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Monday, July 22, 2024

Trump’s latest art of the fail

Donald Trump: Another day, another failure. (AFP Photo)

Right up into the Presidential election of November 2016, Donald J. Trump, author of The Art of the Deal, a self-proclaimed bible of ways to hardball, threaten and use exaggerations to cut deals with little regard for the truth, promised an angry and gullible electorate that he, and only he, could find a way to make change happen in our government.

On Friday, after more than five weeks of missteps, miscalculations and and lies by the dozen, Trump walked away from his biggest campaign pledge — a quick and early repeal of The Affordable Health Care Act.

He couldn’t cut a deal with his own political party, couldn’t muster enough votes to pass a replacement health care deal fraught with contradictions, loaded with actions to cut at least 24 million deserving Americans out of a right to be insured and laden with proposed legislation that created an unlikely coalition of moderate and hardcore right-wing Republicans who said “no way.”

The man who claimed to know the art of the deal became the purveyor of the art of the fail.

More than 60 days into his first term of promised change, Trump and the Republican Party have not achieved a single major legislative change and instead turned the “swamp” they promised to drain into a more toxic, more corrupt and more useless legislative body and executive branch sewer of slime.

So Trump does what he does best — trying to lie his way out of a massive legislative misstep and failure by blaming his entire massive political disaster on the party that does not control Congress — Democrats — and says they will rue the day that Obamacare, the health care reform that is seven years old and has more Americans than ever insured for health care, ever became the law of the land.

For now, he says with less than his normal amount of bluster and hyperbole, he will wait for Obamacare to implode and for Democrats to come begging to him and the GOP-controlled Congress to come up with a better idea.

Oh, huh.  The sleazy tactics of the man who boasts that he can cut a deal with anyone, cut himself out of he first big chance to be anything more than a lying con artist who depends on swindles and bloated claims to be all that he thinks he can be but never was.

Federal courts put the brakes on his attempt to stop those seeking a better life in America to attempt to enter our nation — one founded on immigrants.  His administration, loaded with novices who don’t have the foggiest idea how government works, lags far behind schedule in filling vital posts in a government that must function with career civil servants who keep the machine doing.

He’s lost one national security advisor already to scandal and lies to even his bosses, others have backed away from appointments because of fears they can’t even pass early screening, his former campaign chairman is under investigation for ties to Russian mobsters and his family is under scrutiny for using the White House ties to promote their own personal interests as well as his.

Candidate Donald Trump openly criticized outgoing President Barack Obama for what he claimed was “extravagant waste of taxpayer funds” with trips out of Washington and the White House and now President Trump is costing those same taxpayers, in just his first 60 days with extravagant forays far more than Obama’s trip costs in a year.

Trump proves every day with his Twitter lies, his poorly drafted and often unconstitutional “executive orders” and his usual actions of a carny huckster that he is always just one day from another failure, another broken campaign pledge and a growing uneasiness among even Republicans that an unhinged madman occupies 166 Pennsylvania.

Opinion polls show Trump’s job approval rating at the lowest point in history for any President at the same point in a new administration.  Forums, social media and comments to news websites reveal a growing “buyer’s’ remorse” from those who realize too late that they voted for the wrong person to occupy the top job in America.  Comments of the Trumpites now find themselves buried under a tsunami of angry voters who admit they were “had” by a swindler.

Yes, the way things are done in Washington needs change and reform, but electing a charleton as President is, at best, just another example for that need.

Donald Trump won the Republican Presidential nomination in a flawed primary system where far more voters cast their ballots for someone else.

He became President with the largest popular vote loss in American history.  More than three million voters cast their votes for Hillary Clinton and countless others voted for other candidates or simply stayed home.

Before the election, Trump called the electoral college way of electing a President “flawed” and “unfair” and “in need for a change.”  After he won the electoral college vote, he changed his tune, calling it “a proven way to pick a President.”

He also claimed his popular vote was “massive voter fraud.”

As always, he lied out his large, and incredibly flabby, ass.


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    • Was 166 Pennsylvania the address of Jack Abrahmoff’s restaurant “Signatures” where Tom DeLay tried to run DC from?

  1. Maybe this is what Congressional Republicans had in mind: They get to run the country because the President is an ineffective joke.

  2. “As always, he lied out his large, and incredibly flabby, ass.”


    Old blubber titties is a loser, and his supporters are half witted and brain dead to believe anything his fat ass says!

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