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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Donald Trump: A sick, sexual deviate


Depending on what Alabama voters do next month in the election to replace Jeff Sessions as one of its two Senators, the expansion of child predators and sexual abusers in our government will continue unabated.

Donald Trump, an acknowledged sexual abuser, a man accused by more than 20 women of such abuse along with three claims of rape, including one of a 13-year-old girl, is lending support to Republican sexual abuser Roy Moore, saying he’s denied the charges from women and that’s all he needs to know.

Trump, of course, denies charges of his sexual abuse of women, saying — as he always does — that he and only he tells us the truth — and incredibly blatant falsehood from a man who lies virtually every day of his life.

Fact-checking services that check on claims made by our elected officials rate Trump as the most consistent liar they have every checked, which is about what we would expect from a man who bragged about “grabbing their pussies” and doing “anything I want” to women anytime he wants.

Trump’s mind is so damaged that he agreed, on radio, that his daughter, Ivanka, is “a great piece of ass.”

Forget the clueless cult that supports Trump, no matter what, because they are probably doing the same kind of things behind closed doors. Sexual predators, we often learn, seek out their own kind.

In 1991, Trump — in an interview with Esquire magazine about the media, said: “You know, it doesn’t really matter what [they] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

In 2003, he told shock jock Howard Stern that his daughter, Ivanka, had “a great body” and “I created her.”

Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka in her modeling days. Yes, the statue he’s sitting on is of two parrots having sex.

Ivanka, like her stepmother Melania, was photographed nude more than once as a “model.”

In 2008, he said this about women who he said are attracted to him:

“They’ll walk up, and they’ll flip their top, and they’ll flip their panties.”

In 2013, on Wendy Williams, in her show, asked Trump and Ivanka what they had in common.  She said golf and real estate.  Trump’s response: “Well, I was going to say sex.”

Donald Trump is a sick man.

Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell says he might try to block Moore being seated in the Senate if he wins the election in December.

McConnell, however, does nothing about the sexual predator who lives down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Yes, Trump is a sick pervert…and so are those who support and enable him.


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  1. Your preaching to the choir here with your articles. Too bad you can’t get these on a Republican website or two or 40. Republican voters certainly aren’t getting this information for the rw propaganda machine.

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