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Monday, February 26, 2024

GOP is dying: May it burn in hell

May it burn with the other sinners.

The stench you smell coming out of Washington these days is the rotting corpse of The Grand Old Party, also known as the coven of Republicans.

Some point the cause of GOP decay at the despicable presidency of Donald Trump and his administration of hatred, bigotry and phoniness.  While Trump is doing his best to destroy the GOP and America, much of the blame for the party’s demise lie primarily at their feet and the nether region between their butt cheeks where the stink originates.

I can say this with some authority because I spent a dozen years in Washington as a political operative — mostly in the employ of Republican congressmen and the party.

As a campaign operative for President Ronald Reagan in 1984, I wrote the President’s daily political messages — called “Voices for Victory” –that went out to party offices in each state and became talking points for Republican candidates.

In one state, I told an incumbent GOP Congressman that his debating style was so boring that “if you were up on that stage masturbating, your hand would be asleep.”  That line later ended up in a film about political consultants, starring Richard Gere.

I worked for Republicans for one two reasons:  Their checks didn’t bounce and they paid very well.  I seldom agreed with their positions and didn’t like most of them.

For the record, I don’t like politics of any kind. As a motorcyclist, helmets have a sticker that says: “I am not a Democrat.  I am not a Republican.  I am an American.  There IS a difference.”

I’m a political agnostic, so concluding that I am a Democrat or a left winger or a member of any political party or philosophical group is a waste of your time or this news site’s bandwidth.

I’m a gun owner who supports the second amendment, a supporter of capital punishment but also a supporter of right to life.  I’m an individual that no political party controls or rules.

When I left politics in 1994, the same year I quit drinking, I apologized publicly in an Op Ed piece in several newspapers and noted that I will regret, for the rest of my life, what I did in politics.

Nine years ago, I watched Steve Schmidt, a Republican operative I know, throw caution to the winds and recommend Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — a former sportscaster with a penchant for bedding college basketball stars — as the running mate for John McCain because he needed “a celebrity, not a statesman” on the ticket.

Palin became a disaster for the campaign.  She knew nothing about national affairs and embarrassed the campaign and McCain at every turn, yet she became a rising GOP star in a political system where showiness is more important than substance.

I shook my head and said the party I already despised couldn’t get worse.

Wrong.  The Republicans kept getting worse with the likes of Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum and other political mutants.

Surely, I hoped, things could get better.

Instead, Donald Trump became the GOP nominee for President and then won it all in November 2016.

Republicans kept claiming he would “grow into the job.”

Instead, he became the growing cancer that should be the final nail in the Grand Old Party’s casket.

Two Republican Senators  not running for re-election in 2018 have stepped up to try to save the party and our system of government by calling Trump what he is:  A lying con artist who is fleecing America and draining the U.S. Treasury for his benefit as well as for his family.  Others are joining in:  A senator dying of brain cancer and a former Republican President.

They aren’t mincing words:

“We must never regard as normal the regular and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals, we must never meekly accept the daily sundering of our county,” says retiring senator Jeff Flake, who also notes Trump’s “coarseness” of leadership and “indecency of” his discourse.”

“It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center. Someone obviously missed their shift this morning,” says Bob Corker, another retiring senator.

“The president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful, ” says Corker again.

“Bigotry seems emboldened. Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication,” says former GOP President George W. Bush.”

“Bullying and prejudice in our public life … provides permission for cruelty and bigotry,” says Bush again.

It’s too bad that other Republicans don’t care enough for this country.  If they did, they would be leading the charge to get rid of the primary threat to this our nation and our way of life.  That threat is Donald John Trump.’


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20 thoughts on “GOP is dying: May it burn in hell”

  1. My father, a good christian man and life long republican, despises trump and what the Republicans have become. for the first time ever he refused to vote. My mother, a good christian woman and a life long republican is turning over in her grave for the same reason.

  2. While I would love for this to be true, how can you consider the GOP to be dying when they are in control of the White House, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court? How can they be dying when they control most governorships and state legislatures?

    Sadly, I don’t think the GOP is dying at all. It’s turning into a right-wing fascist party (most Republicans would welcome a one-party state, with an authoritarian leader to tell them what to do, so long as it wasn’t a Democrat or black or a woman). I have arguments all the time with people who excuse the same deplorable behavior of Trump that they would excoriate in a Democrat.

      • We can only hope, J. But in today’s Republican party, there is no pride. Or honor. Or sense of “common good.”

        • Actually, we can do more than hope. We can work.

          There are competitive races out there, and some of them could use our help.

          I worked in Hollywood (in computer animation) for awhile some years back, and I can sympathize a bit with Publisher Thompson on this. Selling your soul for filthy lucre seems like such a good idea… for awhile. I think he made more money than I did.

          I do my little thing. It is not large, and there are many like it, but this one is mine.. Jon

  3. Lets face it folks, neither party is doing any of us any favors. When the Dems had majority the Reps blocked everything. Now the roles are reversed and the Dems are blocking everything. Dunno about anybody else but I’d like to see U.S. Attorneys and Federal Judges being moved through confirmation. Also like to see something on the immigration reforms. Maybe tax reform and a real budget not a CR.

  4. As a right leaning evangelical conservative and Republican Party delegate, I can only smile at the temper tantrum of the author Mr. Doug Thompson. No matter how much they throw a fit, we all know that unlike Romney, Trump received the overwhelming support and vote of the 33% of the party that locked in his nomination and eventual victory. We didn’t care if it was Donald Trump or Donald Duck. Our goal was the Supreme Court. Trump gave us a list of conservatives he would appoint, and with Neil Gorsuch seated on the high court, we are only one away from taking the high court away from the liberals/Democrats and will then control the high court for up to the next 40 years. That ought to be enough time to reverse liberal advances that were made in the courts over the last quarter century. By the way it looks, like Kennedy may throw in the towel soon, and Ginsberg has diabetes and cancer. Mmmm, doesn’t look good for liberals.

    • Impressive contempt. What happened that made you so spiteful? I’m sure you can tell us.
      Do you really trust “conservative” judges so much more, to follow your opinions, and that they’re decisions will only cause harm to people who you don’t care about? It looks to me like signing your soul to Satan for power, and people who do that often get what they deserve in the end. Good luck with that.
      It does seem like every 8 years the American people need reminding how terrible the republicans really are.
      If only I could believe Trump was the bottom, but surely he’s not smart enough to really be the worst the GOP can do. He’s just the most embarrassing tool so far.

    • Spoken by a person who has no knowledge of the history of the U.S. Conservatives have been on the wrong side since our Revolution when they sided with the Crown (Tories). The only good thing the Republican party has done was fight to free the slaves and the interstate highway system. Since then, the GOP has been against anything and everything that would benefit the American people. Political parties evolve. Or in the case of today’s Republican party, DEvolve. I’m sure you’re all atwitter over last night’s vote to protect the big banks from class action lawsuits and financial protection for the average American taxpayer, aren’t you? That and many more fascist ideas. I’m sure you also agree that Americans should have “proper ID” traveling from state to state? Your papers please.

    • Bill Reesor, your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You claim to be evangelical, but welcome the pussy grabber in chief, who is on his third marriage. You also say that you want liberal advances revoked. Why would you want advances revoked? An advance is moving forward. I guess that you want to move back to some mystical time that only exists in your fevered dreams. No one is more hypocritical than a so-called christian.

      • Look up Conservative in the dictionary. It isn’t pretty. The Republicans want this country to stay in the 17th century and doing what they can to put it there.

      • What I find cute is how proud Mr. Reesor is of a 33% vote. That’s not a majority. Twice as many Republicans did not want Trump. Of course, being an evangelical (so-called) Christian he’s probably very proud of forcing minority opinions to be enforced against everyone else. J.

        • PS – Mr. Reesor didn’t specifically mention Christian, actually. Perhaps he’s an evangelical Shi’ite. He certainly doesn’t seem to have any problem with imposing or re-imposing religious law (aka sharia, for those taking notes). J.

  5. My late father was a Life-long Republican, “Come hell or high water”, we were raised to vote G O P.. Frankly now, I am relieved he is not alive to see the “HELL” it HAS become under TRUMP and his MINIONS! (It would have killed him long before Old Age did…)

      • I had hoped people like that would die out, but they seem to be manufacturing new ones. The marchers in Charlottesville were not old. And it’s said the youth are the future of the country (ref. Mr. Madison’s earlier remark). Hmm. J.

  6. Ahh, but it’s not their way of life that’s at risk. They and their pals will still be in expensive suits and fancy cars, riding along ’til they get chucked out of office, at which point they’ll just move into lobbying at ten times the salary and now without any oversight at all. The Koch fortune isn’t going away anytime soon, and that persistence is what keeps the Republican (and, although to a lesser degree, the Democrat) machine running.


  7. Good to get an opinion from a foul-mouthed cynic who sold out his values for money and wrote what he considered ‘lies’ for people who had beliefs different from his.

  8. Because of the rw propaganda machine, I’m afraid that the predicted demise of the Republican party is premature. It will become more emboldened to become more radical. And those not capable of independent thought and ignorant enough to vote against their interests and those of what’s left of our democracy will keep the GOP safe and alive.

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