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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Trump breaks the law by targeting political opponents

Donald Trump on the attack.

Donald Trump routinely ignores and violates the law as President and he is now openly telling the Justice Department and the FBI to go after his political opponents while ignoring the traditional boundaries that prevent the chief executive of the country to politicize the nation’s criminal justice system.

In a Saturday morning flood of Twitter “tweats” claims “mounting public pressure” for news probes of former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by promoting items that exist primarily in his mind but do not exist in any evidence.

“Pocahontas just stated that the Democrats, lead (sic) by the legendary Crooked Hillary Clinton, rigged the primaries.  Lets (sic) go FBI and Justice Dept.” Trump said in one of his tweets, which — as often happens with the 45th President — misused grammar by using “lead” instead of “led” and “lets” instead of “let’s.”

“Pocahontas” is Trump’s nickname for Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, who says she believes the Democratic National Committee “rigged” the 2016 primary election because former DNC chairman Donna Brazile says so.

Brazile blames Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who she says “was not a good manager” because she let Clinton’s campaign “do as it desired” with an agreement that let the campaign to “control the day-to-day operations at the DNC.”

Lacking, however, were details of just how this was “rigged” or if it was letting the Democratic front-runner request any conditions.

Warren is also under fire from Senate leadership, which reprimanded her for what are called improper “and scathing” remarks about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“People are angry,” Trump claims in another tweet, saying “At some point the Justice Department and the FBI must do what is right and proper.  The American public deserves it.”

Trump seems to admit that he, as president, has no direct involvement in the inner workings of the federal law enforcement apparatus in Washington, but adds:

“I’m really not involved with the Justice Department.  I’d like to let it run itself.  But honestly, they should b e looking at the Democrats…And a lot of people are disappointed in the Justice Department, including me.”

Trump is also pissed with Attorney General Sessions, his appointee, for not going after Clinton or taking steps to rein in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in the 2016 election.

“I’m not supposed to be doing the kind of things I would love to be doing and I am very frustrated by it,” he told radio host Larry O”Connor.”

“Not supposed to be doing the kind of things I would love to be doing” is “Trump speak” for “I want to control everything and to hell with the law the prevents me from doing so.”

As president, Trump has yet to learn that he does not have the kind of absolute authority that he enjoyed as CEO of his own privately-held company.

While the Justice Department is part of the executive branch and the attorney general is nominated by the president, it also has independence from presidential interference on individual criminal investigations.

Retiring GOP Senator Bob Corker, a Trump critic, says the justice department must be “independent and free of political interference.”

“President Trump’s pressuring of the Justice Department and FBI to pursue cases against his adversaries and calling for punishment before trials take place are totally inappropriate and not only undermine our justice system but erode the American people’s confidence in our institutions,” Corker says.

Former associate deputy attorney general Matt Axelrod calls Trump’s actions “a very troubling and shocking departure from the way things are supposed to work and have worked historically through both Democratic and Republican administrations.”

“I don’t think all this stuff about throwing Clinton in jail or jumping to the conclusion that she would be prosecuted is appropriate,” former attorney General William P. Barr for former GOP president George H.W. Bush tells the Washington Post.

Another former attorney general, also quoted by the Post, says Trump is turning America into something “like a banana republic.”

“Putting political opponents in jail for offenses committed in a political setting,” he adds, “is something that we don’t do here.”

That, of course, depends on how much longer Donald Trump is allowed to run amok before action is taken to stop him.


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  1. What a Surprise he does exactly what he said the Left was doing

    This is the Last Chance we get to Start the End of Fascist Rule in this Nation

    If We Fail to Remove these scum from Congress and the White house We are the ones that will suffer

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