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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Trump & the GOP: Birds of corrupt feathers


Frustrated Republicans, finally facing the reality of a madman in the White House driving both the nation and their political party to disgrace and ruin, increasingly say they have had enough.

But have they?

It took Arizona Sen. John McCain, facing death from brain cancer, to cast the deciding vote to end — at least for the time being — the GOP rush off the cliff in a madcap suicide pact to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act with something even more onerous.

One crisis averted for now but so many remain and the biggest of them all if the existence of Trump as President.

A phrase heard from more and more members of the party of the elephant is the painful cry of “how to we get rid of the nation’s pariah?”

They should have thought about that back in the GOP primaries when their party offered a multitude of weak candidates that could not keep a egomaniacal con artist like Trump from capturing the nomination.

Oh, the Democrats did their part of helping create the fiasco that threatens the nation.  They offered their party’s voters a choice of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, neither of whom offered a really viable choice.  When they settled on Clinton, she piled on the mistakes of a race she could have won.

The situation is so bad that former Sen. Joe Biden, vice president for Barack Obama,, is now considering a run for the top job.

God help us.

Trump finished his first six months of his presidency with no legislative achievements, an approval rating of less than 40 percent and a revolving door at the White House that sent his first chief of staff out the door, along with his press secretary, and brought in a retired general for the top job and a Wall Street philanderer and trash-talker as the new communications director.

Can things get any worse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Yes.

Will they get worse?  Absolutely.

Trump is a spoiled man-child who communicates mostly now via Twitter, with insult-laden tweets devoid of fact but long on hyperbole and self-praise.

He contradicts his staff, throws cabinet member under the nearest runaway train and lies so often that most fact-checking services can’t begin to keep up.

He changes his position by whim, lies so much that even he can’t keep up as he will disregard what he said just a few minutes earlier with different — and equally dishonest — assessments.

He decided, without consulting anyone — not even his Defense Secretary or chairman of the joint chiefs — to ban transsexuals in the military but did so in a tweet without taking time to actually issue an order so the bosses in the Pentagon are ignoring him, at least for the moment.

He and this country face a North Korean dictator about as crazy as he who now has an ICBM with the range to lob nuclear weapons into the United States and all Trump can do is make idle threats that lack details or even consideration of whether or not American can deliver on such threats.

Will the Republicans step in and do what must be done to protect America?

We doubt it.  They are too busy fighting among themselves to even think what needs to be done to help America or the people they are supposed to serve.

Like Trump, the Republicans in Congress don’t give a damn about the nation they claim to serve.  They care only for themselves and a set of hypocritical beliefs that neither serve or support the beliefs of a once-great place called America.

They only serve the man who claimed he would make America “great again” but, instead, is plundering it for his own selfish needs.


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