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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The President addresses the nation on border security

My friends and fellow Americans, I am speaking to you this evening to announce my decision on how to deal with the security of our nation's borders, especially with respect to the border with Mexico.

My friends and fellow Americans, I am speaking to you this evening to announce my decision on how to deal with the security of our nation’s borders, especially with respect to the border with Mexico.

For some years now, it has been evident that our southern border is not secure and that it is an open highway for almost anyone to enter without either legal or physical hindrance. Large numbers of Mexican citizens, as well as those in transit from other countries, enter our country with no regard for our laws and with no intention of honoring them. Our public services and our public safety are being overwhelmed by the tide of illegal entrants.

While we are mostly a nation of immigrants, the great majority of those have come here legally and have endeavored to adapt themselves to the great opportunities of the American experience. Immigrants and the descendants of immigrants participate in our commerce, sit in our legislatures and on our courts, and serve in harm’s way to defend the nation of their fathers and of themselves. Our nation and the world has been blessed by those who have come here and made America that “shining city on a hill”, that “last, best hope of mankind”. To them we are all indebted, and to those who follow them, lawfully, the lamp will always be lit beside the golden door.

But to those who come in defiance of our laws, who then hide behind the generosity of our society, who demand that we change ourselves to meet their prejudices, we must say “no more!” To those governments who regard it as their right to discard the social and economic problems of their own shortsightedness upon the people and territory of the United States, we must say “no more!”

Therefore, as your president, and with a solemn constitutional duty to protect and defend this nation from all enemies, both domestic and foreign, I do announce the following actions:

First, I have this day directed the Secretary of State to instruct the ambassador of the Republic of Mexico that the the status quo is no longer acceptable and that Mexico must take real and substantial efforts from its own territory to deny illegal entry into the United States. We are not breaking diplomatic relations with Mexico, but it must be understood by that government that we no longer intend to be the safety valve for their internal economic problems.

Second, as Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the United States, I have directed the Secretary of Defense to immediately authorize the movement of such Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force resources as necessary to secure the southern border from Pacific Beach, California to Brownsville, Texas. That action shall be directed at first denying illegal entry into the territory of the United States, then to ejecting with as little force as possible all those who have crossed illegally and have been apprehended, and finally to securing the border against armed incursions by private militias or renegade elements of the Mexican armed forces.

Third, I have directed the Attorney General to forthwith deal with the problem of illegals by first expediting all pending deportations and then by moving vigorously to prosecute all employers who have violated the laws dealing with worker documentation and who have failed in the test of due diligence in ensuring that those they employ are legally entitled to be in this country.

Fourth, I have asked the leaders of both parties in both houses of our legislature to immediately undertake a comprehensive reform of the immigration and naturalization laws of the United States with the intent of securing our borders, reinforcing our sovereignty, and assuring lawful entrants the full protection of our laws.

Let no one be mistaken as to our intent: The United States will act as necessary to secure the territory and the safety of its citizens and lawful residents. Our sovereignty and our laws are not subject to change by other nations, and our nation will be defended by all necessary means.

Thank you and good night.


Could it ever happen?

Most sincerely,

T. J. Flapsaddle

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