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Friday, June 21, 2024

A drop of insight that may change history around

The tragic saga of Bush Jr. that doesn’t have to be that way.

The tragic saga of Bush Jr. that doesn’t have to be that way.

A general f— up was born into the Bush dynasty that messed up almost everything he touched, and for much of his early life was a real disappointment to his perfectionist oriented father, but Bush Sr. ended up choosing his f— up son to try to salvage the Bush dynasty after his brother Jeb wasn’t available. Jr. messed up much of what he touched including the Keating Savings and Loan Scandal where he escaped punishment by having no knowledge of the gory details that he could be punished for.

Bush managed to head the drunkard fraternity at Yale, his name got him the job but he handled it well. Later did an excellent job as a football franchiser. This success plus his name led to being Governor of Texas where he did an amazing job getting Mexicans and Gringos to get along. This led to the Presidency. As Governor, Jr. prided himself as never giving a pardon so as President he turned down Saddam offer to leave Iraq if he could take his money with him, and have Bush’s assurance that Saddam would never be prosecuted. This little decision totally, at least temporarily, since Jr. isn’t out of office yet, changed history’s perception of him.

A little back up detail that no one thinks about: Adolf Hitler actually won World War II a day after he attacked the Soviet Union, but threw the victory away. After Hitler attacked, Stalin offered to give Hitler the Ukraine in exchange for peace. Hitler was then free to attack the West with overwhelming superiority and mop up the rest of the world, including the badly shrunk USSR at his leisure.

Bush Jr. finally changed his resolve never to pardon anyone with a Libby pardon. So now he may make much better pardon decisions on his last day in office than Bill Clinton did. And people lobbying for Bush to make pardons could change Bush’s image, and his behavior, Something like the old Amos and Andy scenario where Amos was arrested when trying to go back to pay and old debt. And when the matter was corrected and he let out of jail, Amos’s house was full of people his wife let in. Amos asked, “Are you here to clear me as well”. They said, “No we are hear to collect the money you owe us”. So people begging for pardons could change Bush’s image to the point that Jr. would also forgive Raúl Castro for what Fidel has done and negotiate with al Sadr providing Iran offers Maliki safe haven plus a stipend, and then the dollar not collapse and all of us not scrounging for euros before Jr leaves office.

So the two huge historic moments based on minor details, Hitler not accepting Stalin’s offer and Bush not accepting Saddam’s offer can be undone. Had Hitler won, the Nazi’s would have been thrown out, way before the year 2008 and we’d have a more peaceful world government by now.

But today there is still time for Jr. to change his ways and we can all live happily ever after.

Please someone who knows Jr. read this article, and the following link to him since President Bush Jr. admits he doesn’t read much.

Letter to the Editor: Thanks Mr. President, for things it’s awkward to talk about

PS, please don’t read the rest of this essay to President Bush.

Now that I shook things up, it’s clear that McCain, Hillary and Obama will offer much more basic competence as to not do such things as refusing to let a Saddam leave and take his money with him. So when it comes to competence no one is Bush-like. Eisenhower was pro-Arab and Johnson pro-Israel, every other President attempted to be even handed including Bush. There is a real possibility that under Hillary and McCain most Muslims will consider the US their mortal enemy. The peace movement likes to condemn Saudi rulers but to many Muslims that is the same thing as condemning the Pope is to many Catholics. Fortunately Hillary is not the flaming feminist she pretends to be. Under McCain with his systematic insults such as when Castro retired“Hoping Castro dies soon”, there is a real possibility that most of Latin America’s poor will consider the US their mortal enemy and in addition, under McCain the rich and the poor of Latin America might hate each other far more than they already do.

So actually Hillary and McCain are right, except for more competence Obama represents more of the same and Hillary and McCain may make things vastly different then they are today.

By RichardKanePA

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