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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Democrats: Party of the jackass

This is not where the Democrats will find victory.

Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, is also a long day for Democrats who dumped a ton of money in a Georgia House of Representatives race that ended late Tuesday night with a handy 11,000 vote win by the Republican who kept a seat the GOP has held for more than 35 years.

An irony comes from the fact that winner Karen Handel is the first woman ever elected to Congress from Georgia.  So much for the gender factor down South.

A lesson for the Democrats, who spent tens of millions of dollars in what became the most expensive race ever for a House seat and walked away from nothing to show for it.  Sending Hollywood celebrities into Georgia did not sway the voters there.  Lost in all the hoopla in Georgia Tuesday was another special election in South Carolina where Republicans held on their House seat as well.

Looks like the “voter backlash” against President Donald Trump is not yet swaying voters who are still mad as hell about the way things have been for far too long in the swampland called Washington, DC.

This first day of Summer will be a long, hot one for political partisans in Washington — at least those who genuflect to the party of the jackass.  Oops, I meant donkey, but jackass is a better description for those who think they can trot in the outside money and glitz and voters will forget that things may not be right in Washington right now but they have not been right for years now and the election of Trump in 2016 is a reflection of their anger.

Trump has lost some support among the mad men and women in the heartland but the anger of those who helped put him into his new digs at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue don’t believe that turning things over to the Democrats will fix any of the problems that America faces.

The anger that drove James T. Hodgkinson to start firing his AK assault rifle at Republicans at a baseball field in Virginia last week was not a reflection of mainstream Democratic thinking.  He wanted Bernie Sanders to be the next President. The controlling part of the Democratic party can’t stand Sanders.  Hodgkinson hated Hillary Clinton as much as he despised Trump.  He hated the system that he felt cost him his business and his dreams.

That anger remains in America and voters are not convinced yet that following the lead of the opposition will fix a damn thing.

“I don’t like Trump but I hate the system that he hates and that is enough for me right now,” says Ande Wellstone, a Republican turned independent who lives in Southern Illinois, not far from the home town of Hodgkinson.  “I want to vote for someone else in 2020 but it cannot be another part of the problem.  We still need real change.”

Such attitudes support the feeling that Trump and the Republicans did not win the Presidency and control of Congress.  Clinton and the Democrats lost their chance to hold on to the White House and take over Congress because they simply offered more of the same and that was not what voters wanted.

When Democrats brought in outside money and flashy celebrities to Georgia to support their candidate, it was just another case of another problem political party trying to buy another election and keep the status quo.

That’s not going to happen with this uneasy and unpredictable electorate.

Voters still want change.  Some of them are finding out that Trump is not the change they thought would occur but enough of them still blame the Democrats for what still pisses them off and they think the party of the jackass is blocking the change they demand.

Yes, the party of the jackass.  Until they learn that the anger of voters must be considered, they are nothing else.


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2 thoughts on “Democrats: Party of the jackass”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Until the Dems have a propaganda machine (or call it what you will) like the Repubs, we aren’t going to go anywhere.

    • Unfortunately I think you will find that Republican voters are much more susceptible to propaganda machinery. Surveys have said they’re (generally) older, whiter, more religious, and less educated than a typical Democratic voter. This implies a fairly straightforward conclusion that they’re more likely to believe what someone they consider an authority (Fox “News”, Alex Jones, a TV ad, their preacher) said.

      Moreover, once they believe it, attempting to show them something else merely reinforces that belief.

      Unfortunately, human nature being what it is, I don’t have a good answer for the Republican tactic of a sudden final barrage of nasty attack ads (TV and radio) just days before the election. Any reply is going to be “Well, your party does that too!!” whether incorrect in magnitude or just flat false without time for a careful explanation that will be totally hopeless anyhow.

      Hit them first, I guess, but not six months before the election – Try six days before…


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