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Friday, June 21, 2024

Angry voters now hate Trump

A sign in Oakland Californa. (Reuters)

As Bob Dylan wrote: “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.”

The decision making process of President Donald Trump, assuming he is capable of making a rational decision, is also driven by the political winds of change.

Trump this week dumped his political strategy advisor, White Supremacist Steve Bannon, from the “principals” gathering of the National Security Council just in time to let the generals and intelligence pros push for sending cruise missiles into Syria for the first time in American history as retaliation for that country’s chemical poisoning of its citizens.

An interesting turn of events for the man who has tried, twice, to block residents Muslim dominated nations from entering the United States, even those with valid immigration visas and hopes of a better life in America.

Bannon considers himself a “White Nationalist,” which a code word for “racist” and he thinks that any action by any leader that leads to any deaths of Muslims is a good thing.  Trump, whose massive ego oozes from his pores like toxic gas, got tired of the press referring to Bannon as the “puppet master” and the “president behind the scenes.”

So Bannon is out and the cruise missiles are flying into Syria.  The only question now is “what’s next?”

Russia, who is tight with Bannon and is also considered the real puppet master of the American Presidency under Trump, is mad as hell about the missile strike against a Syrian air base.  Syrians say at least seven people died in the attack.  That may offset the Navy SEAL who died in Trump’s last approved military action, an ill-conceived attack that even the military bosses thought was foolish.

Trump, also worried about falling poll approval numbers, thinks sinding in the missiles could drive up his job approval ranking but military action against Syria is not high on the radar of those who still cling to some hope that the bombastic real estate tycoon and former reality show TV host will, somehow, bring jobs back to America and give them enough money for food, shelter and a new pickup truck.

So far, the new President’s exaggerated promises have either failed or never materialized.  Obamacare was not repealed, the wall to keep illegals from entering from Mexico and points south, is rarely discussed nowadays and the government faces a shutdown by the end of April because of stalled budget legislation.

Trump will get his new supreme court nominee, but only because the Republicans changed the rules and eliminated the filibuster rules and a requirement for 60 votes for approval of Neil Gorsuch.

Discussion boards and social media, once dominated by Trump partisans, now see a majority of posts from those who feel misled by the President they once adored and talk about impeachment, retirement or even criminal action.

Signs like this are not uncommon nowadays. (Reuters)

Frequent protests show increasing anger about a President who sees no need for conciliation or bipartisanship.

Trump hopes the winds of change that he once embraced but now blast him with angry gusts will someone change again and give him the constant adoration he demands but never deserves.

Or maybe he will tire of losing and just walk away from the whole damn thing

America should be so lucky.


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3 thoughts on “Angry voters now hate Trump”

  1. Presidents usually get a bump in the polls from a “decisive military action”. That may very well be fleeting when people realize trump just signed their children them up to be policemen of the world.

    • Chucking $90 million of your tax dollars at a heap of cement in the sand isn’t exactly a ‘decisive military action’. It’s more like flailing around “I’m so tough if I punch someone they’ll believe I’m tough!”. Most of us outgrew that sort of thing by about the 4th grade. J.

      • Especially since Trump warned Putin to get his guys off the airfield, and they told the Syrians. We hit a mostly empty airfield. This colossal waste of money was for the appearance of doing something. It lives up to the Macbeth quote: “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

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