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Monday, July 22, 2024

Iraqis meet, in Finland, at private not government-sponsored Peace Conference

Professor O'brian who earlier helped Irish leaders meet to talk peace, is at it again

Professor O’brian who earlier helped Irish leaders meet to talk peace, is at it again

See, Boston Globe 04/25 — Prof. O’Malley has brought 36 Iraqis together for peace talks

Also see discussion of Mother Jones’ article on Al Sadr

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The lack of excitement outside of Boston, haunts me. — In summer 2006 there was a rcease-fire in Fuluja. Iraqi’s cheered as US troops withdrew, thinking the war was over. I casually mentioned to friends that the US peace movement should be cheering not yawning. In hindsight I feel guilty about not calling and emailing, as many people as I could, urging that we too cheer.

A Kerry campaign ad, complained of terrorists hiding in Fuluja. Bush demanded al Sadr’s arrest, who wasn’t personally even in Fuluja.

By US election day almost the entire US “operation” was focused on “cleaning up” Fuluja.

Much later Sunni’s outed the bloodthirsty al Qaida strongman Zarqawi to the CIA and Bush offered the Sunni’s peace talks but they were decimated so badly, after the last time they agreed to talks in Fuljua, that al Jeelani demanded the release of 5000 detainees as a good will gesture to prove the US was serious this time, and the war continued.

If al Sadr and al Jeelani ever meet and shake hands and be friends like they originally were, perhaps Bush just might go along, but not if the US peace movement again decides to yawn.

Perhaps the Iraqi Congress in exile who sponsors newspaper ads asking the US to accept Iraqi refugees, would accomplish a little more of what they want if they would start praising the peace efforts.

April 29 after thought, the peace effort is being discussed at,

April 30 update conference to convene in Iraq in three months