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Sunday, May 26, 2024

With Trump, the worst is yet to come


In a real world, special counsel Robert Mueller’s deal with and guilty plea from former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn would show a corrupt president Donald Trump is toast.

Mueller indicated early on that Trump’s interference with the law and attempts to derail investigations into illegal dealings of his White House were primary focuses of his probe.

A blatant attempt to steer then FBI Director James Comey away from Flynn’s lies about contacts with Russians and Trump’s own lies proved obstruction of justice and Trump fired Comey after the director put law above blind allegiance to a corrupt president.

Mueller is a patient and careful man who continues to pursue Trump with dogged persistence and Trump is spending this weekend needing clean underwear as he realizes the walls are closing in on his vapid empire of fantasies, lies and treachery.

Sources suggest Mueller is not quite ready to nail Trump yet but will, instead, focus on his children and in-laws first.  Son-in-law Jared Kushner faces indictments for his lies and disregard for the Constitution not only for his dealings with the Russians but also for his law-skirting real estate dealings.

Donald Trump Jr. also faces charges — again for involvement with Russians but also for using his position as a White House advisor to attempt to enrich the Trump real estate empire with foreign interests.

Ivanka Trump could face legal issues from her use of the White House to promote her private brands.

They, however, are just the beginning.  A source close to the FBI reports details from Trump’s long-concealed tax returns provides a “roadmap” of illegal activity, money laundering and outright bribery as well as proof that Trump’s “billions” are as much of a fantasy as his endless bragging about accomplishments never made, magazine covers never published and charitable contributions never made.

“Trump is a flim-flam man who has managed to stay at least a half-step from the law but judgment day is coming and it won’t be pretty,” he says.  “The level of graft, corruption and outright thievery boggles the mind.”

When Trump falls, his collapse should also bury the Republican Party that has stood by and let him bilk the nation and endanger the world.

As announcement of Flynn’s guilty plea and his deal with Mueller approached, Trump this past week descended into his usual posture of Twitter attacks and outrageous statements — including infuriating native Americans with his “Pocahontas” taunts, reviving “birther” claims about past President Barack Obama, retweeting anti-Muslim videos from British White Supremacists and even claiming the “Access Hollywood” video that showcased his proclivity for sexual assault was “fake.”

Writes Dana Milbank of The Washington Post:

Whenever Trump escalates such antics, he is agitated about news that is about to break. If Trump gets more outrageous when he feels cornered…the nation is entering a perilous period. We can expect Trump to grow more dangerous and desperate in his distractions as he hears Mueller’s footsteps.

Those pyrotechnics are going to increase now that Mueller has turned Flynn. Trump’s distractions will be impossible to ignore. But we — lawmakers, the media and the public — need to keep our focus on the real damage Trump is doing.

Donald Trump is a dangerous, deranged psychotic.  He is also president of the United States.  This is a combination that must not continue.


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2 thoughts on “With Trump, the worst is yet to come”

  1. I am sure Flynn is the key for destroying the traitor Trump. Have we seen Trump desperately wanted to shield Flynn from the FBI investigation? I wish Bob Mueller can convince Flynn to expose the truth to the American people. I have no hope for justice from the alienated GOP which I see as an evil party when they stick to the Second Amendment and the monstrous NRA despite the fact that American streets and households are drenched in blood of American gun victims (>33,000 deaths a year!) .Traitor Trump must be removed and the GOP totally defeated for America to be restored to a safe and civilized country that deserves the leadership of the Free World.

  2. Whose going to put a stop to him? Who , Doug? The GOP is just as corrupt as Trumpf and more then willing to turn a blind eye to anything he does or has done as long as he agrees to sign off on tearing apart of the Federal Social safety net constructed over the last 100 yrs. He is glad to help as long as they agree to ignore Mueller and they already have. No, it’s not going to be as easy as Mueller doing his job. Trumpf is not Nixon and he will never quit. Instead, he’ll either start a WAR as diversion or he will simply fire Mueller and claim he had to do it for some phony made up reason like the one he used to fire Comey. Then he will have another interview with Lester Holt where he will laugh in our faces. Chuck and Nancy and the rest will do NOTHING.

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