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Monday, July 15, 2024

Trump’s first 100 days: Cons, thefts, deceit

Donald Trump belongs in jail, not the White House.

With his normal bluster and lies, President Donald Trump will claim Saturday he has accomplished “great things” in his first 100 days while he will also try to sidestep his failures by claiming his first three months in office is an improper measurement.

In virtually all the things Trump promised to do from his “first day in office” or “right after my inauguration,” the 45th President of the United States has been a rude, crooked, degenerate and utter failure.

Except for his accomplishments of pillaging America for his personal benefit.

He promised immediate action to “get rid of Obamacare.”  The House has yet to vote on a core healthcare plan.  The first, on a plan that both conservatives and moderates could not accept, was scrapped and a second vote this week on a revised plan hit the dumpster because it got in the way of the scramble to come up with a stopgap spending plan to avoid shutting down the government.

His promised wall between the United States and Mexico is suddenly not such a big deal because America can’t afford it and he can’t find a way to con Mexico into paying for it.

Executive orders to try to stop immigrants from selected nations with a lot of Muslims ran into federal courts who quoted the Constitution and inherent bias from the Trump administrations.

The list of failures within his 100 days far outweigh his miniscule accomplishments. Yes, we have a new Supreme Court Justice but that has been needed for more than half a year and only time will tell is Neil Gorsuch will change the tone of Supreme Court rulings since he replaced a late judge who was even more right-wing.

Trump failed to deliver a single legislative victory in his first 100 days.

However, he did accomplish to successfully bypass most ethics laws of this country to successfully start looting the United States Treasury to fatten his bank account and the earnings of his family, his resorts and his golf courses.

Trump has already spent more government money on his travel and the travel of his wife, daughter, son-in-law and others in his first 100 days than Barack Obama or any other recent President did in a year and government auditors and watchdogs say his travel costs in his first year in office will exceed what other Presidents have spent in eight years.

The President is a robber baron who thinks this country’s treasury exists primarily as his personal piggy bank and his unindicted co-conspirators in Congress — the Republican majorities of both the House and Senate — sit idly by and let him get away with outright robbery of American taxpayers,

Donald Trump is a common thief.  He built his real estate fortune with seed money from his daddy and padded it with short-changing his contractors, vendors and partners.

No other President in history has been sued by so many over unpaid bills.  No other President in history has been under investigation for fraud during his campaign or his time in office. No other President spends as many weekends in a row at his own lavish resort in Florida, or golf resorts elsewhere in the country, and then bills the government for his stays in residences he owns.

Donald Trump’s first 100 days?  Confirmation that a con man is robbing the nation at will while his political cronies shield him from punishment.


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2 thoughts on “Trump’s first 100 days: Cons, thefts, deceit”

  1. A quote from a CNN Op Ed this morning:

    “It is possible, even probable, that Donald Trump will leave office smarter than when he went in — even if he still insists he is often the smartest one in the room.”

    Low bar to begin with. It’s obvious he knew little or nothing about the job as he “interviewed” for the position during the campaign. Some saw that. Others got conned.

    Trump said in a recent Reuters interview:

    “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.”

    Who among us has not watched the graying hair and age lines of these individuals who were President develop and NOT come to conclusion the job in question is extremely hard?

    Watching him “negotiate” gives another good example as to why running a government like one would run a business is not something that works. Bluff and fold doesn’t work in legislative negotiations. Never will.

    While it is good to hope he will eventually learn, is it really the will (or best interests for that matter) of the American people to hire someone into that important of a position on the basis of “I’ll learn through OJT”?

    This man did not come in as Presidential timber. Whether he will grow into something that resembles it is yet to be seen. Surly there are plenty of people out there that are far more qualified that actually could come in with a better ability to do the job.

    Let’s hope America doesn’t make the same mistake in future elections.

    • (Pardon the snarky grammarian)

      I think you meant “Presidential timbre” but I like “timber” too, as now we’re lumbered with him.

      Personally, I’m reminded of remarks by two rather less wooden-headed thinkers, P.T. Barnum (quote should be obvious)* and H.L. Mencken, “For every complex problem, there is an answer that is simple, neat, and wrong.” For (some of) the voters, the answer to the complicated problem of politics was Donald Trump.

      *(And no, it’s not “This way to the egress”, although it’s close. 😉

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