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Monday, June 17, 2024

Once again, Trump lied

Donald J. Trump, America’s Liar in Chief.

Sen. John McCain doesn’t believe President Donald Trump’s claim that, while running for President in 2016, he was wiretapped by the federal government, under orders from then-President Barack Obama.

“I’ll let the American people be the judge, but this is serious stuff,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union” over the weekend.

“I think the president has one of two choices: either retract or to provide the information” that led to Trump’s Twitter Tantrum saying Obama wiretapped him while calling such action, which was not collaborated by anyone, “McCarthyism.”

McCain, in a reasonable polite political way, told Trum to “put up or shut up.”

Trump, of course, won’t provide any additional information.  That’s not his style.  He lies.  He never admits any of his lies.  Then he waits and hopes this lie, like others, will be forgotten.

It’s also not possible because the intelligence community and the FBI, which would do such wiretapping, says it never happened and not one person has come forward to provide a single shred of evidence.

Republican sources that I developed over 23 years of working in Washington as a newsman and, for a while, a political operative for the GOP, tell me that the mood within the party now is “chaos, confusion and concern” about the increasingly maniacal actions of the 45th President of the United States.

An increasing number of Republicans worry that Trump will drag them into a deeper hole than the antics of President Richard Nixon, who retired in disgrace after her faced certain impeachment after the Watergate debacle.

Those who thought Trump would “grow into the job” now feel his descent into madness is irreversible.  As one who has covered politics for most of my 50+ years of working as a newsman, I have to agree.

Donald Trump is a stain that will take a long time to remove from America’s place in history after he leaves office — either voluntarily, by political action or by the voters in less than four years.

California Congressman Steve Schiff, told ABC’s “This Week” that Congress needs a truthful answer, if that is possible, from Trump.

“The only questions is why the president would make up such a thing,” Schiff told George Stephanopoulos on the show.

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says he has not seen any evidence to back up the claim.

“The president is a neophyte to politics,” Nunes told reporters this week.  “He been doing this a little over a year.”

Sens. Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, and Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat of Rhode Island, have asked FBI Director James Comey and Actng Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente to provide the paper trail that is crated whenever the Justice Department secures any warrants for wiretaps.

Aides for both say they want to “get to the bottom” of the matter but the Senators tell colleagues privately that they feel that the only trail they will find will lead to Trump’s paranoid meanderings.

The bottom is simple.  Trump is the bottom. Once again, he lied.

Case closed.


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7 thoughts on “Once again, Trump lied”

  1. I would prefer to read a report that says the president told the truth for a change he’s a pathological liar so lying is common with him.


    • There is no evidence at all. President Trump might as well have said Beetlejuice was involved, and the Tooth Fairy (just ask Barron), so we must spend millions of dollars and dozens of weeks of valuable investigative time finding out. Right? Oh, and we’ll build a wall around the North Pole and Santa will pay for it. All those free presents are not paying import taxes!


  3. They need to make him publicly apologize to President Obama and the entire USA, RESIGN or IMPEACH HIM. His the most hated president ever.

  4. The other bottom is whether a Republican lawmaker exists that will risk a primary by standing for truth justice and the American way.
    Ooooooops, Superman has left the house…Hack2E…

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