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Monday, June 24, 2024

The Trumps: Washington’s rich white trash

Donald Trump gleefully photographs a Playboy Playmate wannabe in 1993.

Misspell the last name of America’s current inappropriate President and you could end up with “Tramp.”

Trump. Tramp.  Not much difference between the two.

When you consider the many inconsistencies that define Donald John Trump, you come up with one realization:  Our president is rich white trash.

He lies.  He cheats.  He robs the American treasury openly, laughing all the way, literally, to the bank.

He refers, with glee, about “grabbing the pussies” of women he claims can’t wait to drop to their knees and service him, assuming — of course — they can actually find anything under that massive belly that overflows his belt like the gut of an overweight great white whale.

Trump likes to party at the Playboy Mansion.

“I met Donald Trump a few times (at the Mansion),” says former Playmate Holly Madison.  “It was surreal seeing him as president because I used to see him at parties and run into him.  It’s definitely kind of surreal…and weird.”

Donald Trump and former Playboy Playmate Holly Madison (Composite photo from the New York Post).

Trump likes to brag about his sexual exploits and had bragged about cheating on his wives (he’s on his third wife, former nude model Melania).  When shock jock Howard Stern called Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, a “great piece of ass,” he agreed and said “I’d do her” if she was not his offspring.

In some parts of “poor white trash” parts of the South, where Trump is revered, family trees do not branch.  A Southern virgin is sometimes called “any 12-year-old girl who can outrun her kin folk.”

Are we being gross about our current first family? Damn right we are.  No decent, polite, language should be used to describe the rich white trash that currently occupies the White House.

Trump tells people he doesn’t like to “go f–k themselves, which means he says it a lot because there’s a lot of folks out there he doesn’t like as well as many who don’t like him.  After all, he came to the Presidency in a fluke after a majority of voters — more than four million — voted for the other candidate.

Trump is the embodiment of the old cliche joke that starts with “how do we know he’s lying” and ends with “because his lips are moving.”

He turned that old joke into reality.  He lies so often and so blatantly that “fact checking” organizations have trouble keeping up with the myriad of falsehoods.

His wife, the former nude model, may have lied to the federal government in her citizen application because she appears to have worked and without a valid work visa.  She did lie, without remorse or apology, when she claimed she had a university degree from the Slovenian college she left before graduating so she could go to America, drop her drawers, pose naked for photographers, and get money for doing so.

Ivanka Trump came to Washington claiming she was “passionate about working women” and said she was going to close the gender wage gap even if it killed her.

She should be careful.  Women who indulge in the art of servicing men for money are often called “working women.”

Ivanka, some felt, would be a “moderating influence” on her father’s excesses.

Didn’t happen. Writes New York Times columnist Lindy West:

The fact is, the only evidence we have of Ms. Trump’s supposed moderating effects and passion for progressive causes is her word. And, unfortunately for the entire planet, the word of a Trump isn’t worth very much.

And what about the gender gap in the third world countries where slave-labor salaries are the best a women can earn in factories that provide all of the items offered by Ivanka Trump for sale in her “signature” lines of apparel and overpriced fake costume jewelry?  Daddy paid more for her “breast enhancements” than those women make in their entire lives.

She also worked as a “model” for a while and showed off her body for photographers.

Ivanaka Trump when she was “modeling.”

We’re not surprised that Ivanka got a boob job.  Her daddy, a major boob, likes big ones.

Kind of what we have learned to expect from the head tramp named Trump.

Oops!  That’s redundant.


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4 thoughts on “The Trumps: Washington’s rich white trash”

  1. ” After all, he came to the Presidency in a fluke after a majority of voters — more than four millions — voted for the other candidate.”

    No fluke! The results of a long Republican campaign to gerrymander most election districts to favor Republicans. Change the districts, change election results.

    • SDRSr-You forgot voter suppression. The Republicans couldn’t win elections without lying or cheating the system. And of course, their incredible propaganda machine.

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