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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Is Trump crazy? Absolutely


Former top intelligence officer James Clapper questions President Donald Trump’s “fitness to be in this office” and openly worries about having a man with obvious mental problems having access to nuclear launch codes.

“I really question his ability to be — his fitness to be — in this office, and I also am beginning to wonder about his motivation for it,” Clapper, former director of National Intelligence, told CNN. “How much longer does the country have to, to borrow a phrase, endure this nightmare?”

That question comes up more and more, not only among Democrats, but also with Republicans who now look for ways to avoid contact with Trump and speak privately about finding ways to remove him from office.

“In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s actually very little to stop him,” Clapper said. “The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there’s very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.”

Clapper’s concerns come a week after GOP Sen. Bob Corker, a key Trump supporter in Congress, said trump has not “been able to demonstrate the stability” that one needs to be in the highest office in American government.

New polls show a majority of Americans feel Trump s not stable.

Rep. James Raskin of Maryland is sponsoring a bill to set up an independent commission to judge is a sitting president “as the physical or mental capacity to perform the duties of his office.”  The 25th amendment to the Constitution called for such a panel when it passed 50 years ago but one was never set up.

Raskin’s bill has 28 co-sponsors and more are expected to sign on after Congress returns to work after Labor Day.

Professionals in the mental health field also question Trump’s mental state.

Yale forensic psychiatrist Bandy Lee is working with other psychiatrists to set up an “expert panel” advise Congress about Trump’s growing fits of anger and mental health.

“Narcissistic personality disorder describes a debilitating need to project grandiosity so as to fight the inner feelings of low self-worth,” Lee told Jayne O’Donnell of USA Today. “In extreme forms, narcissistic personality disorder is one of the disorders most associated with violence and is sometimes considered to be on the same spectrum as antisocial personality disorder, or sociopathy.”

Psychiatrist Allen Frances says Trump displays symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and has a new book, Twilight of American Sanity: A Psychiatrist Analyses the Age of Trump, coming out in September.

Republican Sen. Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire says Trump is “impaired by a seriously sick psyche.”

“We need every tool in the constitutional tool kit to be able to deal with the unfolding and accelerating crisis of presidential power in America today,” Raskin says.

Psychiatrists say “narcissistic personality disorder” is a real and dangerous mental illness disorder and not one to “throw abound loosely.”  It means America is in real trouble.


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  1. Aries (@ENTP_MBA) doesn’t have a whole lot of credibility either. Or punctuation. I’m with Director Clapper on this one. J.

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