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Monday, May 20, 2024

Get rid of Traitor Trump now

America’s madman in chief.

James Comey’s explosive testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reveals a deranged President whose massive ego, and lack of knowledge or concern about the needs of the office threatens the peace and security of the United States of America.

Donald J. Trump cannot be trusted.  Comey exposed widespread distrust of the man.  He exposed an out-of-control madman and threat to all of us.

Republicans on the Committee, as expected, offered vapid support of the madman in their attempts to blunt Comey’s details and revelations.  Like Trump, they put their own biases and desires above the needs of the United States.

The same can be said of those who continue to support the President who is looting the U.S. Treasury to support his lavish lifestyle and who has turned what was once the greatest nation on earth into a laughing-stock with a maniacal despot in the White House.

Trump must be removed from office.  Get rid of the son of a bitch now before it’s too late (assuming it is not too late already). Impeach him.  Lock him up.  Throw away the key.  Deport his lying Slovenian wife.  She falsified her citizenship application.  Charge is son-in-law with his various crimes and imprison him.

Any of the lockstep Republicans, who allow his madness to continue, should be thrown out of office.

And those who support Trump?

Let’s hope their ignorance comes from being conned.

If not, then let’s treat them for what they are:  Traitors to America.

This madness has gone on for far too long.

The only way to really make America great again is by getting rid of Donald Trump and his coven.


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  1. “Charge is son-in-law”

    Charge “his”. Infuriation is a time to type slower and more carefully.


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