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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

GOP cowards and madman Trump



(Nikki Burch)

An increasing number of Republicans I have known since my days as a political operative in Washington in the 1980s grumble in emails, texts and phone calls that “something has to be done about Donald Trump” yet not one of them is willing to go public and break away from the madman of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Strange cowardice from a leader in the party that is supposed to be in charge of Congress but an echo of the fear and paranoia that grips the inner circles of those elected to represent the people of America.

Trump went on one of his “Twitter tantrums” Sunday evening, firing off salvos at Republicans, Democrats and the media over the increasing scandals that engulfs his Presidency and his lack of ability to even comprehend his job.

In usual bombastic rhetoric, he blasted Republicans in Congress for doing “very little to protest their President.”

Typical Trump.  He fails, as he so often does, to realize that the job of other elected officials is not to “protest their President” but to protect the people they are supposed to represent along with the laws that he ignores so frequently and the Constitution that he neither understands nor serves.

Perhaps America, where a minority of voters wanted him as their President, deserves what is happening in Washington now.

Perhaps New Jersey Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur pinpointed the problem Sunday when he noted that the Grand Old Party is “a lot of tribes within one party, with many agendas, trying to do what they want to do.”

Differing factions have turned their promised to “reform” former President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law into a prolonged war among themselves that leaves Congress in turmoil while an unbalanced President wreaks even further havoc upon a nation in distress.

“In the 50 years I’ve been involved, Republicans have yet to figure out how to support each other,” says R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., founder of conservative icon American Spectator.

Other Republicans decry the “daily drama” of Trump’s troubled White House.  The administration’s lame attempt to promote “Made in America Week” fell victim to revelations that his hotels depend on goods and services from foreign vendors and his daughter’s clothing line does not even have one American made garment item.

Then Trump sidelined the photo-op by bitching and moaning to the New York Times that he regretted picking Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General.

“This week was supposed to be ‘Made in America Week’ and we were talking about Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” complained Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Charlie Dent in a telephone interview with The Washington Post.

The strain has some GOP members of Congress crawling out of their shells to express their dismay with the President that many of them never wanted to be President.

GOP Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, asked if he happy about the way things now work in Washington, answered with one word:  “No!”

Early on, several Republicans told colleagues that the emerging stories about collusion between the Trump campaign and a Russian government to help defeat Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton are “a smoking gun that could kill all of us.”

“The Russia stories never stop coming,” says Republican operative Rick Wilson.  “For Republicans, the stories never get better.”

The situation cannot improve unless Republicans discover some courage and step up to do what must be done.

They must stop Trump now.


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  1. not gonna happen. They are completely focused on passing their agenda while they have a chance. the fact that they can’t get it together to actually do so, has totally thrown them and the constant threat of Trump doing something else stupid is keeping them off balance.

    • Jon, I find your constant pursuit in correcting Doug’s post typo’s more annoying then the typo’s do. Please stop it!

      If you go to the FAQs page down near the bottom you will find email links that would be more appropriate for informing Doug about his typo’s that seem to always trouble you.

      • I’ve tried them. They don’t work either.

        I kvetch because I care. The idea is to make the post better, not to complain about it. I don’t even bother with many – but every now and then they wind up saying the opposite of what I think Mr. Thompson wanted to say. Furthermore, the idea is that the moderators delete the annoying comment when the article is fixed.

        Anyhow, your opinion is noted. I might keep on with it regardless. Thanks for letting me know.


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