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Monday, March 4, 2024

Trump doesn’t give a damn about America

Donald Trump to America. (A illustration created in Photoshop to make the point)

As with the myriad of lies that spew out of Donald Trump’s mouth like verbal diarrhea, his claim that he “loves America” is just another falsehood of a con artist.

The only thing that Trump loves is himself and his only desire as President is to loot the treasury to fatten his bank account.

As most who have dealt with him and lost their bank accounts, their savings and their retirements in his illegal and immoral deals find, he is a grifter who sees just about everyone as a target to rip off and cheat.

“If anyone has an authenticity problem, it is Mr. Trump,” wrote the Washington Post in an editorial on Sept. 14, 2016.  “The facts on the table suggest he is not a great philanthropist — he is a scam artist.”

Trump, of course, claims any criticism of his myriad of scams are just “lies” or “fake news” but it is Trump himself who lies the most, distributes the most links to “fake news” and, as President, takes his strategic advice from Stephan Bannon, a self-declared “white nationalist” (the current faux pas for racist) and ran the often discredited Breitbart News before “taking over” the Trump campaign last year.

Trump, says The New York Times in an editorial, engages in “crony capitalism” and persuades corporations to lie for him in return for deals that add to their profits but do not add a single job for an American.

Trump wants to bypass regulators who warn that a proposed merger between Sprint and T-Mobile will cost thousands of jobs, not create new ones.

He continues to hide his tax returns from Congress and the public because the documents would reveal his shady deals, including loans from Russia, China and the Mid-East, and that his claims of wealth are not just exaggerations but outright lies.

As soon as he won the Presidential election in November of last year, representatives of the Trump Organization hit the phone and started courting foreign governments to use his hotels and other businesses.

The Ambassador of Kuwait confirmed that his government was “persuaded” to move its National Day event from the Four Seasons to the new Trump International Hotel.

In 2015, Trump pledged to “rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done.”  His pledge was part of criticism of a trip by then-President Barack Obama.

Yet Trump has hopped aboard Air Force One just about every weekend since becoming President to take he and his family and entourage down to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach Florida.

The cost is estimated by government accountants to be at least $1 million a day, paid by the U.S. Treasury and taxpayers.

In addition, the federal government and New York City have shelled out more than $35 million since the inauguration in January because First Lady Melania Trump remains in Trump Tower with son, Barron, because she wants him to finish school at a private facility there.

Trump’s administration has blocked access to precise figures for what the government has spent on his lavish lifestyle.  Mar-a-Lago bills the treasury for millions, even for Trump to stay in his residence at the resort he owns,

“He’s looting the treasury,” admits a Republican aide in Washington.  “That is his style.”


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  1. The Republic is DEAD long live the EMPIRE and it’s new Emperor “Don the Con!” All we need now to seal the deal is some Nat’l or Foreign emergency ( real or created) for Don and his gang to declare martial law. I’m sure his partner Putin could figure out some way to help him.

  2. He is a republican, so nothing can or will be done.. Reps prefer he set precedent so they will all have free reign to screw the populace and turn this nation into an oligarchic society..All the little fiefs with all their little thief’s. Llamraf…

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