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Monday, December 11, 2023

White House backs down on gov’t closure threat


The White House has signaled to congressional Republican leaders that it has pulled back from U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to shut down the government if a border wall with Mexico is not funded, the Washington Post reported on Friday, citing a senior Republican congressional aide.

Trump promised to build a wall with Mexico on the campaign trail. He also threatened recently to shut down the government if Congress did not provide funding for the wall.

But shortly after Trump made those comments, White House officials quietly notified Congress that the $1.6 billion would not need to be in a stopgap funding bill meant to fund government operations from October until sometime in early December, a senior GOP congressional aide said, according to the Post.

However, Trump still wants wall funding to be included in the December budget bill, the Post said.


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3 thoughts on “White House backs down on gov’t closure threat”

  1. I’m also wondering how many real estate salesmen, contractors, &c. are finding out now for the first time that he is, in fact, a windbag, and can be successfully faced down. J.

  2. You really have to admit even though the wall won’t do anything to stem the tide of illegal drugs coming into the U.S. Der Fuhrer still wants to waste money on it to placate the moronic 35% of the who still back him. I’m not hearing the crying the GOP did every time Obama wanted to spend to save the economy. Where are the fiscal hawks? Oh wait. That’s right. They need funding for their programs and tax cuts for the corporations and the 1%. Never mind.

    • I’d suggest that might be because they’re aren’t actually fiscal hawks. They just play them on TV. Unfortunately, that works. To enough people. J.

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