Congress, the details of the claimed “tax reform” are hidden in pages and pages of legislative bullshit that no member can read before casting a vote this week.

The Republicans who used to proclaim themselves as “champions” are now just tools of special interests who fill campaign coffers in exchange for votes that ignore the needs of America at large.

Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne writes:

The key to corruption is operating in the dark. This bill is a mess of opaque provisions that almost no one outside the ranks of tax lobbyists understands — because many of these giveaways were written or inspired by lobbyists themselves.

Opinion writer Fareed Zakaria adds:

America has fallen into extreme partisanship and embraced a know-nothing libertarianism that is starving the country of the essential investments it needs for growth. Those who vote for this tax bill — possibly the worst piece of major legislation in a generation — will live in infamy, as the country slowly breaks down.

Republicans who control Congress don’t care. They will pass the bills because it gives them something to pass in a do-nothing year.  They don’t give a damn about the millions of low and middle income Americans who will suffer the most from this massive payoff to the rich and the lobbyists they employ.

Capitol Hill is now the headquarters for the real terrorists who threaten America and its future and the leadership of that den of thieves are traitors to our nation.


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5 thoughts on “Republicans: Real terrorists who threaten America”

  1. It actually WILL affect them: Most of these guys are rich and they have just given themselves a big tax break. In some cases it is worth millions and in Trump’s estate it may be worth billions.

    • Point taken. I should have been more specific that they knew it wouldn’t affect them in a negative way.

      Sorta like “Dubya” Bush starting wars – He knew full well his kids weren’t ever going to get shot at, neither were any of his friends’ kids. Look at what happened to him during Vietnam. In the meantime many others of his friends made staggering profits off watching other people’s kids die.

      When they say the wars he started cost two (or seven) trillion, that’s a zero sum game. The money came back – to someone. That’s trillions of our dollars going to a very few already, soon to become filthy, rich contractors. And a wee dribble to the VA.


  2. What’s sad is that many of these “legislators” will be reelected. With gerrymandering, voter suppression, and the rw propaganda machine, we’ll see the same old, same old. 2018 may look to be a good year for Dems, but we shouldn’t be doing our happy dance yet.

  3. I’d add that they did this tax bill for one other reason: They know it will never affect them. Their own wealth or the wealth of their “friends” will protect them and their children in a walled enclave somewhere, and if the rest of the country burns, they don’t care. They got theirs, so why give a damn about anyone else?

    In fact, they’re really looking forwards to the country burning down, so they can blame it all on someone else.


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