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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Latest Trump Twitter Tantrum: A new low

Donald Trump: He’s measuring what…..?

The small, infantile mind of the current President of the United States fired off another round of incredibly pathetic tweets on Twitter Thursday morning in attacks against MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” proving once again that there is no limit on how low he can go.

In typical Trump style, his latest Twitter Tantrum includes lies, insults and name and childish name-calling, a tsunami of verbal diarrhea that is incredible even by the acerbic standards of Trump’s expected lack of class or taste.

Here’s Donald J. Trump’s Twitter tantrum:

It seems Trump, who claimed that he doesn’t watch Morning_Joe anymore, somehow managed to know when co-host Mika Brzezinski described his tweeting habit as an example of “that’s your president of the United States lying to you again,” and fired off the tweets immediately after she made the comment.

In typical Trump fashion, he lied in each of his tweets.  Morning Joe currently has its highest ratings ever in the second quarter of this year and the show’s ratings have gone up for nine consecutive quarters, according to our check of the Adweek rating service.  In addition to his lie about ratings, the New York Times reported Scarborough and Brzezinski did attend the Mar-a-Lago party for network reasons and left early after their business was finished.

Also for Trump is his blatant sexism.  Reports Callum Borchers of The Washington Post:

The truly jarring thing about the tweets is, of course, the blatantly sexist attack on Brzezinski. The posts followed a consistent pattern: When Trump hits Brzezinski and Scarborough on Twitter, he hits Brzezinski harder, more personally and in a way that seems designed to portray her as someone who is insecure (“facelift”) and unintelligent (“low IQ”) — and who would not be on TV if not for her romantic relationship with Scarborough, to whom she was recently engaged.

Trump has a history of attacking both Scarborough and Brzezinski:

Trump’s latest Twitter tantrum surprises few who have watched his childish behavior.

MSNBC responded with a statement sent out to the media:

It’s a sad day for America when the president spends his time bullying, lying and spewing petty personal attacks instead of doing his job.

Trump’s last stunt brought out quick condemnation from Democratic and Republican Congress members and other officials.  He has social media burning as a trending action and the Post’s web site topped 1.9 thousand comments before noon EDT today.

“We took a stand against Trump’s disgusting, sexist comments. We have to speak out. We can’t allow hate from the WH to become the new normal,” said Rep. Katherine Clark.

“Trump’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski are reproachful, sexist & show he doesn’t understand what it means to have free, open press,” said Sen. Ben Cardin.

“Bleeding from the face,” another attack on women, really? Enough is enough! Mr. President, you need to resign NOW!,” tweeted Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said: “Obviously, I don’t see that as an appropriate comment, What we’re trying to do around here is improve the civility and tone of the debate, and this obviously does not do that.”

Adds Sen. Jeff Merkley: “To call Trump’s attacks on @morningmika & @JoeNBC ‘unpresidential’ hardly begins to describe the impropriety. Mr. President, please grow up.”

Brzezinski’s response?

And we  all know about comments about men with small hands referring to the size of something between between their legs.

In Trump’s case, it could also suggest a little mind.


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