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Friday, December 8, 2023

Trump’s first 100 days: Bluster & BS

Send in the clowns: Oh wait. The clown is already here.

With a week to go before President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, he is set to recognize the traditional milestone of a new occupant of the Oval Office is more bluster than accomplishment, more exaggerations than fact and less support from the public at large than any president in modern history.

While Trump’s cult-like following remains pretty much the same, he has not expanded his base since election and governs with less than a majority of Americans supporting him — pretty much like the electorate who gave him at least three million more votes than his opponent last November.

A Washington Post-ABC poll shows the new president’s “balance sheet overall tiles towards the negative” with most Americans saying he “has not accomplished much during his first months as President.”

In other words, Trump is what he always claims he never is — a failure.

Six and ten Americans say he does not understand the problems of people like them while a slight majority see him as a strong leader, a majority that remains thin and disappears with the flow of events.  More Americans feel he is trying to pressure U.S. jobs in this county but many still question whether what he says he is doing is actually working.

Believing in Trump is difficult for most.  Only 38 percent feel is either honest or trustworthy.  This is the lowest of any recent president.  Some 74 percent felt Obama was honest, 62 said the same for George W. Bush. and even Bill Clinton was trusted by 61 percent.

Americans feel his is decision to give major White House jobs to his daughter Ivanka or her husband, Jared Kushner is questionable.  About 60 percent disapprove of his actions.

Those surveyed question his temperament and say he does not haven’t any “consistent set of principles.”

At least 60 percent say he is “out of touch” with the concerns that affect most Americans.  Only 35 percent of women approve of him along with 48 percent of men.

Those who say they supported and voted for Trump said they did so because they did not approve of actions of recent Presidents like Obama, Bush or Clinton, yet his job approval ratings are the lowest of any recent leader.

The real truth of Election 2016 is found in outright hatred of Hillary Clinton. That dislike and distrust of her brought voters over to Trump’s size and while they did not give him an absolute majority at the ballot box, it did turn the tide in key Electoral College Districts.

In the coming week, Trump will unveil what he calls a “big announcement” about tax reform but even his advisers say what he will release are “broad outlines” with little, if any, detail.

He will also continue to try and pressure Congress to take another look at quick repeal and replacement of Obamacare but the Republican Party that controls both the House and Senate show little enthusiasm in a week when their first priority is coming up with a stopgap budget to keep the government running by the end of April.

The odds favor Trump finishing out his first 100 days with little to show for all his buster and babble.

In other words, the man who promised big changes in Washington hasn’t changed much of anything.


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3 thoughts on “Trump’s first 100 days: Bluster & BS”

  1. Profits at all Trumpf’s wide ranging Enterprises are up up up so what’s not to like and think of all those taxpayer paid Golfing days and trips to mar a Lago! In his mind ( as small as it is) what’s not to like? Plus to top it off his wifey stays in NYC so while the cats away the P-grabber in Chief can play ala Jack Kennedy style. BIGLY success from the Donald’s pt. of view and four more yrs. of this to come!

  2. Haven’t you heard? He’s only 60 days in. Trump said so.

    Maybe he’s not counting all the days he’s spent playing golf.

  3. I think there’s a typo here: “…pretty much like the electorate who gave him at least three million more votes than his opponent last November.”
    I think you meant “…least three million FEWER votes…”.
    Otherwise, I agree with you completely. Again.

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