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Thursday, July 18, 2024

We hairless monkeys and flying saucer or superior intelligence encounters.

We hairless monkeys and flying saucers or superior intelligence encounters.

We hairless monkeys and flying saucers or superior intelligence encounters.

When I was a child, I took a rubber band and a paper clip and gently shot it in the direction of a bully pigeon and all the pigeons scattered. The first Million-Monkey story was in Readers Digest in 1956 or 57, and had nothing about monkeys on other Islands suddenly washing sweet potatoes. It ended with one monkey discovering that by crashing trash can lids together he could scare the other male monkeys and get the girls. I suspect if another monkey happened to discover a kitchen knife would be useful for similar purposes, the anthropologists would stop him.

Flying saucers take on many shapes with could mean that a lot of superior creatures like to picnic in its primitive splendor, most being careful not to leave any beer cans lying around, but if they do more superior visitors will clean up after them.

Infants among the visitors can play with a butterfly or one of the hairless apes, until mommy or daddy comes along and puts the butterfly and/or human ape back together, even erase some or all the memory if that monkey faces post traumatic stress.

It’s possibly that a slightly superior civilization a couple of light years away is hoping that they can get away with doing us in without the (or a) superior force interfering by pushing destructive comets out of our way, so we won’t be alert when an extinction type asteroid heads our way.

I have a slight problem with revealing more details. They don’t want bees or hairless monkeys in their primitive jets buzzing around them, and they don’t want hairless monkeys messing with their equipment, or worshiping them. But somehow they don’t have the power to prevent us from worshiping them, without removing all our memories which they don’t want to do, then this essay they might find a little irritating.

So how much can I say without some or all of this email disappearing and me suddenly not remembering what I was doing on Apr 30, 08

But I will risk saying slightly more. We were, during the Cold War, four seconds to midnight for quite a while, and Cheney keeps trying to attack Iran but strange coincidence seems to keep getting in his way. I may or may not get away with this paragraph without getting amnesia by enclosing a link that will make World War III slightly less likely without repeated interference from above.
The Millionth Monkey?
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