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Monday, June 24, 2024

Former Trump supporters walk away in disgust

Less love, more hate now for Trump.

Donald Trump — under investigation, under suspicion and underwhelming in his failing presidency continues to drop in approval ratings as the number of his supporters and once-faithful continue to diminish.

A new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center of Public Affairs now finds that 64 percent of American disapprove of his job as President.  Only 35 percent approve.

Reports Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post:

Trump is struggling to keep his viewers engaged. Governing turns out to be less entertaining than the spectacle of a political horse race — especially when complicated by conflict-of-interest scandals, a widening criminal inquiry and a policy agenda bogged down by infighting and partisanship.

“He has an arrogance to him that I think sometimes makes it difficult for people to receive his message the way he wished they would receive it,” Stacey Cotton, whose mother was a die-hard supporter of Trump, tells the Post.

Amber Resnik says she voted for Trump “because he was the least of the worst” of the Presidential offerings in 2016.  “He turned out to be the worst.  I regret my vote.”

Same for Caroline DePell, who lives near Collinsville, Illinois, not far from Belleville, where James T.  Hodgkinson, who shot a Congressman and four others in Northern Virginia last week, lived .

“I fell for his con,” he says.  “He lured me in with his promises and his words.  His promises and his words are lies.  He’s a duplicitous bastard.”

Sam Rollins wondered why his fundamentalist, evangelical minister endorsed Trump:

Trump is a self-admitted adulterer, an abuser of women, a thrice-married sexual sadist who bragged about his affairs while married and a man who let Howard Stern call is daughter a ‘great piece of ass’ and agreed with that assessment.  How does someone like that get the endorsement of a preacher?

Audrey Galloway says her dislike of Hillary Clinton made Trump “the only option.”

“I should have voted for Hillary,” she says now.  “I now see her as the better choice.  I see it too late, unfortunately.”

“Donald Trump dropped an emotional anchor,” Tania Vojvoic, who founded one of his first volunteer campaign networks, tells Politico.  “He captured how Americans feel.  We expect him to keep his word, and right now he’s not keep his word.”

“I expected to be back producing coal by now,” says Annie Bivens of Wise County, VA, home of coal country in Southwestern Virginia.  “I’m not.  Things are getting worse. Like all the others, Donald Trump lied to us. To hell with him.”

Earlier this year, more than 60 percent of white Americans who lack college degrees strongly supported Trump.  Now, polls show that base has dropped to 46 percent and is going down.

“The next guy with an AK who comes to Washington won’t be going to a baseball practice,” says Carden Compton of West Virginia.  “He’ll be looking for Trump. It won’t be me because I won’t go to jail for the likes of him but it someone else may try to do it.”

Trump aides used to say that his supporters would “walk over glass” to support the President.

Now, more and more of them are sweeping the glass aside as they walk away in disgust.


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129 thoughts on “Former Trump supporters walk away in disgust”

  1. Somebody terminally ill with nothing to loose, especially if some treatment, pain-management or other care s/he was receiving, is gonna be the one to do it.

    I’m actually losing patience with Trump and ISIS…one should have offed the other by now, and I couldn’t care less which.

  2. Money laundering and borrowing money from Russian Mafia will bring this sick man down. Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock him Up, send him to Gitmo and water board him with Repuke Flint Michigan water

  3. Capitol Hill blue says it all. The grass is always greener on the other side. People would be saying the same things about Hillary right now if the tables were turned. Don’t be fooled. This is politics!

    • No-They wouldn’t;
      Clinton would not have all these dramas, lies, crooked people in her cabinet, etc. etc…..

  4. Trump is a self-admitted adulterer, an abuser of women, a thrice-married sexual sadist who bragged about his affairs while married and a man who let Howard Stern call is daughter a ‘great piece of ass’ and agreed with that assessment. How does someone like that get the endorsement of a preacher?. He also said he would be dating Ivanka if she was not his daughter. Out of 16 candidates, this is what America chose. We deserve him. All these poor people thought he was going to bring back jobs but instead he put all his billionaire friends in his cabinet to make the top 1% percent richer. U FOOLS

    • It’s that “burn the whole thing down” attitude that you idiots who voted for trump got us into this mess!
      Compromise, and meeting the other side half way is what we need or nothing gets done.
      We need to vote in some MODERATES, who don’t think it’s “my way or nothing”

      • Agreed, they got carried away with his supposed forcefulness and now look at us. This is the worst presidency ever!!

  5. Trump has taken our great and beautiful country and made it in the likeness of him Our guiding principles. Values and core beliefs are now destroyed much like in ” Animial Farm”. A very sad day to be an American who loves his/ her country. Please stand up and say “But the Emperor has no Clothes!”

  6. The truly conned ones were those who would “normally” vote Dem and should have voted in the first woman president, but fell for all lies about her. They either didn’t vote or voted against Hillary. Their baseless hatred for Hillary gave us this potatohead. Now enjoy the ride and pray every moment that Pence is not at ‘the Desk’.

  7. Watching the Trump administration dog and pony show is like reliving Watergate all over again. Same cover up, same obstruction of justice, same results will follow, impeachment with resignation. Make America great again, impeach Trump and the Trump 5. Let’s drain Trumps swamp once and for all.

  8. how stupid can we americans be? this this man had not paid any taxes, and said he was smart , he never did anything for this country, he teamed up with a country who’s leader promised to bury us; no one in his family has served in the military protecting this country ,he never made a contribution as a volunteer for anything yet he was elected to office with help from those who promise to bury us, we the people has loss our minds.

  9. The old adage fits here ……… If the claims seem to good to be true they ain’t. His whole dog and pony show fit that description. Once a con man always a con man! 🙂

    • Trump is destroying our country with hate of the immigrants. His whole I am going to build a wall seriously? fix the immigration system and make a path for people who are working here to have work permits. Deporting men and women and separating them from their kids is not the answer. Empty our prisons and deport people that are there back to their countries who are here illegally and committing crimes. that are effecting the American people. This country needs a leader that is an example to others and one that is not running the country like it’s a reality show. This is a great nation and we need a leader that is going to be looking at the well being of it’s citizens.

  10. I agree with the author! I voted for Trump although I am a registered democrat. I echo what you read and hear so many times that we thought it would be the better of the two!

    Wow! What a rude awakening… Trump is destroying this country piece by piece each day. And yes I believe the world is laughing at the U.S.A. with this freak leading our nation. So many friendly countries that supported us for many, many years and now looking elsewhere to make new bonds with and so scared of the damage he is going to us and grandchildren.

    Come the midterm election, I will vote Democrat and urge everyone out there to do the same before there is no point of return!

    • The democratic party should not allow any of you that were blind for whatever your reasons come back with their support! You did not like the Democratic nominee, then do not vote! How can anyone could not see thru this guy is beyond me. He has made a fool of all of us and we should all be embarrassed!

    • No, the world is not laughing at us, it is severely afraid and scared. America WAS the free world leader and the free world is missing the leadership. They hope that Washington’s monkey theater will soon be over.

    • how did you not see that he was a freak before the election?? the signs were so obvious. it is scary to think that a buffoon like trump could fool so many so easily.

  11. Trump reminds me of another leader that my grandparents believed to be the greatest. His name was Adolf Hitler.

    • Oh look! someone finally made the Hitler reference… what took so long?
      How did all of you hate-filled people end up at the same website playing “IF ONLY”?
      Polls – good or bad – say what the Pollsters want them to say, you should all know that by now.
      Only one person said it here but the Truth is that YOU LOST. And the question is, are you going to piss in the pool for 4-8-16 years trying to ruin it for Everybody, or are you going to see what you can do to help make things better?

  12. This journalist is so full of spite it blares outward in your face. It is not hard for a journalist to dig out the type of persons they want to get a certain type of pre-disposed response. If I had access to interview enough persons, I could dig out anything I want to help me write whatever story I have devised in my mind. Leftist media beats the drum and liberals dance to it. They cannot connect the dots for themselves, the media think tanks pull their strings. Like throwing food to a roost of chickens they think they can toss the talking points on the ground for them to peck at. Lol, they are so childish and so
    full of immaturity.

    • Wake up and truly listen to news programs that discuss what your dumbass president is doing. He knows he has just so much time in office and is doing everything he can to cover his lying ass and cater to the wealthy while making money himself. Russia is still his friend and that is fcking obvious. You supporters only want to believe your man won and you don’t care what he does.

    • Just read every comment on this article and was AMAZED by the level of stupidity of a few. Gay education? Seriously?You don’t think there are GAY masons and contractors? Me thinks thou does protest too much! Higher support for Trump now than on election day? so how long have you had the head injury? There are specialized clinics that can fix that now. You can blame the media for reporting whatever, but even settling for a happy medium between right and left, there is too much evidence to at least not raise suspicion. Trump himself has made comments to do so. Do I think he personally colluded with Russia? No. do I think his people did? yes. Do I think he will last full term? No. And no one to blame but himself. Wont be Russia, but it WILL be his failure to divulge where his money is coming from. He is doing to the American people just what he has done to contractors (even the straight ones) and not pay us our due. We pay taxes for a government, not for a spoiled billionaire to appoint all his cronies to offices they have no knowledge to be in. Case in point, Housing and urban development run by a millionaire physician? So,is our surgeon General a real estate tycoon? Okay, rant over.

    • If your only facts are with who you agree with than maybe you’re not getting ful picture. Work with the facts -live with truth! It’s a learning experience! Don’t be afraid of information even it does,NT fit your comfort zone.

    • Just like how Trump keeps trump keeps championing Rasmussen because he found one poll that puts his approval rating at 50% which is still sad to be bragging about a poll that shows half the country hates you. It is very hypocritical of you to criticize the author for cheery picking interviewees when you cherry pick polls like Rasmussen.

    • i’m sorry mr. brown. you are so wrong. trump is not the man. he is not the god. he is so wrong for this country. i don’t care if the man or woman is a dem or a rep. it’s the individual. trump is not fit to run this country. he is not fit to run any company. he only knows lies and bankruptcy. those are not exactly the main traits a president should have. you think what you want to think. trump is the wrong man. help save this country. not your ego. trump has got to go.

    • Yes the whole point of the article was to show there are people out there who have regrets because
      the voted for Trump so of course he sought them out.

  13. More of the left inventing lies and spreading false rumors and creating conspiracies where none exist. All in an effort to create a coup against a legally democratically elected president. The left in this country have fire bombed Republican campaign offices. Attempted to assassinate Republican leaders. These acts are nothing more than treason against our Republic. If you are a conservative and or a Republican in this country you are viscously physically attacked or verbally abused in public. Many times such actions are the direct result
    of Non-government organizations (NGO’s) groups funded buy individuals who have motives to seed discourse and to take actions to undermine our republic. These are the actions of Fascists, and Terrorists. and should be treated as such.

  14. Timken,

    Were you hit with friendly fire or something. Trump’s support is gone. Even his staff doesn’t support him. His best support is with Putin the Commie. Wake up.

  15. Drumpf is the Face and the Voice of the Fascist Republican Party, you wanted a Dictator now you have one.

  16. I’m a Trump supporter and I don’t feel that I made a mistake. No one in their right mind could expect President Trump to deliver on his promises while besieged by a bunch of maligned, crazy people throwing all kinds of ridiculous lies at him at every turn! And I will vote for him in 2020 if I’m still around!

    • What about Bob? You don’t even have a clue what is going on with your ignorant leader but at least you relate. Most of Trump’s base has your mentality. Your man makes it obvious with his tweets and speeches that he is an egotistical asshole. You hang onto your dreams that he will be a great president. The dumbass truly needs your support.

    • Ridiculous lies? I guarantee you DJT would be filing libel suits if they were ridiculous lies. Since they are not ridiculous lies, DJT cannot file libel suits. DJT knows he has no grounds to file libel suits……so he tweets his lame bs hoping you’ll fall for it. Oops! Looks like you did!!!!!!!

    • Bob really, Trump brought all this on himself. He had no clue what this job entailed. He has admitted several times he didn’t think ____ would be so hard. His arrogance the entire campaign berating Obama and Hillary and making it seem as though he knew more than they did. He even said he knew more than the Generals. The man is a nut case and those that didn’t see it before the election are just as bad. He showed you who he was and you all took it. Yet you have the gall to criticize any other candidate or former president.

  17. Obama told all you all he was a con. Obama said ” this is a 70yr old man who has never done anything for anyone throughout his life what makes you all think he’s going to make your lives better”. You were all warned.

  18. Matt Timken
    What planet are you from? you of all people should want a traitor to our country taken out.
    you swore to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies. you’re failing that oath.

  19. He’$ not for all American$ and until his $upporter$ under$tand that fully (most does) he’ll alway$ be de$pi$ed by the other 65% of America! We hate Donald Trump! He divide our great country and i$ attempting to pander to a $mall raci$t element of our $ociety and we’re re$i$ting that until he’$ hi$tory!

  20. With every scientific organization in the world that studies man made climate change saying it is real and needs urgent attention instead we had right wing talk hosts and Trump denying it or the ramifications. With the 1’st duty of government to protect it’s citizens to see the Trump cabinet of, by, and for fossil fuel multinationals is a pure betrayal of America. Getting many times the dollars they spend on Washington now it is a huge gushers as our government becomes a branch office for their operations. Selling out all future generations and the damages are already seen as massive at what point do the rest of the American people realize we are betrayed and attacked by our own government?

  21. While it is good to see that some people are finally waking up to the idea that they have been conned, they should never again be allowed to vote because they have proven themselves unworthy of the responsibility.

  22. I love reading these biased articles. Trump has been in office all of 5 months as he fights 100% of Dems and 25% of Republicans to get anything done.

    If Trump never does anything, if he gives up after one term, I don’t care because it was all worth watching the expression on Liberals face as Trump won the Presidency. And, reading articles like this I simply laugh out loud as I picture the hatred behind every word by the author, and imagine the look on the face of those who slam Trump in these message boards……PRICELESS!!

    • What have you seen him do? I have heard nothing but talk, tweeting, talk, tweeting. He hasn’t proposed a single piece of legislation. He hasn’t proposed a budget. He hasn’t selected staff for more than 500 positions that need to be passed by Congress. He has handed off responsibility for Afghanistan to the Generals–which will mean more bloodshed. His two sons, son-in-law and daughter are mired in conflicts of interest. He’s a walking disaster, and people won’t even realize they have been conned.

    • I find it informative that the Trump Trolls are taking the time to visit so many Left Wing websites and comment on nearly every story and reply to nearly every Liberal comment, attacking Trump’s detractors, staunchly defending ‘their’ man. This indicates a very high level of anxiety on the part of the Trump camp. As the escalation of commitment ramps up, the need for evidence supporting the adherent’s position grows greater. Increasing desperation will drive supporters to ever greater lengths in search of validation. The desire for validation also drives supporters to ‘circle the wagons’ – draw together for mutual support, and self-validate within the shared community by attacking as a community. This is basic psychology / human behavior. It is completely normal for the subject individual to deny error when it impacts so powerfully on such a closely held belief system. Its part of the fight or flight response. Modern civilization has cut humans off from the historical threat norms. We no longer fear being eaten by a wild animal, killed by a ‘tribal’ enemy or random act of Human evil. Even the fear of the supernatural has been supplanted by the collective safety found in modern civilization. So the instinct morphs into a response to the social anxiety fears that have come to supplant the old fears in our new environment. And ultimately, it is a hopeless endevour. Trump is doomed. The social body has identifed an infection, a dangerous pathogen named Donald Trump that must be attacked and destroyed. Physical violence is not the answer of course and is not required. Physical violence in modern society is the province of the mentally unbalanced. Republicans knew full well that when Trump won the election he would come under direct and sustained attack. They are creatures of the system. They know how it works. They swim in the same sewer. It could be assumed even, that they were hoping for Trump to be destoyed. They had Pence in place as their fall-back guy. They could rightly anticipate that while Liberals would despise Pense, they would at least view him as a socially acceptable alternative to Trump and, exhausted by the concerted, month’s long, and hopefully successful, attack on Trump, would acquiesce to a Pense Presidency. Everybody goes home happy–except Trump and his children. They will be destroyed, utterly. You won’t find a lot of tears being shed for them. The social gestalt will punish them as they so richly deserve. They earned their punishment by foisting themselves off on the social body as something they never were; qualified to do anything involving governing. In fact, just about anyone dragged in off the street or shanghied from a municiple jail cell would be better qualified to run this country than the withless clowns we got stuck with, possessing absolutely no understanding of their own incompetence or lack of apptitude for the job ahead. Electing a businessman like Trump to run America, is exactly like picking a child molester to run an orphanage.

      • Yes. The sheer incompetence in anything having to do with governing, uh, trumps his and his children’s greed and venality.

        I’ve never heard any mention of grandchildren of Donald Jr. or Eric Trump. Are they married? Do they have children? I’m sure sorry for those kids if they do.

  23. No matter, who you voted for, It’s clear that he won’t survive as president. The two ways out of the office are impeachment or resignation.

    I predict that he will resign so that he can leave on “his terms”. He’ll blame everyone in the world for causing him to fail. It “won’t be his fault.

    When? When a major event occurs such as one of the following: His son in law indicted, or Trumps direct communication with Russians, or his profiteering from his business holdings (the new Trump Hotel in DC made $200M in 6 months) or all of the above.

    • Be careful Chloe. If Trump is impeached, then we get Pence. Remember what he did in Indiana. Even the Hoosiers are glad to get rid of him. And it’ll have to start all over again.

  24. LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP KARMA HAS COME BACK AROUND TO HIM, At no time in history other than watergate has there been such an bad light on the white house, and you can say this, say that, and try to blame whomever you want, but the bottom line is that trump himself allowed russia and his love of putin, who has dirt on him to bring down his presidency, and its so sad because the world sees us and wonders, what were voters thinking when they elected this guy and all these amateurs around him in our govt. forget what party you belong to, this is our country and we dont need a bunch of people who know nothing about how to govern running it.

  25. This does not surprise me at all, I saw this long before voting was ever started, as He is a Freaking Business man, (ever seen a Rich person get rich by giving money away or by helping others, or by not thinking of themselves in every possible way? Like what did everyone think was going to happen!… it is sad and disgusting that he was ever elected as President. The Electoral College Should be Ashamed of themselves for overriding the Poll Results in the 1st place. because without that, Trump would have been trumped by Hillery (Another Bad choice) the media Fed Everyone what they wanted them to know, Blocked all other Info in the Debates and hardly anyone Voted for anyone but those 2 as result, (When faced with 2 choices do your own research and make a 3rd choice. it is not that hard to do.”not that doing so would have mattered so all you Human Beings out there who did vote for Trump who are now Regretting that vote, do not beat yourselves up over it, your vote did not win, if you look at the poll Results you will find that Hillery Won, the Electoral College Overrode the Majority Vote Results and Placed Trump into Office Despite him getting fewer Votes… so it is the Electoral College that should be placed under Investigation, Right along with Trump…Seriously people, Wake the heck Up and open your Eyes and Ears!

  26. Trump’s truly hard core supporters will be the last to realize they have been conned. I’m guessing they are potentially the most dangerous.

    • I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary, but if the election was held again I’d vote for Trump. Trump is not God, he’s just a man trying to help make America great again, but these somebody want-a- bees are people that not even God Himself could please, I hope Trump continue to do his job and IGNORE all this worthless CRAP!! He’s getting rid of ILLEGAL crooks and he’s going to build the wall, SO I’m sticking with the Donald!! People didn’t like Jesus when He walked the Earth, because He didn’t do things the way they thought He should and if they did it with a green tree you can bet they’re going to do it with a dry one!!

  27. … again, you want to point a finger of blame—there are a lot more important places to start than with Trump; who most saw as a lesser-of-two-evils candidate.

    Hilary couldn’t beat this guy? The dems couldn’t find a better candidate to roll out there than Pantsuit? The republicans are a joke, too—unable to offer up a better option than Trump and then bending over and taking it for the sake of the party.

    At day’s end, an arrogate billionaire decided on a whim to run for POTUS and managed to win the electoral college en route to the presidency.

    Trump isn’t the issue—this broken two-party system, the inability to roll out qualified candidates and society’s general stupidity are the culprit. Never should’ve come down to this.

    • All one has to do is listen to Trump’s nonsensical meanderings to know that he is over his head. He doesn’t understand how the government even works. Ask him a question and his pat answer is that he is making America great again . . . no substance to his responses.

    • Who in their right mind would want the job? It’s turned into a nasty, scandal-ridden office. Anyone who is a real statesman shuns it like the plague. We are a broken country and our politicians are to blame. They aren’t interested in serving their country, it’s only the money and power they crave. So much nastiness and greed. Watch out, America…we are on a downward spiral with no “fix” in sight!

    • This is one of the most absolute no nonsense comment that has been made today June 19, 2017.
      Regardless of your political party, we have to be totally honest about how did we get here. But now
      that we are here what can we do to make it better, because if we keep on the path we are on…….
      destruction will be our outcome. We now have a temperamental child leading this already great country.
      The divide that has been created can not persist…..if we are to exist.

    • Harry, you are so right. The Republicans could not counter Donald’s trump appeal to the radical base and the Democrats did everything they could to keep the popular candidate (Bernie Sanders) from winning. The country got what they asked for, but not what they deserved. Of course this all happened due to the outdated electoral college, which is another debate in itself.

    • “Trump isn’t the issue—this broken two-party system, the inability to roll out qualified candidates and society’s general stupidity are the culprit. Never should’ve come down to this.”

      I AGREE and disagree…Trump is the issue and so are most of his voters who deny reality, who hate, who stay in ignorance, who are greedy beyond comprehension, who are craven power freaks and control addicts, those who are women haters, those who blame the one consistent factor we all must face….change is always going to happen sooner or later and we must adapt or die just like the dinosaurs.

      A friend of mine who voted for Trump said she had always been “entertained by him”….well, of course, we vote for the president because, in our DENIAL, we need entertainment and not leadership, right? Well, how entertained is the average Trump voter? They would rather risk the fate of their kids and the planet than face the truth. Remember Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men?” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, you are ignorant beyond words, you are ill informed, you are frightened little kids hiding your hate in the bushes.

      No one questioned Trump’s mental health…no one thought past was prelude with his being fined because of money laundering, no one was concerned about his real estate dealings, his views towards women alarmed no one when he stated his daughter was a nice piece of azz on Howard Stern’s show, right? That’s normal? No one was alarmed when he called Rosie O’Donald a fat pig? No one was concerned in view of his 3 bankruptcies? No one was concerned with his myriad law suits? Tax evasion bothered no one? No one was terrified of his wanton greed? Etc etc etc.

      Trump voters, take a look at your selves in a mirror…this is your mess, this is where your ignorance has lead,
      grow the &^%$ up, grow a pair and, most of all, invest in self awareness…your resentment of others, anyone different than you and as stupid as you scares the living %$#@ out of you.

      I am no Hillary supporter but she was better than this pox on humanity and the whole world except Trump voters seems to get this except for the entertainment craving Trump voters who have now turned America into a classless white trash nation with a reality show host’s finger on the nuclear button.

      Get yourself into therapy, read something beyond the National Enquirer, watch educational TV rather than sports and Dancing with the Stars and all of us will be better off for it unless Trump’s finger on the launch button ends life on this planet first.

      • Yes, the two party system is broken and obsolete. We, the USA have only one party more than China, Cuba, North Korea ………

      • Most Trump followers refuse to face reality that they made a bad choice because they have invested too much of themselves in him. He made them feel important and gave them validation. And with his silly red hats that they all so proudly wore, he made them feel like they were in an exclusive club. He validated them. They do not want to give up that feeling of belonging and being important and relevant. They all seem to have self-esteem issues and definitely undertones of racism, homophobia and misogyny. They were driven by fear and anger and Trump tapped into that. Sadly many will refuse to admit their mistake as their fragile egos and sense of self worth are too tightly bound with this reality TV show host who conned them into believing he was their savior.

    • Why couldn’t Clinton win? Last week a NSA employee was arrested for leaking a document which showed the Russians had access to voting systems in the very states polls showed Trump shouldn’t win, but did. Go figure… When you run against a corrupt Putin puppet who is rigging the election, stealing data, lying, ginning up anger about false stories, under the protection of a corrupt party willing to hide espionage to get a win, it is impossible to win.

  28. So now the state of Maine is rejecting the LIBERAL HATE CROWD? Won’t that pretty much empty out that state?

  29. I don’t know who the person in the 19th century was would said this. But I remember it from middle school (a long while back), It went something like this: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, most of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    May have misquoted the person who originated that saying. But it was made in a political context, so I think it’s still apt.

    I didn’t vote for Donald Trump for president simply because I didn’t trust him. Why in the world would a “billionaire” try to screw the workers he contracted with to have work done on his properties? Was it because he thought he was “smart”, could screw people and still win?

    It seems to me this has been Donald’s way of dealing with others for as long as he has been “doing deals”.



  30. Hopefully more people will realize their voting mistakes and hopefully Senate and House will do the right thing to remove Trump from office so the rest of citizens can move on and pray for a better leadership!

    • Not really a voting mistake, Trump is still better then that horrible woman. But we do attract bad candidates as they have to grovel to the party and not raise up America

      • hillary was certainly not the worse candidate! the only reason trump won was because comey came out with some non information about the email thing right before the election! thats a fact!

  31. Hillary was the worse possible candidate and Trump the second worse. We have done nothing to encourage the best candidates to actually run as the media will roast them alive for anything they ever have done or said…who would put themselves through that for such low pay? Even blessed Mother Theresa had/has her issues with the vast wealth the group had/has on hand to build hospitals and such that go unbuilt. The WH is a terrible job now and only cockles will want it not those truly talented. In the WH now we have the best of the worst.
    BUT simply wait until the Democrats take back the WH…they will be on the receiving end of all this hate they have spilled onto Trump.
    Until we insist on term limits, until we curb “unnamed sources” passing for news and until we kill off the parties we are doomed.We no longer think of ourselves as Americans we think of ourselves as Repubs or Dems.

  32. Without college degrees – These are men and women who have trade skills and training. It is arrogant and obnoxious to think a journalist, or a graduate of gay studies to be “smarter” than a carpenter, plumber, auto mechanic, or a mason.

    Let’s think of this. A journalist does not have to study higher mathematics to get a journalism degree. A mason does. A journalist admitted to me once that she studied journalism because she didn’t want to take college algebra.

    The rest about “leaving in droves” is a bunch of lazy people sitting at their desks guessing and spinning tales.

    • You really should get in touch with reality. US Law Enforcement does not lie, period. Anyone who attacks US Law Enforcement is to be condemned, period. Donald Trump and his staff bragged about their connections with Wikileaks until the FBI outed the group as a Russian front, period. Trump is a traitor.

      • That’s because Trump validated all the negative things in their personalities and they are loathe to give up that feeling that they were right. He told them it was OK to NOT be PC; translation- being a misogynist, a racist, a homophobe, an angry bitter hate-filled human being is not only OK but awesome! He told them those weaknesses were strengths and that their failures were not their own faults but the faults of “others”- of Mexican immigrants, of Muslims, of ugly women, whatever he could throw against a wall and make stick. They fell for it hook, line and sinker and there is no way that most of them will admit their error and invalidate themselves.

  33. Trump, no doubt, has some very irritating personality characteristics. I wish he was more of a team player, but that is difficult because of the high number of leakers and Obama sympathizers that remained in the government when he stepped up to the plate. Congress is still highly partisan to a paralyzing degree and many are still p.o.’d that Hillary didn’t win the presidency, and refuse to cooperate with his agenda. Blind, diversity crazed, federal judges continue to obstruct his efforts at keeping dangerous immigrants out of the country, the media is totally liberalized against him, Hollywood and the Twitter audience are out to try and belittle and minimize him at every opportunity….many have even issued veiled, or not so veiled, death threats against him. His demeanor continues to invite criticism and insult, I wish he would act more reserved and show a more serious and authoritative persona. I still believe that Hillary would have been ten times worse, not so much on a personality level, but on her self serving, lying, treacherous, Muslim and queer loving tendencies. Take a look at what the Muslims are doing in Europe and tell me how much better off we would have been if Hillary had taken office and began to import hundreds of thousands more of these miscreants into our society. Her carelessness with top secret information, the questionable deaths and disappearances of political and personal enemies, shady charitable donations, hobknobbing with the likes of George Soros and other globalists, etc., etc., etc. Face it, with Hillary or Trump……we didn’t have much of a winner, either way.

    • Ellis C. Drewery, How is he Helping Remove Dangerous Immigrants, by blocking trade, or by Deporting immigrants who are of the Christian Faith, back to a country that KILLS Christians? (Though Shalt Not Kill) Sending people off to a country that you know Will kill them for their Christianity, is still Killing them, and does nothing to help safeguard our Country… Bypassing, or undoing laws that Are meant to Protect our oceans, coast-lines, Air, ECT. helps our Next generation how? in the case of the Oil Industry vs. the Native Americans, The natives had won and the pipeline had to be either given up on or re-routed around Their Tribal Land and Away from the River, yet Trump has undone that, just another Lie Told to The Native Americans. but what is One more Lie right? every word that comes forth from The Mouth Of (Trump) is another Lie, or merely Half Truth and Half Lie. This (Business-Man “Trump” may not be able to do anything that he can benefit off of during the Presidency but that does not mean he cant do what hes doing and set it up in a way as to make benefiting from it after hes no longer President. He is A Business Man after all.

    • Sorry Ellis, but you’re merely parroting biases Republican media & individual talking points. You claim that the Dems don’t want to work with Trump’s agenda. Well, of course they don’t want to. Because everything on his agenda will put the screws to millions of people. Cut SS of future beneficiaries? How about Medicare? You do realize of course that the new “healthcare” bill passed by the House Repubs reflected a $600 billion taxcut for the rich don’t you? And we among the 98% will be making up some of that. I hope that there isn’t a Dem who’ll vote for what Trump wants to do regarding infrastructure (putting more $ in the hands of private companies in construction projects), the Repub plan for “healthcare” because the CBO has seen that their plan would throw 23 million people out of the system unless they can afford more costs. Regarding the “left” media, I have news for you. ALL of the large media organizations are owned by conservatives. But you don’t hear that from the Fox “news” so it can’t be true. I find it amazing you bring up the right media’s BS about George Soros, and you don’t bring up the Koch Bros. Why? The Koch’s have a hell of a lot more money for campaign contributions than Soros. To the tune of donating $900 million to further their causes this past election. Privately funding and setting up right wing organizations in every state to fight for their interests and the interests of the rich and their corporations. And of course, every Muslim out there is evil and want to kill all non-believers. Really? May I suggest that you get your information from a less tainted source? FYI, I used to vote Republican and even donated to a few of their causes. But that was before Bush invaded Iraq on lies. And we’ve been there ever since. And what the current Republican party stands for, I won’t vote for a Republican until the party is less radical and will introduce and support legislation that will improve the lives of all Americans, not just their corporate interests.

  34. trump is a misfit and a disgrace for the presidency , mr majority leader and speaker of the house wake up we citizens are being misrepresented, by your leadership ,you should also be removed from office, you also have outlived your usefulness .

    • Snow flakes still ranting. “Whaa, whaa, whaa” You lost! quit crying. Not one of you would pay an extra $25 a month to end global warming…. even if you could.

      • As a “Snow Flake” my $25 per month is proudly going to the ACLU to actively fight Little Hands Donny in the forum he is ironically most familiar with — the courts — and actually knows the least about — Constitutional Law. Soon, VERY soon, when that task is complete, my $25 per month will go towards other important issues. Remember, Snow Flakes need one VERY IMPORTANT thing to exist — WINTER IS COMING!

        • So you can be proudly outed as one of the whiny, cry baby liberals who lost the election. You are so upset and hurt that your criminal, money laundering, security breaching candidate lost that you are personally proud of the fact that you are hurting millions of people in this country by doing everything within you arrogance and pride to stop any progress. Rather than allow the president a chance you decided to not even allow him one day to make a start that could possibly do some good. That is a typical liberal. All about yourself and no one else matters. As a military veteran, I am ashamed of your actions. You may have been deserving of my respect years ago, but now I am looking at a self centered, un-American, traitor.

          • It’s hard to believe you said this! How can you watch this POTUS and not see everything he and his team are doing? This has nothing to do with sore losers. Are we disappointed? sure! -Because we know that the huge majority actually voted for Clinton! We know we wouldn’t be having all these dramas and investigations and lies. We know that we wouldn’t be putting in a “health” bill that’s going to decimate people and cause deaths because of lack of care.
            You should read the book “The Making OF Donald Trump” By the Pulitzer prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston. Not only has he known Trump for 40 yrs. – he would not ruin his career by making up stuff. It’s a real eye opener.
            To call people traitors -just because they see things you don’t, is really out of line, even reckless my friend.

      • did you read the article? It was about how trump supporters are abandoning him, not about us snowflakes. Jesus stay on topic

  35. Support for Trump is greater now than it was on election night. I know that’s not what leftist media outlets like to hear, but it’s something they’re going to have to deal with until his presidency is over.

    • Could you please provide the evidence for your comment. Please provide me what 2 reputable sources are reporting that “support is greater now that on election night”. I have spent that past 30 minutes trying to fine evidence of this. Thank you

    • Only in his imagination Matt.
      He told us his approval rating was higher than Obama’s, just like his inaugural crowd, and was wrong again, Obama’s rating at this point in 09, was 59%, to Trump’s 50%.
      See how he operates yet? He just says what he wants you to think, and you obligingly do as he wants, regardless of the facts.

      • Absolutely right! If these people can’t see that– They are not watching very close– OH, Probably because they are only watching Fox and Hannity – the chief brown noser. Get out of your Bubble people and get a bigger picture of what’s going on! These people are as dangerous as Trump is!

    • It seems your education is sorely lacking. Is this what our military has become ? What a shame.

    • Right,Matt,we’re still here cheering him on! We know better than to believe those liberal crooked poles.The stock market loves him too!

    • Yeah! You keep teling yourself that. If you say it enough you might even start to believe it, but that won’t make it true. You just repeat that lie over and over.

    • The lying, racist, misogynistic, failed businessman, traitor an sexual predator occupying the white house won’t finish his first term. He will resign or be impeached. You my friend should be ashamed of supporting him.

      Didn’t the Marines teach you anything about serving your country, not a sexual predator.

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