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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Jeremiah Wright and Miley Cyrus

On Monday, I defended some of the controversial remarks made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Democratic Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama's bombastic former pastor. Then I watched Wright's disgusting, self-serving "all about me" performance at the National Press Club in Washington. I was wrong about Wright.

On Monday, I defended some of the controversial remarks made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Democratic Presidential frontrunner Barack Obama’s bombastic former pastor.

Then I watched Wright’s disgusting, self-serving “all about me” performance at the National Press Club in Washington.

I was wrong about Wright.

The preacher from Chicago is not a committed man of God. He is a lunatic that should be committed. He not an angry American who fire comes from love of country. He is a self-promoting hack whose carefully rehearsed words come from love of himself.

Wright is a fool, a buffoon and a caricature — a Bible-thumping shyster who uses God to promote hate.

Many say Barack Obama did the right thing in disowning Wright. Pundits say he threw the fire-breathing preacher under the bus. Hell, he should have been driving the bus.

Wright, unfortunately, is typical of the distractions that define this muddled Presidential election season. While more American soldiers die in Iraq in what will be the bloodiest month since last September, we have a campaign defined by hate mongering by preachers, racist campaign tactics within the Democratic party and more screen time given to Hillary Clinton tossing back Crown Royal and chasing it a beer than to the escalating violence in Iraq.

Obama rolled an embarrassing 37 in bowling and got more TV exposure than the housing crisis.

Do a Google search on “Iraq War” and you get 14.8 million hits. Search “Miley Cyrus” (left) and you get 14.4 million hits.

The Iraq war has run for more than five years, cost more than 4,000 lives and has bankrupted the United States both financially and morally and a four-day-old uproar over a 15-year-old TV tart who posed semi-nude in a photo that looks like she just screwed the entire high school football team and which graces the cover of the new issue of Vanity Fair will, by the end of the week, rack up more hits on Google.

Is this any way to run an election…or a nation…or our lives?

39 thoughts on “Jeremiah Wright and Miley Cyrus”

  1. Doug, I totally agree. I too, found myself defending this nutjob. After the Bill Moyers interview I realized my mistake. Obama-lama-ding-dong was correct in kicking him to the curb. He is a legend in his own mind, & I guess he stayed in Vietnam to long.

    By the way, what is your policy on folks SPAMMING your posting board anyway. Seems to me that somebody here likes to see their name in print…

    Miley is well on her way to being just another superficial slut made in the Britany Spears/Lindsey Lohan mold…

  2. At my age I too had no idea who Miley Cyrus might be.

    When I visit a lady friends home she always has the the latest mags on her coffee table; ie., Vanity Fair, People Magazine etc. When I open them up and flip through the pages I realize I don’t know “any” of these people… /:|
    She even picks up tabloids both local and national.

    If anything I enjoy perusing them just to see what currently interests my planetary brethren; ie., “the natives”.

    When I look at the article supplied photo of Miley I instantly thought what a great painting this would have made and if the same presentation and been created in the 18th or 19th centuries in oil; then displayed in one of the great art museums of Europe; collectors might be bidding the work into the millions today, they too not knowing her name and depending on the artist…no?

    So I guess I’m showing my age, but to me little Miley’s photo is simply a sound piece of photo art. : |

    Her facial expression is open to artistic interpretation…

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Wright is reality tee vee.
    Now that he no longer sees a meal ticket in Barack Obama he’s decided to play to the lowest common denominator and scoop up the last of his fifteen minutes in order to harvest a book deal to pad his retirement.

    It doesn’t matter whether or not there was an element of truth to his words. He offers no challenge, no hope, no platform, he only offers hate and discontent, and validation for anger.
    Chastisement from above always comes with a purpose, a challenge and a covenant for those who are willing to listen.
    Chastisement from the dirtbound here on Earth comes with nothing. It’s the empty calories in a cereal box and the packaging is often more nutritious than the contents.

    JeffH in Occupied TX

  4. If it were a crime to be wrong, every last one of the Bushies would be convicted and in jail (hahahaha).

  5. We all were DejaVu. Much of what he screamed had been in my mind for years. The next day we all saw the mania in his words and took a second look at Obama who had stood behind him like a gentleman.

    It has been an emotional week and being human we all reacted in one way or another. I tend to respect Doug’s RANTS as I have reading them for years. I also know that if he is wrong, he will be the first to admit it.

  6. Thanks for the confession, Doug. Now it’s my turn: I BLEW IT, TOO. I think Wright was right on a number of issues, but YES, the guy is a first-class jerk. But I should have seen it from the start. If Christians in general spent as much energy worshiping God as they do worshiping themselves, they might start to make some progress. As it is, though, THE CHURCH is little more than a sorry, pathetic life-support system for arrogant blowhards; a place where sycophantic losers congregate to lie to each other. Add it to the list of institutions that won’t survive the weight of their own hypocrisy.

    Sorry, Mr. Wright. I was wrong to defend you.

  7. Elmo. Never in the history of America has there ever been anything as damaging as these preachers. Had we held to the “Separation of Church and State” none of this crap about warnings from God would be able to exist. Since Bush 43 started his faith based grants, America has turned into early Rome when the Inquisitions started handling the government. It was one of the bloodiest times in our earth history followed by more Crusades and killings.

    Americans love to be terrorized and I even wrote a Commentary called “Christians love Hell.” Will we let these foolish people have our government?

  8. The flap over Rev. Wright and the flap over Miley Cyrus are both crap.

    No one would care about Rev. Wright if Faux Gnus hadn’t pulled a snippet out of context. They attacked HIM to get at a candidate they don’t like. He’s allowed to defend himself. I didn’t see the press club speech but I did see the NAACP speech and I understood everything he said. Being a preacher’s kid, I’m probably better at seeing the sermon as a parable and finding the nugget of truth it contains than anyone schooled in the kind of sound bite “journalism” that turned Howard Dean’s pep rally yell into the scream of an out of control madman.

    Miley Cyrus, Britany Spears, Paris Hilton, Anna Nicole Smith, Michael Jackson…. the list is endless.

  9. Oh! my dear, yes. Our kids and grand kids get their words from television. Their own classmates have no idea what they are even saying but they soon find out. How do we counteract this? I removed the television and headed to the books for some good reading. I had one kid in Jr. High and the other in 1st grade. They did not even miss the television. We had a life in the mountains that did not rely on “The Beaver” which I thought for years was an animal show. The older girl took care of horses in our area until she could get one herself. The baby discovered Crayolas and picture books. He had been to a preprimary school and they did not use crayons. The little one and I would work together to come up with some wonderful pictures. We got those big coloring panels and my mother’s kitchen was soon filled with exotic colored whatevers. I worked during the day but we had that wonderful time during and after dinner WITHOUT COMMERCIALS!

  10. “Wright is a fool, a buffoon and a caricature — a Bible-thumping shyster who uses God to promote hate.”

    Doug — I thought our country put someone just like this in the WH in 2000 and again in 2004.

  11. I would buy you dinner any day, Sandra! My poor mother has gotten so emotionally involved, she and I take turns watchinfg TV. The night of PA primary, I just went for a drive. Mom called on the cell and said, go on home, she’s winning. During the TX primary, she didn’t turn on the TV until 11:30 PM lol
    I began writing her congressional representatives in her name last year (they ditch the letter if it has an out of district address). Suddenly, my dear mother is being invited to all these hoity toity parties. She just figured it out last week lol She is having a blast.

  12. This “innocent girl” as you describe her told Vanity Fair that her favorite TV show was the HBO series “Sex And The City.”

    I stand by what I wrote.

  13. “a 15-year-old TV tart who posed semi-nude in a photo that looks like she just screwed the entire high school football team”

    Funny, I don’t see a “TV tart” in that photo. I see an innocent girl who has just discovered how it feels to be violated by people she thought she should trust. If you bothered to read anything about her situation, you would understand the controversy. It isn’t about some salacious publicity scheme to use almost-kiddy-porn to advance her career or make money by her parents. Her parents were on the set for hours and then had to leave her under the supervision of her publicist and agent. They were the responsible adults who failed to protect Ms. Cyrus when the famous photographer and Vanity Fair crew urged them to go along with the “art photos”. Her parents never would have allowed it, and the photographer knew that!

    This girl is a victim of unprincipled adults who have damaged her career for their own pleasure and gain. As far as I am concerned, they are not much better than the pimps who sell children to pedophiles. Including her photo and referring to her as a tart in an otherwise unrelated story was a cheap shot. Pick on somebody your own size, Doug!

  14. You hit it on the nail Sherry. But there’s one thing we all can say is that we care! We love America and we know what is the right thing to do. My emotions are on “Danger” but this happens every two years when the Congress get thrown out or reelected. My kids understand this two-year mania that is me. Every 4 years they know better than to even call prior to November.

    You’re no racist and neither am I. I want something new even if it is unknown in the white house.

    I have to share something with you. The GOP is now splitting into another realm of politics. The religious right now wants the Constitution Party to run because they are focussing on the prohibitions. So we will have one hell of a November coming up. If we lived closer I would make a bet with you for dinner whether Obama or Hillary gets the gold ring.

  15. Passions are running high. The Hillary camps and the
    Obama camps hate each other. One can’t imagine voting for the other. I can’t stand the sound of Obama’s voice. I would venture to say most (especially my friend Sandy Price) feels the same way about Hillary.
    Obama was bound to disappoint. He was treated as the next Messiah. No human being can live up to that. The Hillary people are a little more pragmatic. Yup, she has warts. We pretty much know all the dirt. We know she is corrupt, but she has a record. Her husband didn’t do a bad job as president. She is the devil we know.
    Obama just doesn’t have much of a record. He makes great speeches. It’s sort of the dreamy crowd vs the realists.
    And dang it, I am beyone angry for being told if I vote for Hillary, I am a racist. Therefore, if Obama gets the nomination, the Hillary supporters are completely alienated.
    Sad, but true.

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