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Monday, February 26, 2024

Puerto Rico aid delay shows Trump’s racism


The incredibly slow and poor response by federal authorities to the destruction that Hurricane Maria delivered to Puerto Rico proves, more than ever, the racism of President Donald Trump and the Republican domination of our government today.

Trump and his stiletto-strutting wife showed up in Texas right after Hurricane Harley delivered death, flooding and destruction to Houston and surrounding areas.  Again in Florida where Trump could also check on damages to his resorts and golf courses.

But Trump took more than a week to even appoint a general to begin coordinating with agencies to help the island nation where residents are considered citizens, albeit second-class ones to bigots like the current president the United States.

“With all the needs there are, we go out every day to the streets and are face-to-face with the people — you don’t see a single government agency, Ponce police officer Elizabeth Perez told The New York Times.

“We will not let you down,” claimed White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in a message to Puerto Ricans.


“There is a crisis in Puerto Rico,” says Democratic Florida Sen. Bill Nelson. “Fuel, water and medicine sitting on the docks.  Need immediate response by U.S. military.  Where is the cavalry?”

The cavalry is tending to Houston, one of the most affluent cities in America or Florida,where Trump has properties.

Despite his many claims that he is not a racist, and loud denials by his rabid but dwindling “base,” Trump proves over and over again that he has no compassion for those less fortunate or any concept of what it takes to be a leader of a nation like America.

I worked inside the Republican party as a political operative and served as chief of staff to one GOP member and special assistant to the House Committee on Science of Technology for a number of years.   I saw the inherent racism of the party.

Trump now is more concerned about promoting his so-called “tax cut’ which provides a little relief for the middle class, a lot for wealthy folks like him and nothing for those who need it most: Struggling Americans who often work for more than one job just to make ends meet.

Much of Puerto Rico falls into that disadvantaged category and is also an island of Latinos and we know how Trump feels about them.  His attitudes have driven hate crimes against Latinos up 69 percent since he became president.

The latest Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations says crimes directed at Latinos has gone up dramatically in the age of Trump.

“The disturbing rise in bias-motivated crime indicates that, despite the gains made by historically marginalized communities, bigoted attacks are still a daily occurrence, and that is unacceptable,” says Robin Toms, executive director of the commission.

Trump is a bigot who promotes violence against those who do not fit into his narrow vision of who should be an American.

“They should be forced to suffer,” he said in full page ads he took out in New York City newspapers where he advocated expansion of police authority and reinstatement of the death penalty.

In his campaign, he urged his supporters to beat a Black Lives protester at a rally.

“Maybe he should have been roughed up,” he said.

A typical response by the racist and bigot who sadly, but at least temporarily, occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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