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Friday, June 14, 2024

Trump: A toxic threat to America

Donald Trump: A traitor and threat to America.

Who the hell are these pests who now infest Washington like a swarm of toxic locusts?

How did Donald Trump manage to turn America into a worldwide joke while repopulating the Washington swamp is even worse denizens of the deep?

Such questions rise from the murk of the nation’s capital amid moans, groans and other expressions of despair.

America’s national government is now populated with a gaggle of phonies, crooks, con-artists and connivers on a level that even the most cynical of capital watchers never imagined.

Trump loots the national treasury by the hour with ease, openly violating the law, ignoring the Constitution, lying without restraint and gutting the nation while the complacent Republican party stands by with mock anger and few, if any action, to interfere with the rape of our nation.

The needed, and welcome, halt to replace the Affordable Healthcare Act with a hastily-glob of power grabs by the hard-core right wing that doesn’t give a damn about humanity, needs of those who benefit from health insurance or the gullible ignorance of a minority of the popular vote is only a temporary stop of the march towards oblivion by Trump and his band of racists and haters like Stephen Bannon, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and others who would be more at home goose stepping and shouting “Heil Hitler!”

Trump brags that he and his gang are “at war with the establishment and the status quo” but true Americans should be at war with him and his henchmen and women.

The 45 President of the United States is a traitor to America, the true “enemy of the people” and a pillager and rapist of a nation under seige by a wealthy cabal that serves only itself and its greed and glut.

He screams “fake news” from his sewer of Twitter tweets while swamping the country and the world with his voluminous fakery, his outlandish conspiracy theories and his boasts of self-declared, non-existent “greatness” and success that never was.

In one can believe US Weekly magazine, a tabloid that turns celebrity into gossip, Trump and his former nude model wife Melania sleep in separate beds even when sleeping under the same roof.

Melania Trump, who is Trump’s latest wife to flash her hooters in the pages of magazines, doesn’t live in the White House in Washington, but remains in their three-story gilded palace penthouse in New York with son Barron, who is reportedly “finishing out his school year” in a ultra-private educational retreat.

When she does appear with her husband, she smiles sometimes but often greets the public with a vacant state and a look of dispassion.  Maybe she misses her native home in Slovenia or the high life as a glamour girl before she became Mrs. Trump.

Or perhaps she is smart enough to avoid her pig of a husband who is also the monster of Washington, the man who imagines himself a “king” in a role that founders of America never wanted to see as President of the United States.

Maybe she knows, far better than Trump’s mindless followers, that she is married to a puppet of Russian masters, beholden to those with nefarious crimes against the once land of the free and home of the brave.

Or maybe not. Let’s remember that the first lady is no lady at all.  She lied to the world with claims of a college degree she never got, plagiarized former First Lady Michelle Obama and apparently worked in the United States without a valid work visa, which if verified, could invalidate her “citizenship.”

All too possible in the toxic world of Donald Trump and his gaggle of leeches.


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5 thoughts on “Trump: A toxic threat to America”

  1. Melania Trump deserves every bit of hatred and scorn she gets. US taxpayers foot the hefty bill just so her son doesn’t have to endure the trauma of changing schools, like we owe it to them to coddle these wealthy greedy parasites. It’s a disgrace.

    • FU Trumpies-Trump and his rich ilk have benefited from this country’s congress in that they’ve bought our legislators. Trump and his ilk have been milking the US government and the taxpayers for generations. This is why they’re entitled to even more. And our legislators (esp. the Republican party) will give it to them. After all, it was already admitted that the healthcare “overhaul” was designed as a tax break for the rich.

  2. Wow, Doug. Don’t hold back. Stop beating around the bush (Trump pun intended). Tell it like it is.

  3. “How did Donald Trump manage to turn America into a worldwide joke. . .”

    The wheel is spinning but the hamsters dead!

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