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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Trump uses disaster to shamelessly promote himself

Donald and Melania Trump arrive in Texas. (Charlie Blalock/European Pressphoto Agency)

Self-promoting President Donald Trump visited Hurricane-ravaged East Texas Tuesday sporting a USA hat that he sells on his campaign website for $40 each and bragged about “What a crowd.  What a turnout” to those who came to see him.

“Thank you everybody,” he oozed to the state where at least 16 people have died and more than 40,000 lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey, which has flooded the fourth largest city in America and dropped more than 50 inches of rain.

He bragged about “high TV ratings” that such disasters bring but did not discuss the loss of life or the dramatic effect the wrath of nature had inflicted upon the state.

He did not urge Americans to help or contribute to the rescue and clean-up efforts.

In 22 breathless tweets on Twitter, is favorite means of communications, Trump often added breathless exclamation points to “125 mile winds!” and “the world is watching!” and spent time promoting his planned Wednesday trip to Missouri where “I won by a lot in ’16.”

Trump brought first lady Melania in tow and they departed Washington for the trip to Texas wearing thin black stiletto healed shoes and a green leather bomber jacket as they boarded Air Force One and then switched to sneakers, skin-tight jeans and a black baseball hat emblazoned with “FLOTUS” (First Lady of the United States),

The Trumps looked, and acted like a couple of rich folks off on a day trip to have fun, not witness the horror of a massive storm that left the region in Texas flooded and ripped apart at its seams.

He bragged that his Federal Emergency Management Agency director Brock Long is “a man who’s really become very famous on television over the last couple of days.”

In the end, that’s all that matters to Donald Trump.  Being famous, claiming to be the best at everything, pretending that he really knows what he is doing as President of the United States.

Not a word about those who died.  Not a word about the suffering of the millions that the storm has left suffering.  No compassion for those in need.

“You want to project confidence that things will get better, but at the same time you want to display empathy for people who have lost everything,” said Matt Latimer, a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush, to The Washington Post. “The president has a knack for the first one, but so far he hasn’t displayed a lot of skill at displaying empathy. And that’s a problem.”

For Trump, the trip to Texas was a “photo-op,” a chance to get away from Washington, where he remains mired in scandals, most caused by his own careless and irresponsible antics and misdeeds.

As with most everything Trump does, his actions were a despicable disgrace to a nation that he is pulling into his toxic swamp of lies, greed and disregard for law and the needs of a nation that desperately needs a leader and not a carnival pitchman who parades his former nude-model wife around a disaster area while he sports one of his hats that he sells for $40 apiece on his campaign website.


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  1. Hafta admit it bothers me when news extensively and in detail reports on what the woman was wearing, while entirely (okay, except for the hat) overlooks what the man is wearing. Unless you meant Donald Trump himself was wearing high-heeled stilettos, which might well have been news. J.

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