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Friday, June 14, 2024

Trump fired Comey to stop probes

Angry Donald Trump: “I am the President and I can do anything I want.”

White House and FBI sources say privately that embattled President Donald Trump fired Director James Comey because the agency’s investigation into questionable interactions with Russians are zeroing in on criminal and unethical activity by the President and his aides.

“The probe has reached into the Oval Office and Trump is trying anything he can to stop it,” says one FBI agent with knowledge of the investigation.

Agents and White House insiders say Trump and the White House are “blatantly lying” with claims the dismissal of Comey had nothing to do with his investigation of the Russian connection to the campaign and White House.

The sources also say Trump’s statement in his letter to Comey that “I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation,” is inaccurate.

“This matter has evolved into an investigation where many people are under investigation, including President Trump,” admits one FBI agent.

Even though White House spokesman Sean Spicer and others claim the firing came from Comey’s actions in the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, Trump’s letter did not mention that.

“He is acting more and more like Richard Nixon in his final days,” says a White House official.

While few are willing to go on the record with what they know and/or suspect, the talk is buzzing in the Capitol, the White House and throughout Washington.

Thomas O’Connor, president of the FBI Agents Association, is willing to speak publicly.

“We didn’t see it coming,” O’Connor said of Comey’s firing.  “We don’t think Director Comey did anything that would lead to this.  It is a gut punch.”

One FBI official says Trump “essentially declare war on a lot of people at the FBI.  I think there will be a concerted effort to respond over time in kind.”

Agents talk of “raw anger” and a determination to continue the investigation into Trump’s activities and actions.  The intelligence unit, they say, operates without response or control from political influences, he adds.

Trump’s anger towards Comey surfaced repeatedly in recent weeks.  At his golf course in Bedminster, N.J., Trump openly complained that he felt Comey was attempting to become “a martyr” with the Russian probe and expressed open contempt for the FBI Director not focusing, instead, on the President’s discounted claims that former President Barack Obama had wiretapped him at his home and offices in the Trump Tower.

“Donald Trump has not been back in the Tower since he became President,” says the FBI agent.  “He is absolutely paranoid in his belief that it is tapped.”

Trump, the sources say, will demand that whomever he selects as the new FBI boss stop the Russian investigation and focus on laws he believes Obama and Clinton broke while serving as President and Secretary of State.

“He fully expects to use his executive powers to stop a criminal investigation and instigate inquiries that can divert from his own actions,” says a troubled White House aide.

When Comey asked for additional resources for his Russian investigation, sources say, Trump decided that was a final straw and fired the FBI director.

But Trump’s abrupt announcement of Comey’s firing caught the inexperienced White House communications team off guard and, with little time to prepare, the news that followed focused on criticism of the President and little defense of his actions.

This is probably the most egregious example of press and communications incompetence since we’ve been here,” one West Wing official told The Washington Post. “It was an absolute disaster. And the president watched it unfold firsthand. He could see it.”

Nervous Republicans in the House and Senate also felt left out of the process and feel Trump’s actions will fuel even more attention on the President’s questionable and potentially illegal actions.

“Instead of focusing on how to handle the situation, we are now hearing more and more discussion on what to do with President Trump with an increasing focus on how to stop him before he inflicts more damage on the party and the agenda,” says one aide to a GOP leader.  “Some are saying it is long past time to circle the wagons.”

(Updated at 8:45 .m. on May 11 to add additional information)


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4 thoughts on “Trump fired Comey to stop probes”

  1. It was more than 9 months between the Saturday Night Massacre and that final helicopter departure to San Clemente. This may take a while…

  2. A what if moment. There are rumors of a Russian money laundering super pac run by Senate and House persons with the power to quash any and all inquiries passing through or making it to committee or special prosecutor…Follow the money , find the bones……I pray this isn’t true..

  3. It is hard to escape the sense that we passed a political point of inflection w/respect to Trump on Tuesday. Events are proceeding at high sub-sonic velocity. There are a lot of condensation-trails in DC these days. It’s not sustainable.

    Just since Tuesday night:
    • The predicted tsunami of leaks is happening. The WaPo has a story on the front page this AM with more than thirty administration sources about Trump’s anger at Comey and how Rosenstein is really pissed at being depicted as the guy that independently came to Trump recommending Comey’s firing. He should be pissed. Trump set him up. He should not be surprised, tho. Anyone within poo-flinging range of Trump ends up covered in shit. That has been clear for some time. Rosenstein’s clear duty, although it will cost him his job, is to appoint an independent prosecutor to get this investigation out of white-house range. We are about to find out what Rod is made of.
    • Jeff-Bo Sessions is a supremely stupid man. Trump maneuvered him into blatantly violating his recusal. The merkin that was supposed to cover him was that Trump was firing Comey because he had been mean to the Hildebeest. Trump put lie to that by thanking Comey for exonerating him three times for Russian involvement in the firing letter. Russian involvement is why Bo recused himself. Recusing oneself and then taking direct action involving the recused situation, such as firing the lead investigator, is stupid, suicidal and likely criminal. Bo just stuck his head in the noose for Trump. I hope Trump appreciates that…
    • Our president is xxxxx insane. Feel free to replace “xxxxx” with as many compound adjectives as you want. His spray-tweets are roughly the quality and frequency of what exits your nether regions after eating gas-station sushi. Trump Queegs around watching FOX on the box, clacking his marbles and organizing boards of review to find out who ate his strawberries. This is a very dangerous man. He is operating at a gut-level of feral reasoning that will not end well for the country. He needs to be removed via the 25th or impeached before he destroys our country. Of course, that won’t happen, as the R-team values tax-breaks more than country and Trump is just the useful idiot to sign their penurious wet-dreams into law. Values…..
    • McConnell and Ryan need to have their flag lapel-pins ripped off and replaced by wee, cute, little elephants. They are behaving like Republicans, not Americans. They have to know that they are enabling and defending a dangerous mad-man equipped with atomic weapons (Trump, not Kim, although age and hair-style the only major differences between the two). Are all those tax-breaks really worth it? When do Republicans come to the conclusion that abolishing the inheritance tax is of no use when the family farm has been blown up and the soil salted??
    • Trump is no master of optics. Yesterday, after firing Comey for investigating him for being a Russian agent, he invites both the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador to the oval office and only lets in a Tass photog to record it. Kislyak, as you recall, was the reason that Flynn, Jeff-Bo, Page, Manafort, and Stone got into deep shit. Why would Trump invite them publically into the White House immediately after attempting to snuff an investigation of Kislyak’s influence on his administration? And then, just to put a cherry on the sundae and reinforce the Nixonion parallels of the whole situation, Trump trots out ancient, yet notorious, war-criminal Henry “The Nobel Bomber” Kissinger for a photo-op for Tass. (As an aside: Henry does not look well.) Why would Trump behave this way?

    Trump is greasing his way down a well-lubed slippery slope. There is no sign of any equilibration happening. This is going to get way worse before it gets better.

    Duck and cover…

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