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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Trump’s sham and America’s shame



Donald Trump’s sham.

Only Donald Trump could call himself a “victim” of the chaos that he and his Presidency has generated in Washington.

Only the mouth that roars could claim that he, and only he, has become the target of a “conspiracy” that is dragging his administration into his self-made sewer of scandal, lies and crimes against the nation, laws and ethics — assuming American still has laws or ethics in the morass called Washington.

The swamp he promised to drain is now consuming him, his lies, his antics and his inflated views of himself, his Presidency and his threatened time in office.

As the old saying goes, “couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.”  Donald Trump, however, is not nice but he is deserving of everything bad that appears to be heading his way.

With long-time prosecutor Robert Mueller now in charge of what is expected to be a long, exacting probe into Trump, his questionable dealings with Russia, his attempt to destroy national security with the appointment of Michael Flynn as America’s top security adviser, his lavish looting of the American treasury to support his lavish lifestyle and overpriced properties and his flagrant disregard for law and respect and his “I’m the President so I can do whatever I want” approach, Trump is already the most despised and disrespected leader in the history of the United States.

His approval ratings continue to decline as his flagrant attempts to rewrite history and his conflicting attempts to revise reality turn him into an imploding sense of doom in Washington.

“This pretty much shuts Congress down,” says Republican Senator Lindsey Graham about the past week of actions that began with Trump firing FBI Director James Comey, which ignited the simmering scandals that lap at the feet of his truth-starved Presidency.

“This is the greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,” Trump claims in his Twitter “tweets.”

A lot of irony in that claim.  Trump campaigned for the Presidency as the “a difference, not a politician.”

As the short, but defining, term of embattled Michael Flynn came to a sordid end early in Trump’s administration, those close to the White House said privately that the questions about contacts between Flynn and others — including Trump — with Russians could be the “smoking gun” that will bring down Trump and his denizens.

While Russia’s involvement in the Trump campaign for the Presidency is a questionable and unanswered part of the 45th President’s growing and seemingly unending list of scandals, it is considered just “the proverbial tip of the iceberg” that could end his Presidency and plunge America into yet another Constitutional crisis.

Trump is a President without peer when it comes to lies, double-dealing and enrichment to his himself and his family. His Presidency is so far behind in even the simple selection of needed appointments to bring his Presidency to order that rows of offices in the White House’s West Wing, the Executive Office Building and other agencies stand empty and without necessary staffing to run the day-to-day operations of government.

That emptiness defines Donald Trump and his incredibly vapid Presidency as a sham.

Trump’s sham Presidency exemplifies America’s shame and those who aided and abetted this con man, crook and sham artist share the blame for what has happened to the nation and the and his cronies are attempting to destroy.


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2 thoughts on “Trump’s sham and America’s shame”

  1. Excellent article. The sad thing is that all this was predictable and nevertheless the American people voted for him. Through his campaign he lied shamelessly, he showed a lack of respect for everyone and anyone, and he went out of his way to undermine American democratic institutions and our value system. Shame on the American people. They got what they voted for. A guy who has disgraced the OPOTUS, had turned the country into a Jerry Spring show, and has turn the media into supermarket tabloids. Don’t blame Trump, he is nothing more than an opportunistic, amoral, cut throat capitalist out to enrich himself. The American people are out to blame. Shame on all those who voted for a third party, or did not vote. It should have been clearly obvious to anyone through the election of the danger this guys was to our country.

  2. Technically true, dat. He is a difference. But it’s a bit like trading your grumpy old man neighbor for Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter. Different, yes. Different in a way you like? Not so much. J.

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