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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Trump is going down in flames

A Washington socialite who has, on occasion, shared her bed with prominent elected officials, says Trump is off limits. "He's the President who bragged about 'grabbing the pussies' of willing women," she says.  "My pussy is not available for his grabs.  I wouldn't screw him with a borrowed pussy."
“I wouldn’t screw him with a borrowed pussy,” says a Washington socialite.

America’s bombastic and blubbering excuse for a President returned to form Thursday just one day after calling for “unity” and “toned down rhetoric.”

After The Washington Post revealed Donald Trump is, indeed, a subject of investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice and other crimes against the State, the blubbering little boy in a designer suit unleashed one of his usual Twitter tantrums, calling his former opponent in the 2016 Presidential election “crooked H” and lashed out at “some very bad and conflicted people.”

“You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history,” he tweeted.

Typical Trump:  Even when embroiled in a scandal of his own making, he has to call it “the single greatest.”  As a criminal conspirator, Trump still has to be better at it than anyone else.

Is Trump obstructing justice?  Of course.  He can’t leave anything alone and he has a singular talent of making anything around him worse than it should.  His egomaniac impulses insist he must always be the center of attention — even if that attention is on his illegal and unethical activities.

Trump is a con man caught up in a political world he neither understands or can control.  It’s one thing to rip off contractors and customers in the slinky world of real estate.  When it comes to political corruption, he is outclassed and outmatched.

Robert Mueller is a bulldog who smells blood along with the sweaty ooze that drips out of Trump when he is cornered.

The only real questions now center on who else he will either drag down with him or push ahead of him to try to get the blame.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner may take the first set of falls for Trump but the damage will not end there.  Daughter Ivanka may need to swap her designer dresses for a set of orange prison garb.  Hell, Melania may get a one-way ticket home to Slovenia as an undesirable alien before Mueller and his pros are finished — assuming Trump does not fire Mueller and finally push the Republicans to do what they have avoided so far this year:  Toss the SOB Trump out with the trash.

For Trump, the art of his latest deals have been dumpster fodder and an avalanche of mistakes, missteps and misbehavin.

The list of federal officials Trump tried to pressure to stop the investigations that were enveloping is growing.  It now includes CIA director Dan Coats, National Security Agency boss Michael Rogers and former NSA deputy director Richard Ledgett.

“Trump has been so busy twisting arms that he was not even taking care to cover his tracks,” says an official in the NSA. “He fumbles are amateur hour at a new level.”

Even Trump’s self-declared reputation as a ladies’ man is taking a beating.

A Washington socialite who has, on occasion, shared her bed with prominent elected officials, says Trump is off limits.

“He’s the President who bragged about ‘grabbing the pussies’ of willing women,” she says.  “My pussy is not available for his grabs.  I wouldn’t screw him with a borrowed pussy.”


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45 thoughts on “Trump is going down in flames”

  1. When’s the last time anyone ever heard of the entire White House lawyering up over “FAKE NEWS”?
    Yeah, me neither.
    And the icing on the cake…still laughing over it…the lawyers are getting their own lawyers!

    • Of course, you do realize that ALL of Donald Trump’s lawyers are working for him PRO BONO.
      They just don’t realize it yet 😉

  2. Donald Trump has long been a painful hemorrhoid on America’s social conscience, always involved in activities of highly dubious value. However, he could be ignored or viewed with comic attention until now. Now he is an infected throbbing polyp of a cancerous lesion residing in our highest office and can’t be ignored. He’s due to be excised – removed. Hopefully, the scar he leaves will heal, but maybe not when considering the damage he already has caused.

  3. There is still the ongoing Russia interference investigation. None of us know the evidence, but some suspect that it may go beyond hacking into emails. Trump won 36 of 39 states where antiquated voting machines were very susceptible to sophisticated malware which can impact closed systems. If you’ve seen the documentary “Zero Days” you know that computer OS’s do not need to be connected to the internet to be effected. That there is no system of redundancy to ensure that there is a paper trail with physical ballots for verification and recounts makes this scenario more than possible. The Cons have gerrymandered, and attacked the Voting Rights acts in many of these same states. Why do you think France went to paper ballots and hand counts only? Understand why “Citizen’s United’ was a quiet coup. The richest versus the peasant class; the greedy, sadistic, conscienceless cream versus the rabble, genetic refuse and unfortunate expendable herd animals.The people must be vigilant spectrum wide.

    Goldman-Sachs and the like have occupied many important cabinet and Secretary positions in every administration since Reagan (Don Regan- Merrill Lynch). “Plutonomy” as detailed in a memo from a very large bank for the richest of 1% new “aristocrat” clients during W’s term right? Even under the more progressive administration of BHO, 90% of the new revenue created went to the 1%. That’s about 25% greater than under GW. Who’s watching the watchers, but more importantly who’s going to check the Watcher’s puppeteers? This new administration will attempt to redistribute the rest of the 99%’s “wealth” again as we have been observing for decades now, this time with a “Con” agenda where no quarter to be afforded in the form of broken, token legislation and laws aimed at placating the hordes.

    • He is your President weather you like it or not and how about instead of talking and spewing hatred with no facts we join together and get this country back to being a unified nation (As best we can) Now what if I said Barack Obama is NOT my President? The backlash would have been 10 fold. I hope the left/libs stop the violence and lies before it turns into something no one wants. Normal every day people (Some even on the left) are appalled by the destructive violent nature since he was elected President. We should be all Americans first but it doesn’t seem like that’s what you want. Sad very sad…

      • I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you weren’t calling for backing the president when a black man was in office. But since this ones white, that makes it all different this time around, right?

        I keep also reading “the people voted for him” BUT HE LOST THE POPULAR VOTE, SO NO WE DIDNT.

        There is literally NO REASON to support Trump rather then he’s white and you felt threatened we had a black man as president. NONE. He’s done NOTHING good, he’s shit on every concept we have as a democracy.

        “Stop the hate and evilness” I’d put money on the people saying this as being the same people calling for Obama’s “impeachment” when there was less then no grounds for it. Know what is grounds for it? Firing an official so they won’t stop investigating you. 😉

        • Once again the progressive left just calls name and brings nothing intelligent to the table. No facts not even a good emotional response! Who said anything about race? Race bating does not work with me. I just laid out the argument for my reasoning but you still haven’t brought out yours. I explained why I didn’t like Obama and where in there did you see color? He was a criminal to the highest level and that where is the proof of Trump collusion where as there is proof of Comey, Lynch, Obama, and Hillary all did illegal things. Did you see the riots after Obama was elected? Where did this take place? Do you have proof? Again just screaming racism doesn’t make it so. That is the liberal way NO FACTS JUST CALL NAMES AND RUN AWAY. Do you want to debate the facts? only facts? Please do I will teach you something since you are uncapable of an informed decision and response. I will wait…….

        • And stop with the popular vote argument it doesn’t mean anything. Do you think its the 1st 2nd 3rd time that happened in an election? That’s the absolute most ignorant statement from the left. If she won SHE WOULD BE THE PRESIDENT!!!

        • I never voted for Obama but I supported him because the office must be respected. How many cons and regular people were rioting at colleges, burning down shit, hunting Trump supporters? Please tell me because I keep asking and not ONE OF YOU have laid out 1 fact about Trump and Russia and that will continue because you are a sheeple and believe your commie news CNN

      • 40 million Americans have joined the resistance to make sure Trump fails in anything he attempts to do. He is not OUR president.

        • Dave that’s my whole point you would rather see one man fail then the country succeeds and that’s a serious problem. How is that a good thing? The violence in this country is really close to setting something that I hope nobody wants to happen. So just being an obstructionist and not actually accomplishing anything is better in your mind? The whole argument that if people didn’t like Obama automatically they were labeled “Racist” which is nonsense. Do you really think Donald Trump would have won had Obama not been so bad? Radical change like that means a lot of people were not happy with the last administration. I have always been independent with some liberal and conservative views but watching hate groups like BLM and ANTIFA with no purpose but to be violent and disrupt people are sick of it. Why does the far left never have an intelligent coherent nonviolent political discussion with me with only facts and not one has. I can list all the Proven corruption from Obama, Hillary, Comey, and Lynch. Why no investigations on that? Violence begets violence and that’s sad. Only use facts and not feelings and he whole DNC was corrupt. They even screwed Bernie for Christ sakes! How can you excuse all those crimes from the last administration?

      • NO facts? Good golly man, where have you been? Get your head out of Breitbart and Fox fake news and check out the real world once in a while. It can be quite an eye opener.

        • Well just like I said attacked my post and still no facts. That’s my whole point. Please enlighten me? You just proved my point exactly thank you

        • Roxi who said I like fox or are either a conservative? Your not even smart enough to deflect properly. I will await again for facts. Please enlighten meo

  4. Nice job, Doug. But it’s all been said before and the idiot is still standing. I think he’ll resign and crawl back to his gilded tower in disgrace. He’ll bow out before he’s forced out, then rally his base, what’s left of it, to blame everyone else for his downfall. To think that we could elect this guy in the first place is an embarrassment for out country.

  5. Trump is not to blame for most things or happening in the white house the so call leaders have seem to been misplace for eons, Trump is just the puppet playing out what the marionette wants him to do; The media keeps putting him on the front pages off void issues this is a real distraction from what this country needs to focus on, it’s funny how this billionairs or leaders of this sick society can have so much influence over people’s lives. I feel bad for Trump in a way he is another lost soul in greed for the power (money)

  6. Trump will resign just like Nixon and go back to television with more notoriety. Pence will pardon Trump and his cronies. This is just another playbook Trump has plagiarized.

  7. Well said Ramone! What’s equally disturbing are the number of republicans who are tarnishing their reputations by defending him.
    Especially people like J. Chaffetz who invoked his own daugther’s name before the election, asking how he could MORALLY explain a vote for President PGrabber.

    Then he winds up voting for and supporting him. So How’d that explanation go?

    Look, America cut a big fat electoral fart on Nov. 8th and the stench is not only still there but getting worse!

  8. President Trump is going to end up being one of the best presidents this country has ever had. First he has to finish beating down all the leftist msm and for left dumocratic party. The first month that 400,000 jobs are created it will shut the mouths of half of his critics. The first month that 500,000 jobs are created it will shut the mouths of half of those left. Jobs are what is important to most of the country. Then in 2018 after the Republicans win a super majority in the senate President Trump will have all the votes he needs to build the wall and start the deportations. President Trump will be our president for the next 8 years and then it will be VP Pence who will be pres. TRUMP IN 2020!!!

    • I think one of the worst facts to come to light as result of this whole incompetent president thing. Is that in spite of overwhelming evidence to the fact that Trump is completely unqualified and ill suited for the office of the president (to put it lightly). There is an element of the citizenry of this country that refuses to admit how wrong they have been about trump. It is these people. The ones who seem to refuse to learn. The ones who continue to embrace outdated and ignorant values. The ones who think that greed and racism and hate are all acceptable ways to live. The people who believe in benefiting themselves at the expense of the rest of the country. Who have no interest in changing things for the betterment of society and the nation.
      THIS IS THE REAL PROBLEM WITH AMERICA. The nation as a whole will continue to suffer until this generation of neanderthals dies off and is relegated to the dark pages of history – where they belong.

  9. If Doug Thompson was in front of me right now I would mash his face for this one comment, ” the blubbering little boy in a designer suit”. Just think what I would do about the rest of his “OPINION” article, and that is all it is ….. his opinion! He is allowed to have his opinion….still I would mash his face for it!

    • Yes, Jim Spurling. Mash his face in. It is this kind of violent tendency that unenlightened people take when faced with the fact they have been wrong. This is the problem. Forgetting for a moment the specifics of trumps policies. One of the problems is that Trump is simply a horrible person. He embodies some of the worst character traits of humanity. The reason you defend him is that you are like him. So you don’t understand why people object to him. It would mean society at large objects to you as well. Of course you can’t or won’t admit or acknowledge that. You lack the resolve to take a good long look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. The problem with America lies with these citizens of America. Unfortunately my friend and I really don’t mean this vindictively. You are the problem. It is never too late to put things right. Think about it if you can.

      • Exactly Name calling and violence from the liberals then they run away so they don’t have to provide any facts to support there nonsense

    • Smashing anyone in the face for expressing their opinion will probably get you arrested for assault.

    • It is not about who won or who lost. It is about doing the right thing for the nation as a whole. That means for everybody, for every single citizen. Changing legislation that benefits corporations or the rich or elements of society that have been trying to unbalance our democracy in their favor for generations is wrong.
      We are never as strong as a nation as when we endeavor to help our weakest members.
      I remember a quote and wish I remembered who said it. It goes something like. ” A person never stands so tall as when they stoop to help a child.” Our democracy is like that I think. As a politician if you are not working for the betterment of society you are doing this nation a disservice.

  10. You, the alt-left media, had Mr Trump “going down in flames” when he beat 17 Republicans for their own primary. You had Mr Trump “going down in flames” when he beat the most corrupt and vile Democrat nominee in the national election and as far as most Americans can see, you’re the only one getting hot under the collar.

  11. First the execution, then the trial, screeches Political Blue Hill. While Trump does behave in a clod-like manner, with no political skills, the investigation is seeking to find a cover-up for which there is no crime. I’m not so certain that Mr. Mueller will find anything indictable.

    For those of you Obama sycophants, you loved him, but Obama f**ked up just about everything he touched. Obama installed big government everywhere he could (except in the right places), adding $11 billion to our debt, completely screwing up the health care of the majority of Americans, further destabillized the middle east, totally ignored the problems with Russia (see his debate vs Mitt Romney) and, with the help of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, have given a total pass to Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton.

    Trump vs Obama? I’ll take Trump. At least Trump understands what needs to be done in the real world to get things back in order as opposed to Obama’s unbending agenda with no sense behind it.

  12. Washington Post revealed? Just how many stories from the Washington Post have been false. And you talk about the political world he does not understand. If memory serves people like you were out demonstrating against our corrupt government a few years ago. Now you have a man in office that wants to drain the swamp of these same corrupt politicians and now you stand on the other side.

  13. Donnie is a commie and will do his best (if he even has a best) to really mess things up for our democracy before he takes himself down with the rest of his “administration”. I knew something was afoul over a year ago when he kept winning primaries that he should have lost bigly (his word not mine). Even Pence has hired a private attorney to answer questions regarding all this hoopla. Sorry folks… should’ve seen this coming a long time ago.

  14. Actually it’s Warlock Hunt – but either way all that matters is that he goes down IN A GLORIOUS BLAZE OF HELL-FIRE!

  15. I wish Trump would save everybody a lot of time and trouble and just resign. We have serious issues in our country that need our government’s attention and he’s wasting everyone’s time. Guilty or not he’s incompetent and clueless. He won’t learn as he goes along because he’s incapable of getting out of his own egotistical way. Move on, Donald, your 15 minutes are up.

    • Ramone, be happy that the trend I’m seeing on the internet is that even his Trumpanzees are bailing on him!

    • I would agree with you BUT I still don’t see one shred of evidence to form an opinion where as I can count over 20 things Obama should have stepped down for. IRS scandal, NSA, Benghazi, Race baiting, Giving IRAN one billion dollars in cash on the side in an unmarked plane.(Treason) Obamacare flat out lies. So what exactly did Trump do wrong?

      • He doesn’t even need to do anything wrong. He is someone people world over object to because of the person he is. A narcissistic, racist, homophobic, sexist, self centered lout. That began his business “empire” with a quarter of a billion dollars he inherited from his father. Never performed an honest days work in his entire life. And is THE most dishonest person, A liar of such proportions that if he tells you the sky is blue, you had better look up, because chances are it isn’t.

        • “He doesn’t even need to do anything wrong. He is someone people world over object to because of the person he is. A narcissistic, racist, homophobic, sexist, self centered lout. That began his business “empire” with a quarter of a billion dollars he inherited from his father. Never performed an honest days work in his entire life. And is THE most dishonest person, A liar of such proportions that if he tells you the sky is blue, you had better look up, because chances are it isn’t”

          That’s your argument??? He doesn’t have to do anything wrong? You my friend are truly ignorant and anti democracy. Tell me how much “experience” Obama had in politics when he was elected?. I know the answer so don’t go off on a “Your a racist stuff” Doesn’t work with me. No facts no argument no brains

      • And don’t forget this “Business man” has failed at half of every business enterprise he has ever tried create. Casinos, colleges, bankrupt golf courses and unrealized real estate developments the list goes on.
        It just goes to show you. You can be filthy rich, a TV personality and rise to the highest office in the land. And still be an abject failure.

    • I wish the people that follow the MSM and there view would stop trying to rub this nation as a one party system. people voted for someone that a group dose not like, it is what happens when bad things happen or the past is not run right, change and trying for someone or something new happens. If half the nation wants to go to a King and serf type system there are many places to move to, America is about choice and the vote was the choice in a few years it can change or stay the same, until then lets stop the hate and evilness and work together.

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