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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Another damn lie by Trump the liar

Photo illustration to show how Donald Trump’s nose should appear after so many lies.

Incredibly, Donald Trump claims “no administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days.”

No, it’s not so incredible that he lied…outright.  Trump lies constantly. It is incredible that he continues to offer such  grandiose claims that are so easily fact checked and discredited while his cult-like followers cling to the disproven notion that he gives a damn about them or anyone other than himself, his ostentatious super-ego and, perhaps, his family.

The Washington Post Thursday issued “four Pinocchios” — the highest rating for the level of a lie — to Trump for this latest claim of accomplishments that don’t exist.  He has received more such ratings for these streams of lies than any other candidate or President checked by the Post or other truth verification service.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed 76 bills into law in his first 100 days while Trump has signed just 28.  Not one piece of those 28 bills is considered “major” legislation.  Many were “housekeeping” changes to regulations like renaming a Veterans Affairs outpatient clinic in Pago Pago or creating a waiver that allows Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to gain appointment in what is considered too little time after serving in the military.

“FDR definitely outclasses Trump,” says historian H. W. Brands of the University of Texas in Austin. “Fifteen major bills through Congress, to zero for Trump.”

Even President George W. Bush proposed comprehensive tax legislation just three weeks after taking office in his tax cut became law on May 26.  Trump promised tax reform in his first 100 days.  He doesn’t even yet have a plan.

Trump’s only major legislative push was repeal and replacement of Obamacare but that plan could not even muster enough votes to gain consideration and was pulled from the House of Representatives floor without a vote.  His two attempts, using executive orders, to stop immigration from Muslim dominated countries stalled in the courts and are not even close to implementation, assuming the courts ever rule in his favor.

Trump has no budget to present to Congress and he presented what most considered just a “skimpy outline” in its place.

“Trump’s ‘skinny budget is not a strong start on the budget issue, even for a first term president,” John Frendreis, political science professor at Loyola University of Chicago, tells The Washington Post.  “My own professional judgment is that he is off to a slower-than-normal start.”

Adds Frendreis:

Trump’s tenure has been less impressive, with no major pieces of legislation passed, By contrast, the stimulus package was passed during Obama’s first 100 days.

Presidential Press Secretary, another Trump aide with a problem when it comes to truth, claims the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as a “major accomplish by the President.”

While Trump nominated Gorsuch, it took Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s last-minute “nuclear option” to change rules regarding voting to get the nomination approved and it was the same McConnell who refused to even allow the last nomination to the Court by Obama to replace Antonin Scalia to even get a hearing.

Constitutional law experts call McConnell’s moves “contrary to the Constitution” and moves that will haunt the Senate in the future.

“Trump actually is unusual for his first 100 days, but for a reason opposite of what he said,” says Max J. Skidmore, political science professor at the University of Missouri and author of “Presidential Performance: A Comprehensive Review.” “Not only has he accomplished almost nothing, but rather his initiatives (executive orders stayed by courts, a major legislative proposal failing even to come to a vote when his party controls both houses, etc.) have notoriously been unsuccessful.”

He is far, far behind in presidential appointments, including many that require confirmation by the Senate.

No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days?  Not even close to the truth. Just another damn lie by the liar-in-chief of the United States: Donald John Trump.


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4 thoughts on “Another damn lie by Trump the liar”

  1. None of us can get too far removed from his lies, but it’s interesting that Trump’s Lies was the topic of my blog post today. When we hear a lie, for just a moment we hold it in our minds as true until our rational minds say, “Whoa! No way!” Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to be hearing them but not moving on to the analyzing part; it becomes their “truth” because they hear the lies so often and from the President, no less. He is getting something BIG from these lies.

  2. Don’t worry, Trump will distract from this lie, either by saying something even more ridiculous, or by doing something ridiculously stupid. In the meantime, I’m wondering if ridiculously stupid involves Bill O’Reilly replacing Sean Spicer/

  3. The concerning observation to me is trump doesn’t care and neither the GOP at the moment. That will change only when the economy starts going off the rails. Sadly, I think we will have go through some serious pain and blood before political change occurs.

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