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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Counter protesters sent racists running in fear

Counter protestors outnumbered the racists and bigots who came to Tennessee.

The racist and bigoted “White Lives Matter” rally planned for Shelbyville, Tenn., fizzled out Saturday.

Counter protesters far outnumbered the white supremacists who planned to demonstrate and showcase their bigotry hate.

“Some master race,” taunted one of the organizers of the counter protest. “Can’t even show up on time.”

The racists claimed hundreds, perhaps thousands, would appear. Less than 100 did.

More than twice that many came to oppose those who think being caucasian makes one better than anyone else.

“This right here is what it’s all about,” claims bigot Scott Lacey, a frequent speaker at White Lives Matter rallies.  “It’s all about the color of our skin.”

Lacy and his kind carry the symbol of their kind: Confederate flags. One of their ragtag group decried Black History Month.  Another claimed that America is a “white nation that must be preserved.”

“We don’t want these people here, trying to recruit our neighbors to this disgusting cause,” said David Clark, who helped organize “Shelbyville LOVEs,” the primary group opposing the white nationalists.

“It was an effective show of force,” Kubby Barry, 39, told The Washington Post.

The counter protestors often drowned out the racist rhetoric.

Yelled one counter protestor on a megaphone:

Yo, Nazis! How does it feel knowing your daughters are probably all at home listening to rap music and hanging out with their black boyfriends right now?

The overwhelmed white nationalists headed for a bus to carry them to a second planned rally in Murfreesboro, where even more counter protestors waited.

They never showed up.  When confronted with those who feel more like the majority of Americans, they turned tail and ran.  Their racism didn’t matter in Tennessee on this weekend in America.


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  1. In the good old days, racists hid behind white hoods and held their meetings in secret out in the woods. Nazis were killed, tried at Nuremberg, and hung from their necks until dead. Maybe we should go back to how we did it back then. All the Nazis could flee the country and head for Argentina.

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