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Friday, December 1, 2023

Trump is a serious threat to America

Donald Trump: The dangerous child in the White House.

In Trumpland, truth is a lost cause.

So are ethics, morality and the law of the land.

America’s 45th President is a classic loose cannon — an immature amateur in a position where steel nerves and adherence to procedure and protocol is necessary to keep a diverse nation on course in troubled times.

Trump flits from crisis to crisis, lying constantly, always seeking scapegoats to blame for his own failures and childish antics and living in a self-embellished fantasy that threatens the peace and security of not only America, but the world at large.

In less than six months in office, he has embellished, lied, promoted himself at the nation’s expense and looted the U.S. Treasury of millions to support a lavish lifestyle while the “ordinary Americans” he promised to support and serve face loss of necessary health care, jobs and what little may be left of their lives.

“God, I cannot believe I voted for this cretin,” says Michael Armbruster of Kansas City.  “What is the hell is wrong with me?”

Armbruster, and many others we’ve talked to in recent weeks, are part of the growing number of Americans who now they have been had by the con man in the White House.

“I feel raped,” says Stacy Collins of Louisville.  “This madman is raping the country.  He has to go.”

Talk of impeachment is in the air, although expecting the look-the-other-way Republicans who control Congress are more worried about implementing their “destroy America” agenda than protecting the people they are supposed to serve.

Those watching Trump keep thinking he has reached bottom, but there is no bottom in Trumpland.  Each crisis produces a new low in a government that is out of control.  He first lied about discussing classified information with the Russians, then tweeted that he did so to “help them.”  He demanded absolute loyalty from a FBI Director who tried to remind Trump he was supposed to serve the people and the law, not the President’s desires.  So Trump fired the FBI boss.

White House insiders report depression, despair, doom and gloom permeate the Oval Office, with aides shouting at each other while Trump rants and screams.

Finally, some Republicans may have realize that American is a nation is crisis and faces serious threats.  The House Oversight Committee is seeking documents from FBI that detail Trump’s attempts to halt the investigation into broken laws and misuse of classified information by former National Security Director Michael Flynn and, yes, Trump himself.

“We need to have all the facts, and it is appropriate for the House Oversight Committee to track down the Comey memo,” Ashlee Strong, spokesman for Speaker Paul Ryan, said in a prepared statement released to the media.

Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz took to Twitter to say “GOP oversight is going to get the Comey memo.  I need to see it sooner rather than later.  I have my subpoena pen ready.”

In the memo, Comey says Trump, in a meeting, told him to “let this go,” referring to the investigation of Flynn and contacts with Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Trump, of course, claims he never said that, but polls show that well more than half of Americans no longer believe what the President says and the percentage of disbelievers grow daily.

“Our President is a liar and a threat to our way of life,” says Philadelphia Republican Mary Stands, who is another Trump voter who now regrets her actions.  “He promised change but his changes threaten our country.  It is time to remove him from the Presidency…now!”


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4 thoughts on “Trump is a serious threat to America”

  1. Trump is toast. Rosenstein laid in the weeds, lulling Trump into thinking things would be properly buried, and then ambushed Trump with Mueller. This will drag out for a while, with daily delights for us political crack-heads, but the fact that Mueller was appointed at all means that there is a slam-dunk case against Trump. Comey is 6’8” and can dunk flat-footed. The White House is starting to look like a Donner Pass dinner party. They are eating each other. Resumes are being shopped around for a significant number of the senior staff.

    Who knows how deep the rot goes? Generally reliable sources are muttering darkly about Kushner, Pence and even Ryan involvement in this whole mess. Say hello to President Orrin Hatch!

    • That might be colossal fun. Imagine a) the democrats take a landslide in the midterms and b) Trump AND Pence resign. Hello President Pelosi! J.

  2. One does have to credit the con man. Con men wouldn’t exist if ordinary people didn’t fall for them now and then. That’s how they make their livings and/or fortunes. I’ve been conned. But it does help to have a bullshit detector you bloody nitwits. J.

  3. “God, I cannot believe I voted for this cretin,” says Michael Armbruster of Kansas City. “What is the hell is wrong with me?”

    You are stupid, that’s what’s wrong with you. [some of] The rest of us saw this coming from three sees away. Next time do us a favour and stay home on voting day.


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