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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Trump and his trollops

Melania Trump in tight pants and blouse unbuttoned to show a little cleavage while pretending to care around those victimized Hurricane Harvey.

Melania Trump’s, the president’s “first lady” Trollop, strutted in stiletto heels from the White House to the waiting Marine One helicopter to ferry her and her husband to Texas for a gaudy show and tell to cash in on the disaster of others.

After the plane’s arrival in the Lone Star state, Melania emerged with her butt wrapped in a tight pants, a designer blouse unbuttoned just enough to flash some cleavage, sd the most obnoxious first lady in history displayed what she is: A nude model who cashed in by marrying a tail-chasing billionaire.

She is a perfect Donald Trump caricature, a jazzed-up sexpot who lied about a college degree she never earned on national television while plagiarizing a speech from former first lady Michelle Obama.

First Lady Melania Trump showing a lot of leg in a skin-tight dress and stiletto heels.

Evidence points to more lies in Slovenia-born Melania Trump’s loose life, working and getting paid to flash her hooters before cameras in America without yet having a valid work visa, lying on her application to become a citizen.

She’s a classic gold-digger, married to a world-class lech who insisted she pose nude on the wing of his gaudy private jet and lounging nude again in the tacky interior.

She’s the first Presidential wife to ever have posed nude for magazines and it is ironic that her tainted application for citizenship suggests that her husband, who built support among the “birther ranks” by questioning the citizenship of Barack Obama, is married to a woman whose claim to be a citizen of the United States is based on lying and providing invalid information.

She’s Trump’s Trollope, a sex toy for a President who laughed and agreed with shock jock Howard Stern called his daughter “a great piece of ass.”

Trump once told  reporter that he’s “do her” if she were not his daughter and the “her” he was talking about is first daughter Ivanka Trump, who also likes to flash her hooters in low cut gowns that show a lot of skin.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump: As W.C. Fields once said to Mae West: “Ah yes, my dear, I shall dally in the valley.”

Each day, as Trump runs the nation’s government and America itself into the ground, one has to ask; “How low will he go?”

Sadly, the answer is: “Nobody knows for sure.”

Trump is a President with thousands of unfilled appointments in an administration teetering on the brink of disaster and a constantly lying narcissistic psychopath who loots the United States treasury to fatten the bank accounts of his companies and his family.

Even worse, his the hard-core band of supporters, overloaded with racists, bigots and brain-dead zombies who follow him no matter what.  All polls show his “base” consistently declines and latest surveys who his job approval overall is about 16 percent overall and at just 34 percent even among Republicans.

He openly pardoned a racist former Arizona sheriff who used his office to railroad anyone who was not lily-white with fake arrests, illegal arrests and threats of deportation even to those who immigrated legally to this country.

Trump also says he will pardon anyone who found complicit in his many schemes and fraud that might be uncovered by the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

He might even try to pardon himself for any number of his many crimes against the United States of America.

Or maybe he and his trollop wife will run and hide back in her homeland back in Slovenia.

Good place for both of them.


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5 thoughts on “Trump and his trollops”

  1. Dude, I feel you. But if your gonna quote statistics, get them right or your rant is flawed and people will totally discard your ideas. Trumps overall approval rating is about 35% overall. It’s much higher with about 2/3rds of Republicans approval, of course only 25% of Democrats think he is doing a good job. The big change has been in the falloff of Independents with an approval of about 35%. Seventy percent of the country think the nation is going the wrong way. Unfortunately with the Chaos Kid, there doesn’t seem to be any hope of things getting better. As a matter of fact there is plenty going on that’s screwing the little guy and benefiting business the opposite of his campaign pledges about jobs with his get rid of regulations that protected them in areas of wages and safety. America is in a dangerous place right now and we have a totally incompetent. If he truly wants to “Make America Great Again”, he should resign immediately.

  2. I’m don’t think that slut-shaming Melania adds anything useful to the conversation. She has no policy role, or any apparent power, in this administration. How much cleavage she sports has no connection to how many Nazis Trump hugs.

    There is certainly plenty of rant-fodder in her husband’s actions. Trashing her for being married to him brings back memories of the absolutely feral misogyny unleashed at Hillary by the right wing, when she was first lady.

    We don’t need to go there…

    • She most certainly is incredibly beautiful eye candy. From what I understand, she’s turned 50? And Ivanka is just as beautiful. It’s just too bad that both have something in common with such an insecure, disgusting loser.

  3. Doug-Please don’t hold back. Tell it like it is. But thank you for your efforts so far. Some people will find that facts can be such messy things…….

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